Stepping outside the comfort zone

A True Story

The setting was a hotel room near the airport. A sexual encounter with a woman who had recently ended a 20-year relationship because her partner had lost interest in her sexually. She expressed a desire to explore her sexuality and embrace new experiences to me, to which I was more than happy to obliged and help her in her quest

We met around 4 times a month, sometimes more frequently over the months of our friendship as friends with benefits, as she was not seeking a committed relationship, and I was already in one. Discretion and communication were important in our arrangement. She was aware of my situation and of my bisexuality and prior experiences with threesomes, mainly with couples. Having been in a long-term relationship, her sexual experiences were limited to vanilla sex, and she had never had a fulfilling orgasm until being with me. Her previous partner's approach to sex was basic and inconsiderate, leaving her unsatisfied.

Her announcement that she was splitting up with him and going out on her own didn't come as a huge surprise. Even though we had only spoken over the phone and hadn't really met in person at that point, there was already a developing sexual expression between us. We finally met in person after she moved into her own house, and I showed her what I had discovered about sexuality over the years. I introduced her to roll play, mild bondage, rimming—both being rimmed and rimming your partner—and toys. At forty, she had never used an adult toy before, so she wasn't sure what the big deal was about. However, I persuaded her to buy one.

Ever since it touched her clit and she experienced the surge of sensation throughout her body, her collection of adult toys grew along with her confidence and sense of self-satisfaction. Seeing her play with her toys and herself was fascinating. And she pinpointed the precise location where she could focus on the intense emotions that pulsed through her body. I had produced an erotic monster. Eventually, she started using vibrations on me as well, which was extremely pleasurable because she approached it carefully and delicately.

Following a number of discussions and enjoyable moments spent together, the topic of having a three sum came up. We decided to try a bi MMF as well as a bi FFM. She decided to have a Bi MMF first, so I started looking for the ideal candidate.

In order for the person we selected to be someone we were both happy with, I shared all the information I learned with her along the road and placed ads on adult dating apps, adult websites, and adult classifieds. We received an overwhelming number of comments, but regrettably, most of them were impolite or lacking any genuine dialogue. I can no longer count how many people asked, "Are you still looking?" Guys really need to step up their game, if there's one thing I learned from the dating experience. rude, sudden, evasive, and occasionally abusive when you tell them no. The degree of animosity displayed by some men when you gently inform them that they are not what you are searching for and wish them luck in their search alarmed me.

We decided on a hotel and a day for the meet. We talked about what we thought ought to happen when he got there after arriving at the hotel an hour early. We made the decision that she would start with small talk and eventually talk about undressing. She had never been in a three sum before, much less a bi three sum, so she was really excited.
Before he came, we played a little bit together because we were both horny, but not too much so as to get the adrenaline going or get too worked up too soon. And then there was a knock on the door. We exchanged delighted looks as we had never really met this guy.

He came into the room bearing a really pleasant and courteous name, Paul, which is not his true name. Each of us settled in. We were on the bed, and he was seated on the lone chair. We spoke for a short while. And then she turned and asked me if I was going to take off my clothes. Without any inhibitions, I began to undress, taking off my shirt and jeans. She asked the same question, turning to face him.
“Will you also be taking off your clothes?”
He grinned and undressed without making any gestures.

Two males, dressed in nothing but our underpanties, stood side by side. She gave both of our crutches a little brush and uttered
"Gentlemen, you must also remove these."
Her degree of confidence exceeded my expectations, but I was happy to see it there. She was a lady who understood what she wanted and that was fascinating in itself. She took a penis in each of her hands as our garments fell to the floor. She slid her hands up and down our shafts, her smile saying volumes. She liked holding a cock in each hand because of the way they felt and made her feel very powerful and horny..

She said, "Oh my, this is amazing," as I recall. She grinned, knowing that I was loving watching her enjoy herself while this was going on. She looked me in the eyes. With an upward gaze, she stated to Paul, "I want him to suck your cock."
Paul grinned and said, "Yes."
She turned to face me and pulled hard down on my cock, making me drop.

