I met a woman on a dating app

A True Story

Full disclosure, I'm not adept at being a writer, and this marks only my second attempt. Nevertheless, here's my tale:

It all began years ago, amidst the rise of dating apps. Sceptical of baring all online, I opted for a conservative profile with just a headless photo. Enter a woman from Queensland, equally discreet. Despite the distance, our work-related travels hinted at a potential meeting.

Our conversations, candid about our differences, including a 12-year age gap, of which I had no issues with her being older, flowed seamlessly into intimate topics. Intrigued by my past, she suggested an in-person rendezvous during her Sydney work trip. We settled on a coffee date in Parramatta, about a 30 min drive from the centre of Sydney.

The discreet café in Parramatta set the stage. As she stood to greet me, her enticing fragrance filled the air. Despite my humble protests, she urged me to share my bi experience story, which had inadvertently brought us together. The conversation shifted swiftly to desire, paving the way for an unexpected, exhilarating encounter at her hotel.

She didn't need to ask twice; I gladly agreed, and we made our way to her hotel just up the road. Upon entering the hotel foyer, we headed directly to the elevators, ascended to the 4th floor, and proceeded to her room. Her accommodations were impressive, more spacious than most. She offered me a seat and a beer from the bar fridge, which I welcomed. As we sipped our drinks, we engaged in conversation. I settled into a lounge chair while she took a spot on the bed.

Me: "Lovely room."
Woman: "Indeed, I appreciate having ample space."

She kicked off her shoes, enhancing her comfort.

Woman: "Plus, I need room for my bag of tricks."
Me: "Your bag of tricks?"

She grinned, pulling a small bag from beside her bed.

Woman: "Yes, my bag of tricks."

I was intrigued.

Her mysterious bag of tricks unveiled leather lingerie and an array of adult toys.

Me: "You seem to have the whole kit with you."
Woman: "Oh, no. This is just my travel kit. The rest is at home."

Displaying two different outfits, she inquired,

Woman: "Which one do you like?"

I smiled, indicating the one on the right. She returned the smile, placing the one in her left back into the bag.

Woman: "I'll be right back."

She headed to the bathroom. My excitement soared. It was evident where this was heading. I waited patiently, finishing my beer. Upon her return to the room, now adorned in the chosen outfit, she looked stunning. Straps accentuated her breasts, leaving them fully exposed. The leather waist clung tightly to her skin, and I noticed a zipper running from the front to the back. In mere seconds, the sight captivated me.

Woman: Tonight, I plan to teach you a few things.
Me: Oh, really?

I felt the whip snap harder on my leg.

Woman: You only get to speak when I ask you to. Do you understand?
Me: Yes, ma'am.

Now, how about you remove that shirt and pants and show me what I am working with. I complied with her request. The smile on her face was wicked, yet filled with excitement.

Woman: I want you on your knees on the floor.

I looked at her, and she tilted her head as if to convey, "Don't you dare speak or disobey me." I followed her instructions.

Woman: Kiss my feet!

As I kissed her feet, she leaned down, running her hands through my hair. Finding her grip, she took control of my head, guiding it up her inner leg toward her groin, firmly placing my face between her legs. The scent of leather and her forceful hand made me feel like my excitement would burst out of my pants.

Unsure of what would happen next and from which direction, the anticipation heightened. She turned her body, still holding my hair until my face nestled between her ass cheeks. She wiggled around, keeping my face in her ass. Turning slowly back towards me, she lowered herself to my height. As her breasts passed my face, I moved forward to touch them, but she held me back, pulling my head sharply backward away from her body. She kept my face close to hers, licking up the side of my face. I dropped my head backward as she pulled my hair and cracked the whip on my ass with her other hand. A sense of being controlled overwhelmed me. It was both exhilarating and intimidating. Despite usually being the alpha in encounters with single women, the desire to obey and the sense of being dominated aroused me more than I had anticipated.

Her tongue explores my ear, nibbling and biting on my earlobe. Whispering in my ear, the woman declares, "You're mine tonight!"

She raised her whip, tapping my nipples and continued chastising my ear from behind. Caught off guard, her hand firmly slapped my ass cheek. Quickly, she reached down, seizing one arm and twisting it behind my back. Her other hand slid around my throat, holding my head back.

Woman: Not a sound!

