Things to cum!

A True Story

It was late afternoon when Master G messaged me and said go to AMM immediatly my horny slut, see the latest wink you have recieved. I think you will be greatly pleased!

I logged on and excitedly checked the winks I'd recieved, and there he was, a gorgeous African man who we will call Z. I quickly returned the wink but decided I could not wait for him to message me so I messaged him. I awaited his reply and as I did my mind wandered, and as it wandered I became very aware of how wet my pussy was. Master's message on my phone brought me back to the moment. You have a message naughty girl, go reply to him. My heart began to race and I could feel how flushed my cheeks were.

I replied and we exchanged a few messages back and forth and exchanged some photos. WOW! Z looks like all of my fantasies come true! I had doubts he could be real but he assured me was.

We discussed meeting and made a day and time. Master gave his approval and told me he was very happy to share me with Z.

I had a restless sleep, my mind racing with the anticipation of what was to come but also still a little bit unsure of whether this was a dream or for real! I awoke so wet and horny. I reached for my husband and he said not now, I'll be late for work. But he never says no to me. Power of the pussy!! We fucked like wild animals and he left for work looking very pleased.

Still my pussy ached for more. I messaged Master G and told him I needed to cum. He called me and just the sound of his voice was enough to drive me over the edge. I came...loudly! Another man pleased with me. Master needed to go but gave permission for me to talk with Z on the phone.

I messaged Z my phone number and told him to call quickly because I needed to cum. He did and I came loudly while he listened. I think he too was pleased because I came multiple times for him during that call and he confirmed his desire to meet and fuck me.

We are meeting later this week and my pussy is dripping wet and aching in anticipation of his beautiful big black cock. I cant wait to feel him filling my mouth, my pussy and my arse. All while my master with his little white cock watches how a real man satisfies his naughty slut!

Oh and I've named my vibrator after Z....mmmmm!

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