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A True Story

My partner and I had already played with guys before and had a great sexual relationship with one friend already. There was another friend who we'd been flirting with. He called us one night and we said come on over. As soon as he arrived I received a call and had to walk out of the room. Within minutes I began to hear them moaning. My cock was bursting and my partner new that this was a fantasy coming true for me. I quickly ended the call and walked into the kitchen to find my hot woman naked, he was still in his suit. He held her upright from behind with an arm around her waist and the other held her shoulder. His crotch was buried in her arse cheeks. I grabbed the camera. She was lost in his cock as he hummed her a few more time. She turned and dropped to her knees before him.

I knew he had a big cock. It was a little longer and much thicker than mine. She loves her big cocks and I'd only seen her suck one that big before. My beautiful woman proceeded to worship his cock like I'd never seen he do before. She was taking him deep into her mouth and then moving to the head. She was sucking and tongue kissing his shaft. And all of it with deep moans and a look of sheer lust and stealing long glances at me as she he coaxed him to fuck her face a bit. She slowly raised her arms above her and grabbed the kitchen bench, with her eyes locked on his. He held her hands there and began to fuck her mouth with a deep rhythm even rhythm. Her eyes were still on his and her mouth was open as he pulled out and began to lift her up. He turned around and bent her over the kitchen bench. He pulled his jacket aside and looked at me as he rubbed his cock along her pussy. He put his cock head to her pussy and she raised herself up to take him in. He pulled out again and looked at me as he slowly began to fuck her. Showing me how his cock stretched her soaking wet pussy.

And so began one of best nights of my sexual life. I was in heaven watching the love of my life being his willing plaything.

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