I nodded; she had me at hello. Her overwhelming and erotic control transformed the atmosphere. She was in charge, and I was there to please her. Her hand left my throat, trailing down my chest to the bulge in my underwear. I was as hard as a rock, and she could feel every inch of it in her hand. She rubbed the shaft of my cock on the outside of my underwear.

Woman: I think we will save this for later.

Confusion filled me. Save it for later? What comes first? And more importantly, what comes later?

I smiled as she released my arm and moved in front of me, her hand still firmly on my cock. Looking into my eyes, she grabbed my hair again, pulling my head backward and down, aligning my face with her breasts.

Woman: Lick it.

Moving to lick her nipple, she pulled my head back.

Woman: Softly.

I smiled, restraining my eagerness and softly licked her nipple. They were spectacular and hardened from the room's cold air. She moaned lightly as I delicately licked her nipples, moving my head from one to the other as she pleased. Wanting to add some spice, I playfully bit one of them.

Smack. Her hand found the side of my face.

Woman: Did I ask you to use your teeth?

I shook my head to indicate a negative response.

Her hand slapped the side of my face once more.

Woman: Not doing as you're told gets you punished.

I smiled. Despite the initial shock of the slap, it was clear that I found pleasure in it. She pushed me toward the bed, upsetting my balance and making me sit on it. Swiftly turning around, she bent over, enticingly moving her ass in front of my face.

Woman: Kiss it.

Without hesitation, I leaned forward and kissed her leather-clad ass as she swayed her cheeks from side to side. Her hand reached backward, seizing my head and forcing my face into her ass.

Woman: Do you like that?

I nodded, my face firmly planted in her ass.

Woman: Good boy.

Bending down further, almost touching the ground, she turned around, pulling my head back, then forward into her crotch firmly.

Mmmmm, she moaned, rubbing her leather-clad pussy on my face.

She pulled my head backward, bringing us face to face, passionately kissing me with drive. Our tongues intertwined as our mouths explored each other. The tingling sensation of a deep kiss overwhelmed me. Her hand rubbed my cock as we kissed.

I felt her teeth bite my lip. Opening our eyes, she smiled. Her teeth were still on my lip as she tightened her grip on my cock, causing a slight cringe of pain. She let go of both simultaneously, smiled, and then gently slapped my face again, rubbing it to soothe the pain.

She pushed me backward on the bed as she climbed on, standing above me. Looking up into her eyes, I saw a smile of erotic mischief. I was ready for whatever she had in store for me. Placing one foot on my chest, she reached down to the zipper between her legs, slowly releasing it. From the front to the back, she unveiled her beautifully manicured pussy between the leather and the zipper. Her foot dropped from my chest to the side as she descended to her knees, pinning my outreached hands to the bed. Her now-wet pussy centred on my chest, just inches away from my mouth.

As I moved my face upwards and forward towards her pussy, I felt her hand slap across my face again, sending a tingling sensation from cheek to cheek. The smile on her face reminded me that it wasn't my choice what was to occur as I dropped my head back to the bed, submitting to her.

Still pinned to the bed, she moved forward over the top of me, and I watched as her pussy hovered above, slowly lowering her body onto my face, teasingly and softly.

Woman: Lick it.

Following her command, I began to slowly lick her pussy, savouring the delicious taste. She was already so wet, and as she rubbed her pussy on my face, my nose pressed against her clit, and my tongue explored inside her. She moved with a gentle and deliberate pace, orchestrating the rhythm that pleased her. My face became a tool for her pleasure, and I could hear her moans of delight as she moved back and forth on my face. I could feel her hand joining in the stimulation. The more she rubbed, the faster her movements became, her pussy gliding up and down my face, my tongue catering to her desires.

Her moans intensified, and her motions quickened. It was evident that her pleasure was reaching new heights as my face received an intense workout from her pussy. She rubbed vigorously, releasing a scream of ecstasy, letting herself squirt into my mouth and all over my face. I was surprised and elated, eagerly welcoming every drop that burst from her.

She lifted herself from my face, allowing me to catch my breath, and looked down at me.

Woman: Oh wow..

Her breath was heavy. I was drenched, but there was no complaint from me. It was an incredible experience; something I had only seen in videos before. I was incredibly turned on, craving more. The thoughts racing through my mind begged her not to stop. I wanted to taste her, feel her squirt on me again, all over my face and in my mouth. The thrill of it all happening overwhelmed me; I simply wanted more.