As soon as my knees struck the carpet, his succulent 7-inch-long, firm cut cock was aloft in front of my face. As I opened my lips, she moved his cock in slowly towards my mouth. She did this by putting her hand behind my head and pushing my face closer to him. I carefully slid his cock in and out of my mouth with my lips sliding along its shaft. As I sucked his cock, her hand remained firmly planted behind my head, holding my hair and guiding it.

His groans of pleasure reverberated throughout the room, conveying the pure joy of what he was experiencing.
"Whoa, you're really skilled at this. It feels really good.”
She was so sultry. She hastily got to her feet and took off her dress. I continued sucking his cock while we both watched her remove her matching bra and knickers without missing a beat. She dropped back to her knees beside me and watched me suck. Her delight and approval were evident from the smile on her face as her hand played with his balls. Gazing up at him, she questioned
"Now, please suck him,"
He gave her a smile in return. "Okay," I said, getting up to sit on the bed while he knelt in front of me and grabbed my cock.

My cock was wrapped in his lips, and I fell back into the bed. She played with my balls while he sucked, leaning in to give me a passionate kiss and murmur in my ear. I grinned and said, "Thank you, this is amazing." It was thrilling to have my cock sucked and to kiss her at the same time.

She watched me have fun while lying on the bed next to me and touching my body. In a little while, he got up and I turned to kiss her. With great passion, I kissed her, finding her very moist pussy waiting for my tongue as I went between her breasts and down her tummy. As I licked her pussy she laid back on the bed and sighed with satisfaction. Paul moved to her side so she could suck his cock. She had been thinking about and dreaming of a different kind of heaven, and now it was realising itself, and it was even better than she had imagined. After a little while, Paul and I took turns with our faces firmly between her legs and the other’s cock sliding into her mouth for her to suck. We caressed each other's bodies, our delicate touches discovering each other's sexual zones and causing pleasure to flow through us.

Paul got to his feet and pushed his hard cock into her now dripping wet pussy. She groaned as it entered her and sent a surge of pleasure through her entire body. She pulled him inside her, tightening her hold on my cock. She sucked harder on my cock as he gradually gained momentum untill she orgasimed. After switching places a few times, we each took turns fucking her mouth and pussy. She rolled over for doggy style as I layed down next her in the opposite direction as Paul slid back into her. She asked me, "I want to suck your cock," as she turned to face me.

I slid in under her, exposing my cock to her, and putting my face where Paul was slithering in and out of her pussy. As he penetrated her, I licked her clit, sending shivers down her spine. Every now and then he would escape her pussy and enter my mouth, giving me a few quick strokes. He pumped her pussy hard while I licked his cock and her clit finally brought her to orgasim once again.

We were all grinning as we got out of bed to get a drink of water. All far from quiet, and our moans had probably turned a few heads of other guests who passed our closed door. Resuming our bedtime took us very little time. Paul laid on the bed as she got on top of him.. As Paul lay on the bed, his cock in her pussy with her on top, I stepped up from behind and began to rim her ass. Once more, this was a first for her, and she let us know by groaning. She loved having her ass played with, and I started to finger her as Paul fucked her.

I recalled her groaning in delight the first time I licked her behind and her comment, "OH MY GOD, why has no one ever done this before?" We had begun slowly, with me fucking her before we moved on to fingering, licking, and playing with toys. She informed me that with anal sex, it was an entirely new sensation, a distinct kind of orgasmic experience that caused her entire body to tremble with delight. The secret was to proceed very slowly and to use a lot of lubricant. Whatever happened to her ass would happen to mine, we had agreed. She rimmed me after I rimmed her. She would finger my ass after I fingered hers, and so on. We had purchased a strap for her, enabling her to inflict the same pleasure on me as I did on her. We were both in a sexually satisfying arrangement.

