Fix my oven please?

A True Story

After I heard a knock at the door.
I knew it was the man I hadn't met. Only spoke to on the phone. An immediate connection was felt.

Crap! I'm filthy. I've been cleaning the floor. My white singlet. Wet. Dirty. Transparent.

I opened the door. Looked up and he was aesthetically pleasing. It appeared, he liked what he saw. His pupils dilated.

I explained the items that needing fixing. He had a young apprentice walk through. I heard them speak. "You can go to the next job. This one is easy."
I laughed to myself. The door closes, I walked into the kitchen. His toolbox was on my bench.

I sat up next to it, while he fixed my oven.
"Is there anything else you wanted me to look at?"

Haha I thought.
"Yes." I ushered him over with my finger. He dropped his tools and grabbed me. His strong arms arms around my body. The smell of grease was an incredible aphrodisiac. The kissing, the intensity.

He ripped my panties off. Lifted my skirt. Pulled me onto my back. My legs held wide whilst he tickled my clitoris with his fat tongue. He had to hold me still. I squirmed.. I squealed. He slid his fingers in my pussy..
The gasp alone was enough to give him a boner that'd crack a walnut!

He looked at me, his fingers fucking me. My body raised.. moaning at him. .
He looked me lasciviously. I am going to screw this man's brains out.
He unbuckled his belt.
I hear the zipper..

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