Long time longing

A Fantasy


I don’t remember much of the drive to Liam’s. I’m sure I’m not that drunk but the journey is a blur. I’m not sure what’s going on. Not the situation—me.
I’ve never been turned on like this before. I start grabbing Liam on the way up to his apartment and even though he shows surprise, he doesn’t stop me.
When we get inside he makes us a drink and we sit down on the couch. I don’t even sip my drink once. We look into each other’s eyes; have a moment of awkward silence and I decide the only way to break it is to kiss him.

Then it’s on.

Liam’s hands are hard on me as he pushes me back on to the couch. I feel wound up with anticipation, so much so that I don’t want to just lay back. I want to ravish every inch of him with the palms of my hands. And my tongue.

I’m too drunk to have that much purpose. I just giggle as his hands push me into the sofa, the soft cushions swallowing me as my weight falls on them.
I feel him running his hands down my legs, caressing me around the ankles with his fingers before grazing his nails back up my shins. When he slides up my thighs, I feel a shiver right up my spine that makes my clit burn and my pussy ache.

He leans over me, pulling his shirt out of his pants. When he goes for his belt, he loses balance and almost falls on me, holding himself up with one hand as we both start laughing.
“Maybe we’re too drunk.” He says forlornly.
“Speak for yourself.” I reach down into the small gap he’s made between the fly and button and pull his throbbing cock out. His spine goes straight, and he almost jumps off the couch completely.

With quick fingers I get the pants open and slide down. With a bit of wriggling, I get my face level with his cock, smiling in satisfaction.
“What are you—Oh!” He gasps as my lips wrap around the swollen head. I don’t have much reach from this angle, and he’s still trapped in his pants, but I’m hungry for this big, hard thing, so much so that my mouth is watering almost as much as my pussy.
I suck as much of him into my mouth as I can, sneaking my hands across his hips to reach around and dig my fingers into his ass cheeks. He lifts his hips away for a second then leans towards me, groaning. I encourage him deeper, pressing with my hands and he thrusts into me, forcing my head deeper into the soft cushions.

Moans slip around my lips as I try to swallow him whole. I can hear him gasping as he thrusts, clearly trying to be gentle but unable to stop his body reacting.

With one sneaky hand, I find a bit of room and reach through to squeeze his balls. He shudders, sighing, hips going completely loose. His cock rides all the way down to the back of my throat and hits it, smothering another hungry moan.
After a few more minutes he sits up, climbing off me. He collapses into sitting position on the sofa, red faced and nearly panting.
I slither up towards him, working on the buttons of my blouse. He watches me wide eyed as I fling it behind me, pull up my skirt and sink down onto his lap.

We look into each other’s eyes as I settle there, holding his shoulders. He reaches down with one hand and holds his cock steady. I wriggle up and down a little, feeling the hot, swollen head pressing on my clit. It makes the ache in my pussy so bad I have to blink and lower my head, gripping his shoulders.
When I open my eyes, he’s staring straight into mine. His small smile is full of wonder and awe. It makes me feel a bit more than horny, triggering something deep inside that makes me ache even more.
I slide myself down, moving slowly so I don’t break the eye contact. His hands run over my ass, my hips then up to my waist. He reaches behind me and unclips the bra with one flick of his fingers.
I lean back a bit for him to pull it off and he does it slowly, lingering his fingers around the edges of the satin and lace before tugging it away. His hands come around to cup my breasts immediately, rough palms on my soft skin, fingers teasing at my nipples.
Using my grip around his neck I lean back, pushing his cock deeper inside me. He buries his face in my breasts, nipping with his teeth and trying to suck my nipples into his mouth as I start to writhe.
I’ve hit a sweet spot now and it doesn’t really matter what he does for the next few seconds. I push down hard with my hips, thrusting as hard as I can to keep his hard cock pressed against my g spot. Just as I’m about to come he puts a finger down and teases my clit.
My knees come up, hugging his ribs. I can hear myself crying out as the orgasm rocks through me. My legs loosen as the orgasm rolls through my spin, leaving me hanging around his neck, hair plastered to my forehead.
It’s like being on a rolling wave, and he’s the only safe, solid thing to hold on to. I pull myself against his chest, curling up against him.
He rocks me back and forth, cock still hard and hot inside me. My pussy, so warm and relaxed from the orgasm, starts to clench around him as my arousal builds again.

He holds my arms gently, pushing me back so he can look into my eyes.
“You’re amazing.” He whispers.
All I can manage is a lazy grin. I lean in and kiss him, our mouths hot and wet as we search into each other’s mouths. I try to bring him even closer to me by pulling on his neck and shoulders. He runs his hands up my back and pulls me hard against him, my breasts rubbing on his chest as we squirm against each other.