I ultimately slid my cock inside her ass very slowly and cautiously. Her first double penetration. We both moved very gently, following her instructions precisely as she struck the ideal ratio of pleasure to pain. She led the action for the most part, and when she felt comfortable, she said, "Now fuck me." We both complied. She had two cocks at once, slipping in and out next to one another. Her body began to tremble between us as the sensation of an orgasm approached.
And then it hit. Her screams of ecstasy resonated through the room, as her body stiffened up, prompting both Paul and myself to likewise cum almost at the same time. It was an ecstatic moment in time which appeared to last for far longer than it did.

All three of us were bathed in sweat as we lay on the bed, taking in the events that had just happened. We all digested it and discussed what we had just accomplished, feeling happy and content with ourselves. We had embraced, our nude bodies melding together, and we felt a tremendous sense of accomplishment.

We talked for maybe five minutes, and as I rolled over to the side, Paul's cock was staring me in the face. It was enticing despite not being erect. While the other two were speaking, I picked it up, moved it to my mouth, and started to suck it once more. I could feel it getting harder as I gorged on it till it reached its peak strength once more. She looked to Paul and asked, and he grinned. "Have you ever fucked a man?" With a smirk, he said, "I have." She answered, "Well then, I think we should do something with that."

I had been sucking his cock as he lay on the bed, so my ass was already in the air. She slid over and shoved her ass in my face, as he got up. I took advantage of the situation by rimming her and sticking my tongue deep into her ass. My mind spun when I felt Paul's finger go around the rim of my ass and then his tongue from behind. She rolled over to see what was going on when I began to groan. His fingers moved in and out of me, and I felt the slick lubrication being pushed into my hole.

When I looked up, I saw nothing but sheer excitement on her face as she watched Pual carefully slip his cock's head into my ass. It felt great, and as he slid in and out, I wanked on my own cock, merging the sensations. I instructed him not to pump me hard, to go slowly, and not to attempt to stick it in all the way, which is how he started. She observed him stand behind me. She arched her legs out in front of me and stroked her clit. Since she had never witnessed two men having sex before, her pussy was dripping wet with excitement.

He started thrusting more quickly, and I had to repeatedly tell him to calm down and not push as hard, but he was unwavering in his resolve. To the joy of our audience, he pulled out fast and blasted his load all over my ass, which felt amazing . his hot cum all over my ass cheeks.

Paul fell back into the lone seat behind him, and I lay down. She moved around behind me, licking her fingers and rubbing his cum into my ass cheeks while I remained on all fours. She remained aroused. I needed to gather my sensors, which took some time. She continued to play with my ass, but this time with more gentleness and emotion, while Paul got up and went to the toilet. I turned onto my back as he came out of the loo. Beside me, my lustful accomplice is massaging my balls and cock.

We didn't grasp it at the time. Paul got dressed and announced that he had to leave since he had a meeting. It was strange since we had talked about playing for at least six hours, and now that we were only four hours in, he was finished.

After saying our goodbyes and leaving the two of us standing in the room nude, we thanked him for coming. I could feel myself being forced into the bed as I passed it. “I'm not done with you yet” I was told as she fell into the bed next to me. For the next two hours, we indulged in one other's sensual desires. Our nude bodies entwined, giving each other nothing but pleasure.

Following that, we had a couple more meetings where we discussed it and our next bi-FFM experience. Unfortunately, it was not possible to arrange because I had to travel for work and was away for a while. After some time had gone, despite our phone conversations and online chats, she had found a local partner who could provide her with more support than I could to satiate her erotic cravings.

Even now, she still talks about the day she had her bi 3 sum with great delight, even though we never had the bi FFM. This woman, who ventured outside her comfort zone and found a whole new universe that has given her so much more pleasure, deserves my utmost regard and admiration. For now, I'm still looking for a new friend with benefits, but maybe one day I'll have that bi FFM.

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