No Tease Toyboy

A Fantasy

Rachel had had enough.

After another fight with her fat, lazy husband – over money, as usual – she had fucked off. It wasn’t something she usually did. Indeed, she usually cried into the sink washing his fucking dishes and sorting his smelly socks.

He usually fucked off to Bill’s where he told horrid lies about her. So horrid, in fact, Bill’s wife Jess had stopped talking to her.

This time, instead of running into the kitchen crying, she grabbed his bottle of whiskey, skulled half of it and ran out the door.

A bus had arrived at the corner and she jumped on. Her phone was in her pocket. ID card and cash all tucked safely inside. Really, all she needed was the phone itself. What with easy pay and all.

Sitting on the bus, watching the lights slide by, she had no idea what she was doing. Maybe she belonged in the kitchen crying. Jackson always told her she was fucking useless – maybe he was right.

When the spinning lights of a club spun by, she found herself getting off. Walking inside. She was only dressed in jeans and a T shirt, but security just nodded as she went in.

It was dark, barely lit. A fucking dive. She hung by the bar and by the dancefloor. She got hit on a bit. Her long brown hair, slim build and huge tits meant she was never short of attention.

But every single one of these fuckers gave her the same vibe as Jackson.

She could smell it reeking off them. They wanted to DO her. They wanted to GET into her. Boozy breath and clumsy hands. Only wanting to use her body for their own ejaculation. Then they’d wander off as nature intended, most likely not satisfied, but looking for another hole to fuck.

She started getting depressed. The high of the whiskey was wearing off. The lights of the club and the pounding music were giving her a headache. She headed for the bathrooms. She splashed cold water on her face, combed her long, silky hair with her fingers.

She stepped out into the dark hall. To the left was the depressing dancefloor. To the right, a corridor leading to the back exit.

She headed out to the green sign. Stepping out into the alley she took a deep, cool breath. She instantly felt better, but where was she to go? Really, she had no choice but to get home and start those damn dishes. Maybe if she got there soon, Jackson wouldn’t yell so much in the morning.

A sudden flicker of movement from the shadows shocked her still. A young man lurched out, lighting a cigarette. She was still, like a rabbit sensing a fox. Any drama and she would bolt inside.

The fellow was swearing quietly under his breath. The closer she looked the more she realised how young he was. Pale skinned with lovely bulging arms. Reddish brown hair falling in a soft shock across the forehead. He wore all black – loose singlet and tight jeans.

As he looked up, she saw his eyes were a gorgeous, pale brown. Almost like a lion.

He looked her over, not seeming to see her. He drew on the cigarette, petulant look on his face.

Rachel realised she was not just a boring 32-year-old housewife right now. She could be anything she wanted to be.

“What are you doing out here, cutie?” She asked, voice coming out deep and smooth. Way more confident than she felt.

He looked up, then back down.

“Fuckers wouldn’t take my ID. I just turned 18. They said I was too young. It had to be fake.” He looked down at the asphalt, finishing his smoke.

She sashayed towards him, feeling a twist of anxiety in her stomach. God, he was cute.

“I could make your night honey.” She whispered.

He looked up, appraising her body. She saw that look steal across his face – sexual longing, possibility – but he quickly looked down again.

“You’re just a tease, like all the rest.”

She knelt in front of him where he sat on the gutter.

“I’m no tease, toy boy. I’m not a fucking girl. I’m a woman. I know how to fuck. Ever been fucked? Or do those bitchy little princesses expect you to do all the fucking?”

Rachel had no idea where this shit was coming from. She had never felt like this before.

He looked up into her eyes, confusion and wonder all at once. Without waiting for a response, she grabbed his shoulders and pushed him back. She tore at his pants. His cock jumped out, already almost hard. It was bigger than Jacksons by far and much better presented against his slim belly.

She didn’t hesitate. She plunged her head down and swallowed it.

He gasped. She felt his hand hover over the back of her head and hesitantly move away. He started to make a series of harsh, small sounds as she slowly worked up and down, flicking with her tongue and sucking as hard as she could.

The public place, his youthful innocence, the daring, the courage, the domination. Rachel could feel herself getting wet like a fucking waterfall. She squirmed against her jeans, bracing against his knees as she devoured his cock.

She felt him getting harder. His hands whispered around her head again, instinctually wanting to force her head down and rock his hips. But he didn’t dare.

She gripped his thighs and growled as she sucked him all the way down her throat. His legs started to tremble.

“I’m gonna… I’m gonna…” He choked the words out and she grabbed his balls and stroked them, then squeezed them.

His cock pumped as he came, and she kept sucking. He fell back on the pavement, legs jerking like he was having a seizure. She kept sucking until she was sure she had every drop of cum he had to give. Then she sat up slowly, smiling wide.

He looked up, cheeks red.

She tore off her top. Her tits were barely restrained by the old lacy bra and she tore that off too, opening her jeans. He lunged off the ground like a tiger, shuffling them both forward until they slammed against the brick wall. His pants fell around his ankles and she wiggled desperately, held against the wall by his strong arms.

Finally, she got one leg out of the jeans and whipped one leg up to wrap both around his waist. He slammed forward, cock going straight into her hot, slick pussy. God, he was hard again already.

He pinned her against the wall, hands under her armpits. He devoured her tits, thrusting with his hips. Rachel flung herself back against the cold wall, cries of joy bursting out of her with every slam of her ass against the hard wall.

He moved his hands up, arms bulging as he held her. Growling like a big cat he thrust harder, slamming her. Rachel twisted, squirming, gasping as her pussy started pulsing. He did not let up. Harder, faster he rammed her. Her hips slapped the wall, her ass felt like it was getting spanked. She wrapped her arms around his shoulders as he started to bite her nipples.

Shuddering sighs ripped out of her as his hard, young cock kept thrashing her pussy. The orgasm did not peak and die, no, it kept shuddering, kept spurting juice. A wail of need and release tore out of her mouth as she came over and over again.

With every squeeze of her pussy the young man gasped, thrusting harder. His eyes looked up, so surprised.

“You’re fucking amazing!” He cried. “Your pussy is fucking incredible! I’ve never fucked anyone like you. “

“Oh-oh-oh...” Rachel’s hips heaved, and her stomach went tight as a clitoral orgasm joined the pulsing string of multiple deep orgasms. Arms and legs wrapped around him in a fierce death grip she leaned over his shoulder and howled.

She felt his cock pumping and spurting as he cried out, a series of short, sharp grunts. For a few minutes he pressed her against the wall, both of them going limp and loose, sweaty and slippery. They fell apart slowly, sinking into the gutter.

For a few moments Rachel sat on the cold hard ground, trembling as she wound up her jeans and started rolling them back on. He had pulled up his pants and sheathed his cock – seriously, how did they do that so fast – and got out another cigarette.

He looked up at her in wonder, eyes sparkling. The red blush of his cheeks made him look young and vulnerable. A tasty treat. She grinned at him as she pulled her bra and shirt back on.

He regained his breath, running a hand through his sweaty hair.

“I don’t even know your name.” He whispered.

She leaned over and kissed him, lingering just a little on his sweet lips. She leaned over and nibbled his ear, just a little bit.

“I told you, I’m no tease, toy boy.”

Then she turned and walked up the alley towards the street, not even looking back.

Going home to pack a few things, then walk the fuck out. For good.

If she hurried, she’d be gone before Jackson got back drunk and angry.

He could go fuck himself. She wouldn’t be, not ever again.

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