When I lean back, breathless, he starts on his shirt buttons. I try to help but I’m so relaxed from the orgasm—and still a bit drunk—that I don’t do much helping. We giggle at each other as our hands fumble the buttons, breaking more than a few.
He leans forward to pull his arms out and I hang on to his neck as he slides back, pulling off the shirt. Now when I pull myself close there is only hot skin on skin, getting slicked with sweat and slippery with lust.

He reaches up to kiss me and as I lean down into his mouth, I have my first coherent thought—this is the most intense sex I’ve ever had. Even drunk and fumbling, there is something about this that strikes me deeper than ever before.
When I pull back and open my eyes, he’s looking intently into me again. The deep green of his eyes holds a look so bare and vulnerable; it touches me. It’s like my pussy and my heart are connected and seeing him look into me like that has opened me up inside, making me wetter and hornier than I’ve ever been.

He picks me up by the waist and pushes me to the side, back on to the sofa. I slide forward on to my front and the couch undulates like a storm ridden sea. I feel him getting up on his knees and running his fingers down my back, cupping my ass cheeks with his hands. He strokes the backs of my legs, drags his fingertips down and then back again.

It’s like being worshipped, the way he savors every inch of my skin. The way he alternates pressure between light grazes and firm scratches has my body singing. When he starts rubbing over my ass cheeks and crack, I swing up on to my knees, pointing my pussy at him.
I feel him take hold of my hips and lean into my cunt with a desperate moan. His tongue delves deep inside me and his lips brush against my clit. Moans come shuddering out of me and my head goes down into the pillow as I try to stifle them.
He pulls my hips back into his face, curling one arm around my leg to keep me still while his tongue flicks inside. I rock back and forth; lost on the sensations he’s making.

I start to come again, clenching and aching deep in my pussy. He holds both legs tight, strong arms bulging as he holds me still. He eats into my pussy like his tongue is going to find the orgasm and eat it right out of me.
Now I can’t stifle my moans. I throw my head back and gasp at the ceiling, screams getting caught in my throat as the orgasm stretches out, shuddering through me and drenching Liam’s face. He moans happily, dragging my ass up towards him so he can eat my juices out of me, reaching deeper with every lick of his tongue.


I’ve got my face buried in Hayley’s pussy, my tongue reaching into her sweet, juicy folds, and I still can’t believe I’m fucking her.
I’ve fantasized about her for years. I guess it’s always the way with your best friends’ sister. No matter how hot she is, you have to respect your bro and not hit on her. It’s just not cool.

But she tastes ten times better than I thought she would. I’m so deep in her cunt I feel like I can’t find my way out, but my cock is begging for its way in.
I come up for air, holding her legs tight. She moans and lets her hips rise up with me, bending her back. I set her down gently and she swings on her knees, teasing me with her wide-open pussy and slick, tight asshole.
I rub my hands over her ass cheeks, teasing the hole with my thumbs. She leans back into me, and I push a bit harder, making her groan into the cushions.

I’m tempted by her ass. But it’s her pussy my cock is crying out for.
As I steady her with a hand on her hip, I guide my cock up with my other hand. As the head parts her lips she lets out a long, loud moan. It just gets louder as I slide in, inch by inch, her pussy fighting me every step of the way even though she’s wet and open.
When our bodies finally touch, I push my hips forward, leaning into her. I can feel her pussy gripping me, clenching, up and down the shaft. Suddenly her pussy grabs me even tighter and I fall forward against her, gasping. When she throws her head back to press her cheek to mine, she laughs, and I know she just clamped me on purpose.

I have to wait a few seconds before I can breathe again. Black spots dance across my vision. Too much blood running out of my head all at once.
I sit up slowly, feeling how deep I am inside Hayley. She waits for me to grip her hips then lowers her head down. Her ass comes right up, and I see my thick, hard cock parting her juicy pink lips and I think I’m going to pass out again.

I grab her ass cheeks, rubbing my fingers close to the hole as I start to thrust. I make my strokes incredibly slow so I can see the edges of her pussy lips hungrily devouring my cock. I love how she moans as I pull away, like she’s hurting inside, then the little yelp of joy when I slam back inside.
I start to speed up, just a little, still enjoying the show. I could carry on like this for a while, even with Hayley screwing her hips from side to side and pushing against me, but then she screams at me.

“Faster Liam! Thrash me!”
I’ve never had a woman give me an order like that before.
It’s so fucking hot.