She smiled and lowered her pussy back to my face, silently directing me to lick it, and without a word spoken, I obeyed. I licked up every inch, from inside to out, and she seemed to approve.

Once again, she lifted herself from my face, looking back down at me.

Woman: Mmmm, you are a good boy, aren't you?

I smiled up at her as she lifted off me, turning around with her pussy back in front of my face. I felt her hand firmly grasp my cock, which was as hard as a rock. Leaning forward, she licked it, pushing her pussy back into my mouth. Taking the initiative, I followed her wishes, licking her pussy while feeling her warm lips around the head of my cock.

She expertly sucked on my cock, her lips moving up and down my shaft. It extended further and further into her mouth, sliding into her throat, causing her to choke, willingly making herself choke on my cock. It felt amazing. Once again, I found myself focusing on licking her clit, entwining every part of it with my tongue, eager to hear her moans of pleasure. Simultaneously, I felt her hand move down to her pussy, beginning to rub it.

As I continued to lick, the more fervently she sucked my cock, matching the intensity with her hand until, once again, she erupted, dousing my face and filling my mouth with ecstasy. The experience was extraordinary, her release, the shivers, the moans of pleasure—I relished every moment. Once more, I willingly cleaned her pussy with my tongue, harbouring no complaints.

Once satisfied with my efforts, she lifted herself again, this time lowering onto my hard, erect cock. It slid effortlessly into her pussy as she rode it up and down, revelling in its girth. The sensations were overwhelming, and I felt as if my head might explode as she indulged in a slow fuck. Looking down at my face, she grasped it firmly.

Woman: Do you like this? Do you?

I nodded in agreement.

Woman: Don’t cum!

It was a challenging command to follow, given her actions. I controlled my breathing, taking deep, measured breaths. The tight embrace of her pussy around my cock felt sublime as I watched her breasts bounce on her chest while she glided up and down on me.

Woman: Don't you dare cum!

She leaned forward, delivering a slap to my face, then seizing it.

Woman: Don't cum!

The unexpected slap diverted my attention momentarily from the intense sensation of her riding me, and she let out a yell.

Woman: OOOHHH My God!

She came on my cock, still bouncing on it before clamping her legs tightly, shivering in ecstasy. My cock remained hard and nestled within her. She leaned forward again, gripping my face.

Woman: Good boy.

It was an entirely novel experience for me. Never before had I engaged in sex without reaching climax. She left me craving more as she dismounted from my cock. Looking down, I observed her juices covering my shaft. She flipped around, assuming the 69 position, and proceeded to lick and suck my cock once more. This woman was extraordinary, and I found myself thoroughly enjoying the encounter. She knew what she desired and seized control.

Sitting upright, she elevated herself slightly above my face. Her hands moved to her ass cheeks as she parted them, lowering her ass to my mouth.

Woman: How about you lick this as well?

The prospect of licking a woman's ass was unfamiliar territory for me. While I had received such attention and relished it, I had never reciprocated. In a fleeting moment of self-reassurance, I thought, "If it's okay to have it done to me, it must be okay to do it." Her ass, clean and inviting, received my tentative tongue around the rim. I stretched out towards her, licking it softly as she moaned in pleasure. The more she vocalised her enjoyment, the more fervently and deeply I licked. My tongue danced in and out of her ass as I felt her rubbing her pussy again. The erotic thrill of hearing her delight in my actions fueled my desire to prolong the experience. Around her rim, in and out, I licked until her pussy once again exploded all over my chest, her body shivering with excitement as she squirted all over me.

Fascinated, I found myself ensnared in a realm of surrender and dominance. With adept mastery, she manipulated a whip, leaving me invigorated and yielding. The shift in power dynamics, a departure from my customary experiences, intensified the encounter. Her authority grew as she directed me through an array of actions, ultimately culminating in her experiencing repeated climaxes that surpassed my expectations. Content and spellbound, she lifted off me, leaving me yearning for further exploration.

I reclined on the bed, naked, my arousal lingering while she rose and stepped away. Her legs trembled from the pleasure she had just experienced as she settled onto the sofa. Glancing up at her, I observed an alluring yet mischievous smile on her face.

Woman: Oh, I'm not done with you.

