The Piano Teacher

A Fantasy

I've decided to take up swimming laps to really try and get my figure to where I want it to be to feel sexy and toned when I dress up, so I sign up for a month at the local pool to see how I go.

After finding out just how swimmingly unfit I am in my first session, I hit the showers to rinse off.

There's only me and one other older guy, maybe 60's-ish in the change room who is just drying off after having a shower himself.

I notice he is kind of trying to catch glimpses of me when he thinks I'm not looking as I shower. I decide to play up to this and soap up my freshly hairless bod, lathering myself up gratuitously and bending over to soap my legs and ass.

Sneaking a quick look over through my legs while I'm bent over, I can see I have his undivided attention now, and I'm getting just a little bit excited being such a public exhibitionist, putting on a private little show for this stranger.

I rinse off the soap and finish my shower, grab my towel and start slowly drying myself off in a deliberately sensual way, starting at my feet and up each leg, taking my time.

The older guy is so distracted he hasn't even started dressing yet, and i can see a nice bulge under his towel.

"Are you new here?' He asks " I haven't seen you around before".

"I've lived here a while, just decided to try and get a little fitter and toned, so, here we are..." I gratuitously spend way too much time drying my dick and balls right in front of him and can see he is definitely interested.

"Have you lived around here long" I ask, trying to keep the conversation flowing as I finish towelling myself dry.

"Oh yes, I've lived around here all my life-I'm a music teacher at the college up the road, and I teach privately at home as well"

"Oh, interesting, what instrument do you teach?"

"Piano mostly, and a little bit of voice sometimes too"

"well" i say "that's funny because I've actually always wanted to play the piano but thought it would be too hard, so never bothered"

"Not at all" he says, "once you get the basics, its really just about practice and repetition"

"Well, maybe I should just have a lesson and see how I go?"

"Certainly you should try, tell you what, I'd be willing to give you a free introductory lesson, just to see if you liked it or not?"

"Amazing!- how could I refuse, when do you think you might have an opening available?"

"I'm actually free right now for the next couple of hours if that works? I'm literally around the corner from here"

"Well all right then!" I say, starting to get a little excited about the possibilities unfolding here "lets do it".

We finish getting changed and I walk with the older guy, who has introduced himself as Charles back to his apartment nearby.

Once inside, he offers some water and shows me to the piano. There's a long bench seat big enough for two, and he gestures me to sit on the right hand side, and then sits on my left.

He starts introducing me to the notes and layout of the keyboard, walking me through all the basics.

Suddenly, mid-sentence he places his right hand on my left thigh, and continues on as if nothing is different.

The feel of his hand on my bare leg, right at the hem of my quite short shorts is intoxicating but i don't dare look down. Its fun pretending nothing is unusual as he becomes more comfortable with my lack of negative reaction, and starts slowly rubbing and caressing my leg, moving his had ever closer to my crotch.

I'm immediately rock hard, and he can tell. I guess the official lesson is over for now, and a different kind of lesson is taking place, so I take my left hand, and put it on his right thigh, looking down I can see a big bulge in his pants.

His hand is right on my throbbing dick now, gently squeezing and massaging through my shorts, his breathing becoming a little shorter and more rapid.

I move my hand up and onto his cock and it feels so big through his trousers. I can't help myself and reach over with my other hand, undo his fly and take it out. It's one of the hugest dicks I've ever seen! Massive head, thick shaft, and throbbing in my hand as I curl around its girth and start gently tugging and stroking it.

Charles reaches down and undoes my fly, my dick snaps out and up to attention and he takes it firmly in his hand.

We sit there, stroking and tugging each other, my eyes are closing in pleasure at the sensation and I can see Charles is very much enjoying me touching him too.

We up the rhythm and pace together, and I can sense Charles getting close and I am too. We both explode one after the other, my cum spurting everywhere as Charles' cum is spilling down around my hand.

Charles takes a box of tissues from the top of the piano, politely offers me one, and takes one himself, then starts cleaning my cock for me and the splatters I've left everywhere.

I do the same for him, and we both quietly do up our pants as if nothing has happened.

Charles says' well, how did you enjoy your first lesson?"

"Well, it was very interesting, and a lot of fun too, so I might just have to come back for another lesson and see how I go".

Charles passes me a business card "I will always make time for a special student, so call me whenever you're in the mood for another lesson, and by the way, its always going to be on the house for you..." He smiles in a knowing way as I get up to leave and thank him.

I give a last little brush over his crotch as I leave and tell him I will definitely be back for more, possibly sooner than I imagine. I'm very keen to see what the next 'lesson' entails :-)

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