Owned at last

A True Story

This is the story of the first time Master G and I met in person. The first time we stood face to face. The first time we touched, first time we kissed. The first time we fucked and I truly became his.

I met Master, who I will refer to in the rest of this story as MG, online and from our very first chat I felt an undeniable connection.

I cant't remember who first brought up the subject of a Dom/sub relationship but it was most likely me. It is something I have been seeking from my earliest sexual awakenings. I'm not a whips and chains type of girl but if that's your thing, I think it's great.
For me it's more about a man taking control of me, being authoritative and showing me his power but not in a brutal way. In giving my submission I know it is me who holds the power. To know how hard it makes a man when I do as he asks of me, how proud he is of me, that's intoxicatingly empowering!

I have tried to explain it in past relationships but never found anyone who understood what I like to refer to as my "dark side" until MG came in to my life. I remember I told MG that I was over being someone's princess and I truly desired to be seen as the "naughty slut" I secretly am. He immediately understood me. I knew then that I had found the man I wanted to belong to. I told him if he wanted me I was his, he could OWN me. This was before we had even met.

We shared our darkest desires. He told me his greatest desire would be to watch me being fucked hard by younger men with big thick cocks, the type of cocks that would make me beg for them to stop while simultaneously begging them to fuck me harder. The kind of cocks that made his cock look small and pathetic. My pussy gushed at the thought of him watching me fuck them, knowing how hard he would fuck me after I had let those young powerful cocks own my pussy, arse and mouth! A fantasy that became a reality thanks to my wonder Master setting up a meeting with two gorgeous guys with the biggest hottest cocks I've had so far. (Friends of MG who were here for summer and coming back later in the year...hopefully another hot session and story for me to post!)

As I said at the beginning this is about the first time MG and I met in person. I was a little nervous even though MG assured me there was nothing to be nervous about. Expectations were high after all we had discussed in the weeks before we met. Yes it took a while to meet, I'm married to someone else so careful planning was a priority.

I'll skip ahead to the moment we finally saw each other, MG invited me inside his home. I giggled nervously as I watched him looking me over, inspecting his property. He smiled broadly and reached out to take my hand.
He led me to the bedroom and told me to undress but leave my bra and underwear on. I did as MG requested. I stood there shivering a little, not because I was cold but because the anticipation of what was to come hung heavy in the air. Master G moved close to me, put his arms around me and pulled me to his chest. I could feel his heart beating and my own felt like it would leap out of my chest. He grabbed my chin with one hand and stroked my hair with the other and kissed me like I had never been kissed before. I could feel the heat from my soaking wet pussy.

Suddenly MG spun me around and bent me over, pulled my underwear to one side and said "enough of the vanilla my naughty slut, this is where you prove to me that you truly wish to be owned by me". And then he forced his very hard hot cock deep inside my arse. I screamed and he pushed it deeper. He had one hand gently pressed to my throat as he pounded my tight arse harder and harder. I pushed against him , grinding now on his cock, making him grunt with absolute pleasure.
"Tell me who owns your arse naughty slut" he demanded! I screamed out "You OWN my arse Master G!" With that I came and that was enough to make him blow his massive load in my arse.

He pulled his cock out and we both collapsed on the bed. He looked at me with a devilish grin and said "Now I own you babe, you naughty slut". I just sighed contentedly, I finally knew I had found my safe place where I could truly live my "dark desires".

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