My New Best Mate

A Fantasy

I started talking with a guy from my local pub. A guy that I hadn't seen before.

We got talking about women...then our cock sizes...and I was impressed when he said that he was pretty thick with nearly 8 inches. But I was disappointed to hear that he was straight, and straight only.

He visited us often, as he didn't know anyone in the area, and was also single, so he was bored at home.

He quickly became pretty good mates with us. Coming over for dinner a few nights a week...watching was like having a new room mate.

Then one night, I had to start work at 6am, so I went to bed early.

I had been asleep, but awoke, so I reached across to feel that my wife was not in bed. I grabbed my phone and saw that it was still only 10:18pm.

Then I noticed that the television was quite loud, so I creeped out to ask my wife to turn it down.

I snuck out to the lounge room, and stood there in shock, as I watched his bare arse going up and down, his balls slapping her arse. My wife's legs were up nice and high either side of him, the flat of her feet horizontal to the ceiling, while he fucked her.

I snuck back into bed, and laid down. I couldn't help but smirk...

After this night, I plan to have him over quite a bit. I think I'll continue going to bed a bit earlier, only I want to lay in bed and wank from now on, while he fucks her on the lounge. But I'm sure he'll visit her while I'm at work too.

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