Valentines Day Fantasy 2024 - Can it come true?

A Fantasy

Some parts are true but largely this is a fantasy that i dearly crave

Aspects that are true :

1. I am self employed do general repairs and maintenance work and many of my customers are sexy and curvy milfs that arouse the senses

2. There is “tension” between regular customers , it’s hard to ignore .

3. I have just started learning and have my L plates on , in the sense that I’ve just commenced learning sensual tantric massage , and what is absent is to be able to practice what I’ve been learning on willing students or partner s

4. Am in the process of buying a mobile massage table , hot tub , and sauna

The Fantasy - Valentines Day 2024

Iv always had a thing for one of my clients …, let’s call her Jane . Curvy , chatty , sexy the librarian type that it’s difficult to intepret whether she’s naughty or nice

. I suspect she is both and when I reflect on that it always gets a reaction and I can feel my cock twinge at the thought

There definitely is tension between us and it’s become more noticeable as I was called over to hers on Valentine’s Day to merely replace a light bulb .

Ive recently started learning the art of tantric massage . It’s no wonder this appeals to me given my primary love language is touch .

Perhaps it sounds creepy in the absence of a better narrative that I would plan to learn this craft for my own pleasure , using the tag of the massage provider ultimately would be satisfying my desires of physical touch on sensual women . That is for others to judge (if it’s creepy or not ) however and of course I would be crossing the client customer relationship . I always remained aware of this issue

As I arrived to sexy milf janes home , I noticed she was was limping around , and walking quite slowly

When I queried the stiffness in her movement and slow walk she responded with hurting her back when lifting some heavy groceries . The story sounded vague and made up

Her daughter (age 28) who was just about to leave through the front door was adamant that I should give her a massage to help her recover.

“Perhaps it can be part of your repairs and maintenance tasks “ she said smiling from ear to ear

Her mom Jane presented as hesitant at first but after her daughter talked up how much better she would feel she said yes she would like that very much

Jane said she needed to shower first and then we can do it (massage) on her bed So she can take a nap right after.

At this point the brain , the most powerful sex organ instantly communicated to my cock and instantly and quickly became hard and erect . I could feel it pulsing and the bulge was now noticeable. Us men crave the woman that is open with her thoughts direct and truthful . Thus was a clear signal to me that it was on . Finally we would act on the tension . It would be valentines night Feb 14 2024

As I finish replacing the light globe and about
20 or so minutes later she opens her bedroom door wearing just a silk robe and the invitation is delivered

“You ready sweetie I really need some relief “ she said intently . It was no suprise to me that she was walking freely and seductively, almost miraculously her stiffness had disappeared.

Let’s say her stiffness was transferred to my hard pulsing 7 inch cock

“Come in” she said as she turned her lights down then layed on her bed and dropped her robe revealing her beautiful juicy ass in some pretty sexy Mediterranean blue lace panties.

I started by rubbing her shoulders with warm coconut oil (this was in my Ute from the previous nights class I attended , thankfully I had left it on the front seat ) and worked my way slowly down her back until I reached her panties and I skipped down to her ankles and started to work up her legs now.

I know I was behaving with anxiety and moving too fast I was nervous but excited . I was aware I needed to become more grounded and measured , it was hard to be anything but Horny right now

Once I reached her beautiful thighs I noticed she herself starting to really relax .

Once I reached her upper thighs right below her ass she spreads her legs wider so I could rub in between them.

As soon as I slide my hands into her thigh gap I could feel how warm her pussy was and I couldnt help myself and I let my pinky just softly accidentally but on purpose slide up her pussy lips,

she didnt stop me, so I did it again with a little more pressure and she let out a very soft moan and lifted her hips into it.

My fantasies are coming true and I started to rub her juicy ass but keeping one hand rubbing her inner thigh getting closer and closer to rubbing her pussy.

I could feel she really wanted this and she lifted her hips to really expose her pussy . It was a signal to me and I and started to rub on her clit through her panties, as she started grinding into it . and I i could feel how soaking wet she was

After a few minutes of rubbing her like that I wanted to slide her panties off . She her herself intepreted my intent

Jane just looks up and back at me with a smirk and lifts her self up so I can slide them off her and puts her head back down and I start to softly kiss her thighs moving upwards on her body and when I get to her ass I softly started to tease her rim .

Then I started to work back down into her pussy and it tastes amazing,

I’m in heaven licking and sucking her clit and fingering her when I feel her thighs clamp down and she starts to cum for me, so so quick I did not expect it ….she has a super intense orgasam

She enjoyed my hands exploring her and asked awhile asked me to rub her chest too.

She rolls over and I finally get to see her amazing breast’s. I’ve imagined them in my fantasies but are so much bigger and more inviting than I imagined..

I start by working on her abs so I can keep looking at her beautiful pussy some more.

Once I make it to her breasts she wants them both rubbed good she says sternly with a smirk.

After a few minutes I feel her hand on the back of my head pushing me into her nipple, and I eagerly sucked them both like I was a starving baby.

After 15 or so minutes of that I start to finger her again while sucking and this time she starts dirty talking telling me how good it feels and none of her previous needy partnes didnt make her feel this good .

My self esteem was rising , so was the need to fuck her hard snd fast . Slow snd sensual thoughts had passed

She says she wants to thank me and grabs my dick and says I can put it in her pussy for just a second then jerk off while she watches me caress myself . That wasn’t my plan , but I allowed things to flow

She lays back on her back and spreads her legs and I can’t help but lick her beautiful pussy some more then I super slowly position my self and she guides me in, I can’t believe how good it felt , she guided me for a few strokes then let me slide all the way inside.

Then she held me tight I heard her moan of satisfaction I couldn’t move from her entrapment

She whispers in my ear fuck yes you’re big cock feels so good sweetie , and then pushed me off and told me to cum for her as she rubbed her pussy. It was a dominant side of plane Jane I hadn’t seen

I shot such a big load her stomach and tits were covered. It was a wonderfull orgasmic explosion

I layed down next to her and she looked me deep in the eyes and gave me a big kiss on the lips and said you know this is our secret but that was amazing and I do feel a lot better. Thank you she warmly whispered as she closed her eyes content and satisfied

I still give her sensual massages when I can but she doesnt let me fuck her at the end now as she is dating her ex again

I hope to find a replacement for Jane. I hope it’s soon x