Sound of Rain

A Fantasy

The sound of the rain fills my ears. There are soft skins upon the cool earth beneath us. The warm fire in the center of the tipi lights' us. I can see your skin glisten from the sweat the sauna has left upon you. I know that my skin is burning now with more than just the heat of the steam. I have such hunger to touch you, to truly effect you with the pressure, the gentleness of my touch.

Shhh I place my finger upon your lips, "there are no words for now! lay back and receive. Do not respond to my touch with movement of your own. If there is any response, make it in sound, not word, but sounds that come from beyond your mind, sounds that emanate from your body"

I lay your body out upon the soft skins, at first you wish to reach, I pause, breathe and wait for you to surrender, not submit, but surrender to me.

"Allow yourself to be touched, to be caressed, each time a muscle tenses in response, release it, surrender any tensions to me" I move your arms again, they are limp in my hands, I smile that simple smile of someone understood.

I begin. With touch as soft as feather, one hand tracing the outer lower left leg, I then place my other hand over your sacral chakra, your sexual centre. I feed you energy and wait for your mind to still as you body awakens.

I sink into a state of trance with the fire and rain keeping time as I sway to an inner beat. I loosen my long red hair and drape your feet in it, moving my head slowly up your body, from one side to the other, till I reach your groin and go around, being careful not to touch, not to brush past your already responding cock. I will get there, you know I will, you hope I will.

I move up beyond the chest to the face, slowly outlining the sides of you face with my soft hair, then I lower my face to yours, brushing my lips upon yours, kissing your cheek, gently nibbling your chin, to your ear, you let out a soft moan. I purr. I continue down the side of you body with my mouth, one hand still feeding you energy the other lightly tracing the other side of you body down towards the nipple, circling till my mouth encloses the other. I breathe here awhile, as I feel you struggle with the instruction of release, as I suck now, firmly and intently my mouth oscillating from firm to gentle. I allow my hands to continue on as my mouth lingers a little longer.

As my hands reach further down the legs my head must follow, I throw my hair out in front of me, it reaches past your knees, placing my mouth just above your sweet, responding cock! I lower my mouth, my tongue extended, my eyes raised to yours, bearing witness to your receiving rapture... ahhhhhh the sweet place of surrender, I pause to drink in your moment of surrender.

Drinking in your eyes, your longing, I begin to slightly drool, not one to waste a bodily fluid I slowly lower my mouth fully to encompass your very responsive cock. All the way to the bottom... well as close as I can dare without that pesky gag reflex breaking the moment. I bring my mouth all the way to the top of the cock again slower than the way down, bringing my lips together resting them lightly upon the glistening head.

Leaving my right hand upon your sacral, feeding you deeper and deeper energy that seems to vibrate a deep golden orange colour, the heat intense.

My left hand has slowly moved up the inside of your thigh, to the underside of your balls. gently caressing them letting their weight fully rest in my hand, I slowly squeeze them softly then open the hand, then slowly squeeze them again, like a throb that I can now feel in your sacral, your whole body is longing to respond, and as if you finally can comprehend the instructions your throat opens to a low groan, evolving into a deep throated growl.

My back arches with pleasure as my smile reaches my eyes, waiting for you to open yours again, see me seeing you in this gentle ripping open of your beast. That is what I want to do, to slowly reach down past the cages of your life and release that which is contained within. The incredible primal force of a man relegated to the depths of self in this, the modern civilised, castrated man. I know your beast, pacing in it's cage, fed the scraps of your body as you drag yourself through life, trained to be terrified of your strength, your brute force tricked into a false sense of purpose being of power over, not WITH. But how could you ever know what WITH looked like if the only version of woman was Eve, you never met Lillith!

mmmmm sweet and delicious beast... I can feel you, your movements, your writhing under my delicate touch. I thought to myself this beast is very close to the surface, scratch and he's there... I wonder. I look to the fire it's steady heat holding us. I can't help feeling that this surface level of this man is full of raw... almost rage, long has it been contained.

I feed the core of your being... still soft, to your intensity, I slow my movements but steadily I begin to build further my own energy. I open my feet, my cunt, the base of my spine to the earth beneath me, I open further to her deep throb, the inner layers of volcano that lay at the heart of the Mother. The feeling of deep red earth heat enters my being, burning any fear, doubt, that all of life is in constant state of life/union/create/surrender/death/life. This is a wholeness of being, happening in a split second of time, the translation into my body is the firmness of my grip on your balls, that then slowly purposefully moves to the base of your cock.