Returning a smile, I remained uncertain about the forthcoming events, but I was completely engaged in the upcoming chapter of her thrilling sensual exploration.

After sipping on some water, she leaned down to retrieve her bag of sensual surprises, wearing that wickedly erotic smile once more.

Woman: I'm going to demonstrate how I like to pleasure a man.

Intrigued, I was all in for whatever she had in mind. The bag landed on the bed, and she pulled out a slim vibrator, about 3 cm thick and about 20 cm long, turning it on to set it vibrating in her hand. Bringing it toward my erect member, she placed the vibrator between my shaft and her hand, creating an instantly pleasurable sensation. Leaning forward, she took both the vibrator and my cock into her mouth, skillfully sucking on both. I struggled to restrain myself as she abruptly pulled away.

Moving the vibrator down to my balls, she elicited another wave of pleasure by rubbing it up and down.

Woman: Turn over.

Following her instructions, I rolled onto my stomach.

Woman: Lift your ass in the air.

Once again complying, she shifted the vibrator slowly from my balls to my buttocks. I felt at ease and thoroughly enjoyed the experience as her tongue traced the contours of my rear. Her skillful movements continued for what seemed like an hour, and I surrendered completely to her desires.

The sound of a cap being opened reached my ears, and then a cool lubricant was applied to my backside. The vibrator now explored the skin around my ass, delivering delightful sensations. I questioned why I had never tried this before.

As she massaged me opening with the vibrator, her hand found my still erect cock beneath me, moving up and down. The vibrator's head became slightly heavier at the entrance to my ass, and she began inserting it slowly. The pleasure from the sensation suppressed my urge to climax, but I remained intensely aroused by the unfolding experience.

Woman: Does that feel good?

I nodded in affirmation.

Woman: Good boy... I'll take it slow.

Gradually, she worked the vibrator in and out, each movement going a bit deeper, introducing me to sensations I had never known. Her movements were fluid as she moved around me, alternating between sucking my cock and continuing the rhythmic insertion of the vibrator. She playfully smacked my buttocks and expressed her enjoyment audibly. I had never anticipated that this type of exploration would ignite such arousal, and I found myself revelling in every act she had performed throughout the day.

I relished the sensation of her using the vibrator on me for a while. Then, I sensed her repositioning beneath me, aligning her breasts with my erect member. I raised my body to accommodate her, and she continued the rhythmic use of the vibrator on me. My cock pulsed with anticipation, signalling my imminent climax. She had a plan for when and where that release would happen.

With most of the vibrator now inside me, her lubricated hand began to gently stroke my cock. Knowing I wouldn't last long, having been brought to the edge multiple times that evening, I braced myself for what was to come.

Woman: Now you're going to cum on my breasts.

Feeling a mix of relief, excitement, and hesitation, I desperately wanted to cum, sensing the impending burst of release. Yet, I didn't want this intimate moment to conclude. Not now, not yet. Her grip tightened on my cock as she continued to stroke it. There was no resisting the powerful combination of the vibrating sensation in my ass and her wet, slippery hand on my cock. I moaned loudly, unable to hold back, as my cock erupted, releasing white cum all over her breasts.

Woman: Oh yes, babe… yes.

Beneath me, she revelled in the moment, watching as I blew a big load of cum on her breasts, and the lingering sensation of orgasm pulsed through my body. Meanwhile, the vibrator in her hand continued its rhythmic movement in and out of my ass.

Woman: Oh, that's just delicious.

I was exhausted, basking in the euphoria of feeling incredibly satisfied. I sensed her hands urging me to lift off, and I complied, allowing her to sit up. With one finger, she spread it over her breasts, looking at me with a smile. She had accomplished her goal. Her hand seized my hair, compelling me to sit up on the bed. As my head tilted backward, she whispered in my ear,

Woman: Lick it up.

She then directed my face to her breast, where I followed her request, licking every drop off her. The joy on her face was evident, and her objective was fulfilled.

We spent the next few hours fucking in various positions, transitioning from firm to gentle. However, the memory of the foreplay has stayed with me, an experience like none I had encountered before.

To say the encounter was eye-opening would be an understatement. Her uninhibited control and expertly executed desires left an indelible mark on my perspective. It was a journey into uncharted territory, where pleasure and submission danced hand in hand, revealing a side of intimacy I never knew existed.

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