Watched by her husband

A True Story

We had met at a cafe in the inner suburbs after she answered my advertisement for a married woman who needed more sexual satisfaction than she was getting at home. A short walk and conversation had been enough to satisfy her that I was the sort of man that she was looking for. She had discussed me with her husband and they'd agreed that I should have a trial run as her lover.

Now I had driven to their address in the outer suburb. Leaving the car in their driveway, I climbed the steps to the front door, which opened as I approached. She closed the door behind me, concealing herself from any curious neighbours. As she had promised, she was naked beneath a soft cotton dress which draped from her shoulders and down between her large breasts. Her feet were bare.

Smiling, I reached out and took her in my arms, pressing her up against the wall, just inside the front door. Tentatively at first, my lips moved closer to hers, and feeling her warm breath on my cheek, opened slightly in a long, lingering kiss. She took my hand and guided it onto her left breast. I found, when I knew her better, that she was quite proud of her big breasts and liked them to be fondled. This time, I explored the glorious roundness of her breast and the firmness of her large erect nipple. Clearly, her body was readying itself for the sexual encounter that she knew was coming.

She said "Let's go into the living room". As we moved to a leather sofa in the large living room, she introduced me to her husband sitting in a chair opposite us. She lay back on the sofa, her short cotton dress riding up on her thighs and showing just a hint of her hairless labia beneath its hem. Her husband greeted me gravely: I found out later that this was to be the first time that he had watched his wife being serviced by another man.

She held out her arms to me, drawing me in, and we kissed again, this time more hotly, and I slid my arms up the open sleeves of her dress, sliding my fingers over the big soft breasts beneath and gently squeezing her firming nipples between thumb and forefinger. She gave an involuntary moan. Dropping to my knees in front of the sofa, I moved her naked legs apart and lifted her dress a little higher, exposing her hairless vulva. All the while, her husband looked on silently.

Tentatively again, I moved closer to her plump labia with the little pink bulge of her clitoris at the upper end. I reached out with my tongue and very lightly ran its very tip from the bottom of her labium to the top. She moaned again. Clearly, this was something she liked. Lightly I ran the tip of my tongue up and down her full labia, again and again and she wriggled with pleasure. Then I slid my tongue between the labia, parting them and exposing the soft pink inner lips which glistened with her secretions. The warm moist surfaces of the inner parts of her vulva were clearly becoming more swollen as her sexual desire took control of her body.

Pressing the tip of my tongue more deeply into her, I found the entrance to her vagina and exploring further, my tongue reached the sensitive fold of membrane on her vagina's front wall. She moaned again. Then she sat up and addressed her husband: "May we go into the bedroom now?" He nodded and she stood up and crossed the room and the hallway, entering the bedroom with its big double bed.

As I followed her into the bedroom with her husband's eyes on me, she stripped off her dress with a rapid movement and climbed, naked, across the foot of the bed. She lay back and with her legs a little apart, ran her right hand slowly over her naked vulva. I followed her into the bedroom and undressed quickly: shoes and socks, shirt, trousers. By this time, the head of my erect penis was well out above the waistband of my underpants, and as I stripped them off, she had a clear view of what she was about to receive.

We rolled together on the bed, naked skin on naked skin, and then our longest and most passionate kiss. Coming up for air, I saw out of the corner of my eye her husband standing in the doorway, watching his naked wife making love to another man. She moved down the bed and took my hard penis in her left hand. Then, holding her hair back with her other hand, she moved her head down and kissed the tip of my penis, then began to explore its length with her tongue, sometimes rubbing it gently against her cheek. All the while, her husband watched.

Then, suddenly she was on her back beside me. Her legs were wide apart and with the fingers of her left hand, she had parted her labia. She was ready. I moved between her legs, and bending forwards, ran the whole width of my tongue up her vulva from vagina to clitoris. She moaned again and I leaned forward, guiding my penis into the puffy folds of her vaginal opening. As I entered her, she gave a louder groan and I heard her husband move in the doorway as he heard his wife being impaled on another man's cock.

Settling myself, I pressed the full length of my penis into her soft, warm welcoming vagina. Her moans as she received each thrust urged me to greater efforts. From her position, she could see her husband in the doorway as he watched my gluteal muscles tense each time I thrust my hard penis up into his wife. Her breathing was now coming faster and her moans more continuous. She was clearly getting close to orgasm and the movements of her hands over my back were becoming more restless and frantic. Then suddenly, just as I knew I couldn't last any longer, her back arched, she gave a loud cry and we came together.

For a few minutes, I held her in my arms, her head tucked into the side of my neck, and very gently I kissed her forehead. Then I became aware of her husband beside the bed. He pressed his wife's hip, rolling her onto her back. He moved her legs apart, then grunted in approval as he watched my semen ooze slowly from his wife's vagina down across the fold of her buttock.

That wasn't the last time I've had sex with his wife. We've been together a number of times and the routine is always the same.

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