I move my mouth to your ear, "rise... beast" there is a resonance of power within my voice that grabs your attention. I will not reign in your ferocity with leash and collar, but your WILL will not unleash those claws of your being to rip open my flesh. "This is where we separate the rage from the power" I hold your gaze, your cock and move with you to standing position.

Standing facing you, I strengthen deeper, I can feel the heat bursting out of every pore of my skin, the dripping down my legs from my wet steaming pussy. With one hand firmly held still at the base of your cock, I place my other hand now on your solar plexus, above your naval. I square my frame to yours.

"Give that beast voice, scream at me your needs, your wants, your unfulfilled desires, scream in sounds, in tones, dispense with the story, the words. pool together every swallowed down act that had you bursting at the seams. I will withstand it, I will hold you here in this place, allow the rage of being denied, give it all voice, continue till there is no more... As your voice opens hesitantly at first...tis only the growling, somewhere safe, then as I stare you down into it, into all that pent up rage, all those moments that you just wanted to slam her against the wall and fuck her till she bled, all that rage, that power over, that "right" denied, it is a woman, they fit to your man, all of that is purged in this fire of being.

My eyes are boring into yours right now, they take up the golden flames of the fire below us, I am reaching into the collective parts of you now, the "it's an ug thing" place. You feel these things, from a distance but they are met with the fire of the earth, with Her unflinching sight of them. I hold the other side till they subside.

Slowly you still yourself, like you have cum and you are spent, and yet as I hold your gaze you find that this is not true. Your cock is still hard as a rock, my grip has not lessened, in fact I have begun to slowly move up and down it. "Be... here... now... as I take you to the edge of this moment"

Your body begins to throb slowly deeply I can feel it in your solar plexus, in the pulse in your cock, the sweat, the juice, the scent of our bodies filling one part of my being, the barely conscious frontal part, whereas the deeper shaman/priestess part of me is in another state altogether, holding myself open to the fire within, reaching through you to your fire.

"Are you ready to surrender to death?"

My hand moves slowly up from your solar plexus to your Heart. The heat is intensifying, the incredible energy moving up my spine, moving my body in snake like undulations. My other hand is still moving along your cock, up and down firm and slick with all the sweat we are producing. I bring my body closer to yours and for the very first time I move my head towards yours. There is but a rice papers width between our lips. We breathe into each other, inhaling this sweet and delicious moment before... lips licked, parted, we lean that extra... and hold each by the lips, soft and opening to one another.

I release you cock and take your hand and place it upon my heart. "know me, feel me, the love of SHE". I place my hand back on your cock making my strokes long and luxurious, from tip to base, firm and slow. I move my head back to look into both your eyes to bore deep into them and you hear my words both inside and outside of your skull, "she loves you and you're going to die". With every fibre of my being I am offering to you the peace of death. To surrender all that you have constructed of your persona to hide your beast, your GOD.

I see the flicker of fear, the dread, the momentary insurrection of mind that would have you run from this, from the banshee and all that she offers between those wet lushness lips of her dripping cunt. Oh that SHE where an ordinary woman that could be 'had', but SHE is not, and you will pay with your life. all this flashes through your eyes, but you do not flinch in your body, you stay there, proud and erect in my hand, softening and opening in my other hand. I can feel you open to the final parts of your being, those that have lived in fear of this death, those that would cage your brilliance and possible GODhood. You open to me and tears begin to stream down my face, as you open me further with each surrendering moment, as too, your eyes betray your souls release.

"Breathe from here, up your spine", I whisper softly, as I place a finger behind your balls, to pinpoint the sweet spot of your perineum. I can feel you begin to build to an deeper shade of heat. "breathe it right up through your heart, through your throat, to your lips" I intensify the movement of my hand on your cock, I begin to oscillate my convexing and concaving of spine to the rhythm of my hand to your cock. The building is like a dam about to bust, both of us deepening into this powerful rite of opening.

I am lost on the edge of... the fall slipping over to the obliteration of self, where the sublime state of ecstasy that floods my being can be felt flooding through you. We join our lips as we spill into each others being, body and soul forever to float in the universe that is our flesh, our breathe, our lips, our hands moving to fully embrace each other in this convulsion of life ever lasting. We drop to our knees in homage to each others light, and fall even slower to the skins beneath us, wrapped in the insistent pulses of pure pleasure that take us deeper even still to the death of all existence, bar us, there, sweat dripping, fire crackling, and the soft sound of rain upon the tipi's skin...

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