A Fantasy

You don’t know why you’re here, but you came quickly when I rang you with the address. A group of storage buildings ran along the wharf, looking abandoned and intimidating to the initiated, but my regulars have come to call this dark, isolated place their haven. A place where they can let go of any inhibitions, placing themselves in my hands to mold them into dribbling, squirting, exhausted, stretched, bruised good girls. You tentatively open the door, the rusty hinges protesting with a screech that echoes around the interior. Your heart is thumping, and your mouth is dry. But not your pussy; you have never been this wet with anticipation before. I am seated in the middle of the warehouse, seated facing you.

I beckon you to come towards me. You notice the only other thing in this building apart from us is a rope hanging from the ceiling just behind me. I stand up as you approach me, I notice you are very nervous so I hug you tight, and let you know you are safe with me. I grab your chin and kiss you, tasting your lips and sucking on your tongue. My hand moves down to your neck, and as I grip it firmly, I ask you simply “are you going to be a good girl?” You don’t answer, but nod slowly and this makes me hard, my cock straining against my underwear. Then I command you to get on your knees, take my cock out and get to work. I tell you what to do, how to please me. I watch your eyes scrunch up as I push my cock deeper down your throat, watch you struggle not to gag as I grab you by the hair and repeatedly move your head for my own pleasure.

Your pussy is dripping so much you feel you have wet your pants, lost in the filthy act of being face-fucked. I stop, lift you to your feet and tell you to turn around, and grab the back of the chair and bend forward. I roughly pull your knickers to the side, and smirk as I feel the drenched fabric. “You like been treated like a dirty slut I see. Spread your legs and let me see what other holes I’m going to have fun with. Don’t take your fucking hands off that chair unless I tell you.” You comply, spread your legs apart as I bend down to peer at your tight, puckered little arsehole. I smirk again as I know it will never be the same again after I have finished. I place my hand between your legs, feeling your spread your legs wider as I massaged your swollen clit. You move your hand to hold my arm as I rub you, which I slap away and growl “good girls do what they’re told, put your fucking hands back on the chair.” I slap your arse, hard. You squeal and throw your head back.

I grab your hair, pulling it tight as I slap you again. You feel your skin sting, and warm as the blood flushing your arse cheeks. You squeal again and again as I reprimand you for disobedience. I stop, and look at the marks I have left. Hand prints swelling the skin, and I feel you have learned your lesson. I resume massaging your sopping wet pussy, and slide the thumb of my other hand over your cute little arsehole. I spit at the top of your arse crack and run my thumb in it, and proceed to moisten and massage your arsehole as my other hand massaged your tingling clit. Your legs shake, and you have to fight the urge to grab me and make me drive my hard cock deep into any of your holes. I stop and tell you it is time for your gift. You remain bent over holding the chair as I remove the gift from my bag. Gleaming in the overhead lights, I smile as I look over this new toy. A long anal hook with a huge ball on the end. I tie it to the rope above you and come around to face you. I get down on my knee as look you in the eyes. You are ready I say. I resume my position behind you, and slowly massage your arse crack and hole with the ball on the end of the hook.

You are trembling with both ecstasy and fear. You don’t know how this is going to go, but you are a good girl and do what you are told. I kneel down and spit on your brown hole, and slowly work the end of the hook into you. Writhing in discomfort, I tell you to relax, you are going to love it when it’s in, and feel like a complete whore, just how you like it. With a small pop, I get the ball in. You stiffen with shock and pain, and slowly relax and start to enjoy having a stainless steel hook inside your gut. I push the hook in the the bend, while massaging your gushing cunt with the other. “Good girl,” I say as you relax and submit to being anally penetrated. I step away and pull the other end of the top, slowly lift the hook up until the rope is tight. You can still stand flat footed, but with some discomfort. “Higher?” I ask you, and you nod. “I fucking asked you a question, I need you to tell me,” I growl. You find your voice and tell me “Yes please.” I lift higher, you feel the hook pulling your up by your hole, stretching that perfect little arsehole and making you feel like an obscene, filthy slut. “I want you to beg me to let you down so I can replace metal with meat” I order her.

I pull the rope tighter as you squeal with pain, and then moan with pleasure. Again I pull tighter as you beg me to stop. You beg me to destroy your arse with my cock, to fill you with my cum. You want to go home, feeling my cum drip out of your insides and feel like the filthy slut you are. This is what you need, you must have me fuck you so forcefully you can’t think about anything else. I like what I hear, let the rope down and slide the hook from your gaping arsehole. Your pussy juice runs down your thighs as I pull my cock from my pants, and thrust so hard in that you gasp and grip the back of the chair tighter. “Tell me to fuck your slutty arse, tell me you are a filthy whore and you love being fucked hard in your shithole. Beg me to fuck you and fill you with me thick cum” I order. You beg between moans, and I grip you tightly around the neck from behind as I thrust faster, and harder into your loosened hole. Again and again as I feel my hand tighten around your throat, ready to let a huge load loose inside your guts.

Your legs give way as you cum, you squirt on the floor and nearly faint. I hold you up and continue to pump deep into you until I finally explode, coating your inside with a huge load of my cum. “Good girl” I say and turn you around to cuddle you. Stroking your hair and giving you forehead kisses. I hold you tight, letting you come back down to your body. I sit you down and continue to cuddle you, tell you how much of a good girl your are and how proud I am of you. You melt into my arms and voice, feeling the thick semen dribbling out of your abused hole. You feel good, more alive than ever before. I stand you up, passionately kiss your lips, engulf you again in my big arms and kiss you on the forehead. I watch as you turn around, and can only imagine the filthy thoughts running through your mind as you leave.

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