Master spoils his naughty girl!

A True Story

Master G is very considerate of my needs and would never make me do anything I do not wish to do. We share the same desires and even though some of those desires can be a bit beyond my past experiences it gives me the greatest pleasure to see how happy it makes my Master when we play out our fantasies together. My Master's greatest pleasure comes from seeing huge cocks, so much bigger than his, owning all of my holes! I'm wet 24/7 just thinking about how hot Master gets watching a huge cock own his naughty slut!

My Master knows I have always fantasised about gorgeous well built and well hung African American men. Recently he surprised me with the most amazing night of wild fucking I have had so far! Not one, but two incredibly hot African American studs!

We met M and D in the city at an upmarket hotel. I knew what Master had planned but I was super nervous and almost trembling with anticipation when M opened the door and invited us in. Immediately I was blown away by how tall and muscular M was. I knew both M and D were late 30's, much younger than Master and I. We made some small talk and I could barely keep my mind or eyes off M.

Master squeezed my hand and smiled at me, he knew what his naughty slut was thinking. Just then D emerged from the bathroom wearing only a towel, water still beading off his rippling muscles. He smiled at me and said hello. I thought M was hot as fuck but D was sizzling hot! He walked toward me and stopped right in front of me. It was impossible to ignore the huge bulge beneath his towel. Master G moved away from me to a nearby chair and D took my hand and led me to the edge of the bed. Still standing in front of me, hands on his hips, smiling broadly at me. I could feel the heat from my pussy juices trickling down my thighs. I looked at my Master and he said "Remove his towel my naughty girl." My hands shaking and my breath deepening I removed D's towel and gasped at the size of his huge thick cock, still only half erect but bigger than any cock I'd ever had before.

D moved closer to me so his cock was only inches from my face. He looked at me, motioning with his eyes for me to touch his now fully erect massive cock. I reached out and wrapped my hand around it. I have small hands but they looked tiny around that big throbbing tool. I started stroking using both hands, by the moans coming from D I could tell he was enjoying my touch so I moved my mouth to the tip of his cock and started slowly running my tongue over it in a circular motion. D put his hand on the back of my head indicating he was wanting me to take more of his cock into my mouth. I was certain I would never be able to take it all in but D started thrusting and pushing the back of my head so I had no choice but to allow more of his cock to enter my mouth. I began gagging and heard Master G saying "Make me proud my naughty slut, take all of that big cock, let him fuck your mouth hard." That was all I needed to hear to drive me in to a wild frenzy, sucking that big thick cock like it was a little lollypop,. Slurping and sucking and squeezing D's beautiful big balls. Suddenly I realised M was standing beside me completely naked and with an even bigger thick cock than D's. He was gently stroking it and motioned to D to let him have a turn of my hot hungry mouth.

D repositioned me on the bed so I was on my knees with my arse in the air, exposing my hot very wet pussy to him. I heard him say damn girl I'm going to stretch you wide open. I looked at my Master and he looked very pleased at the prospect of that huge cock stretching my pussy in a way that he could only dream of doing with his average sized cock.

D knelt behind me and pulled me closer to him, inserting just the tip of his throbbing cock in to my pussy, making me squeal with delight at the prospect of being fully penetrated by my first big black cock. I now pushed down on his cock, just then M forced his huge cock in to my mouth. Wow, this was beyond my wildest dreams and was everything my Master and I hoped it would be. I knew I had to take M and D's amazing young, strong cocks in a way that would make my Master so proud of me. I closed my eyes for a moment and took as much of M's cock in to my mouth as I possibly could just as I felt D penetrate me fully with such force I almost passed out. I opened my eyes to see my Master now standing by the bed stroking his rock hard cock. I smiled at him, my naughtiest slut smile, I removed my mouth from M's cock and said Master how do you feel knowing your little cock can never fuck me like these powerful cocks? Then I went back to sucking and fucking those monster cocks as if my life depended on it, knowing how fucking hot my Master would be for me when D and M had finished with me. Master G grunted "Fuck her like the dirty slut she is, fuck her so hard, own my slut" as his cock spurted all over my face, some splashing on to M's cock which I licked off like the good girl I am!

The next couple of hours were a blur of sucking, double penetrations and so many orgasms. D and M thanked me for being their slut for the evening and told Master G they would be very pleased to borrow me again. Then left me lying in a cum soaked state, shaking and exhausted, but knowing rest wouldn't be coming any time soon. My Master needed desperately to reclaim me as his own. He told me to get on my hands and knees, inspected my swollen and stretched arse and pussy and said I may not compare with those big black cocks you crave but you belong to me and with that he pushed his hard cock deep in to my arse and fucked me as hard as he could. We both came and collapsed exhausted in each other's arms, me sobbing because I was so happy that my Master allowed me to live one of my biggest desires and Master G stroking my hair as he held me, telling me how happy and proud I make him.

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