My hips start to buck without my conscious will. I’m slamming our bodies together so hard and fast I can see her jerking underneath me. I reach forward and grab her shoulder, keeping her tight against me, caught between hand and cock.
As my hips thrust harder into her and I drive against the pressure of my own hand on her shoulder she starts to scream. I can feel her pussy trembling in a way it hasn’t before, deeper and harder and in a rushing, trembling pattern.

I slide my hand around and finger her pussy, pressing her clit between my fingers. Her scream chokes off as she buck and writhes, held on my cock and by my two hands. She’s a wet, shuddering puddle, nothing but silk and sweetness in my grip.
Her pussy quakes violently, clamping around my cock and getting hotter and wetter. As the orgasm rushes through her and leaves rivers of goosebumps dancing down her back, she falls forward, completely limp. She’s not making any noise and her breathing sounds low and heavy.
I pull out of her and crawl on my knees along the floor until I can see her face. Her cheeks are flushed red, and she hangs in damp strings.
“Hayley?” I ask quietly.

One eye opens, then the other. Then she grins, wide and satisfied. She blinks, rolling over and reaching for me.
“Are you okay?”
“That was amazing!” Her voice is breathy, and she has a dreamy, far off look in her eye. She glances down and sees my huge, purple headed cock and her face falls in dismay.
“No, I thought you came?”
I grin, shaking my head. “He’s hardly whet his appetite yet.” Sure, it was close a couple of times, but she doesn’t need to know that.
It’s not like this has ever happened to me before. She’s just so fucking hot. I can’t believe how much she’s affecting me.
Literally, the best sex I’ve ever had.
She drags herself over to the edge of the couch, sitting up a little.
“Get on your knees.” She whispers.
I do, sidling up to the couch. She sinks down in the soft cushions and leans towards me. Lightly gripping my hips, she puts her lips on the head of my cock.

A strangled sound escapes me as she gently licks and presses with her lips. She takes her time, running the tip of her tongue around every edge and crease. She opens her mouth just a little wider on every lick, teasing my cock in and out of her mouth.
\When she swallows me, it’s slow. Just like sliding into her hot, tight pussy. Her lips creep down the edges. Her tongue strokes the shaft on the way down. The head of my cock moves slowly down her throat until it slides home right to the end.
She doesn’t move and neither do I. I can’t—I feel like I’ve been shot. As she starts to suck and lick, I can’t help it, I start moving my hips back and forth, just a little.

She wraps her hands around my ass cheeks, tilts her head back and opens her mouth wide.
I look down at her beautiful face, eyes half closed, little smile at the edges of her mouth even while its stretched around my cock. I can’t believe its Hayley wrapped around my cock right now. I’ve dreamed of this for so long.
And she’s better than any dream. She’s real.

As she goes loose in my hands, I put one hand on her head and start thrusting my cock down her throat. I start slowly, drawing my cock in and out until I feel her relax. As she leans into me, letting me take control, I let my hips go.
My grip on her head is gentle but my cock is not—it can’t be, not now. I hear a ragged groan coming out of me as my cock seems to blow in stages, a long, drawn out orgasm that leaves me shuddering and empty.
Hayley just keeps sucking. As my cum shoots out she wraps her lips around the head and licks the head, making sure to not spill a drop. When she’s done, she keeps sucking, moving up and down the shaft. As I shiver and buckle from the knees she looks up and grins.
She opens her arms and I crawl up onto the sofa beside her. I put my arm around her shoulder and pull her close to me. She slips her hands around my waist and presses her cheek to my chest.

I’ve still got my pants caught somewhere between my knees and ankles. Hayley is wearing only her skirt. My fingers and arms and face are sticky, and Hayley isn’t much better.
I let out a small, contented laugh. She looks up at me, eyes wide and serious. Instantly I’m worried I did something wrong.
“Are you okay?”
She nods slowly, licking her lip.
“You looked very serious, for a second there.”
She grins. “Sorry. Didn’t mean to give you a scare. I was just thinking… I’ve never felt this way before. You made my body sing.”
“Mine too.” I answer, surprised. I’ve never really thought about how women feel during or after sex. I suppose they have a good time—they sound like they do.

But having Hayley tell me something like that, well, it hits me right in the heart as well as the cock.
Just looking at her eyes and her lips, watching her face turn cheeky, I can feel my cock getting hard again, straight away.
She gives it a sidelong glance and laughs.
“We do have work to do, you know!”

“I suppose we do,” I answer with a sigh. “But I’m not sure how to break it to my cock.”
Hayley bursts out laughing. If this is what working with her is like, I’ll be at it with a passion. Try and stop me.

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