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A Fantasy

I undress you and kiss you passionately while doing so. When you least expect it I throw you on the bed and lick every inch then I put my dick to your mouth and go in your mouth slowly, as I caress you down to your pussy with light touches, I'm rubbing your clit and get you so wet you start to drip and you squirt a few times. Once your completely soaked I deep throat you and cum in your mouth (I cum multiple times and get hard again straight away). I go down restrain your arms while I stroke my dick with your pussy lips letting the back edge of my dick rub hard against your clit and only teasing the inside of your pussy. I start you in missionary and put my dick in slowly and start fucking you at an even pace. You want me to go harder but I tell you not yet just to tease you more.

Then I get you in doggy and I keep fucking you but I go harder. Then when you least expect it I pin you down in doggy and pound you really hard. I go harder and harder, and harder and harder. I take my dick out and finger you till you squirt everywhere and I cum all over you

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