Work trip

A True Story

While working away filming a show in Sydney, the days felt never-ending. However, this time, we were fortunate enough to stay in an exceptionally luxurious hotel with a breathtaking view of the Opera House. I had the opportunity to collaborate closely with an attractive producer who had a sharp sense of style, and our professional chemistry was undeniable. As the rest of the crew had wrapped up and gone home, we found ourselves needing to put in an extra day to capture some additional shots.

One evening, after a long day of work, we decided to meet for dinner in the lobby. We enjoyed a delightful meal and indulged in a few glasses of wine. The conversation flowed naturally, and we discussed the usual topics like our partners, kids, and other everyday matters. At one point, she returned from the bathroom and surprised me by sitting down beside me in the booth-style seating. To my astonishment, a seductive red lace g-string had been discreetly placed on my lap, creating a moment of complete surprise and intrigue.

I casually placed it in my pocket, and without uttering a single word, I took her hand in mine, leading her directly towards the waiting elevator. As the elevator doors closed behind us, the tension reached its peak, and we were engulfed in a whirlwind of passion and desire. I pressed her petite form firmly against the wall, and our lips met in a passionate kiss. The intensity was electrifying, and our hearts raced with desire.

We reached my room, which was strewn with camera equipment from our week of work. Leading her to the bed, I gently pushed her to lie in the centre. All week, she had been the one directing, but now it was my turn to take charge. Taking my place at her feet, I adopted a commanding tone and instructed her to lift her dress, allowing me to witness her sensually caress her intimate area.

Her intimate display was captivating, featuring delicate, lasered lips and a small strip of pubic hair above. Our eyes remained locked as her hand moved to her eagerly moistened pussy. With her first touch, her head tilted back, and her mouth opened wide in ecstasy. After observing for a minute or two, I stepped away, unnoticed in her self-indulgence. I grabbed one of my cameras, switched it to record, and placed it on a tripod by the bedside. Then, I picked up another smaller camera and returned to the bed to gaze at Amy. Without uttering a word, she paused and gracefully slipped out of her grey business dress, unveiling her splendid figure in all its captivating splendour. Slowly, she crawled over to me, her gaze locking onto the camera lens in my hands, and a mischievous smile played on her lips. With a sensuous movement, she unzipped my trousers, revealing my erect, sun-kissed manhood, pulsating with desire.

Running her nose along the length of my shaft, she inhaled deeply, savouring its scent. With deliberate care, she took her time, exploring every inch of my throbbing member. Then, as if a switch had been flipped, Amy's demeanour changed in an instant. She erupted into action, passionately engulfing my throbbing member. Her movements were intense, as she spit, slurped, and even gagged while taking me in, one hand through my legs gripping my arse and pulling me deeper into her, and the other expertly gliding up and down my pulsating shaft.

The sight was nothing short of magnificent. As I gazed down at her, my eyes travelled from her dainty feet to her arching back, ultimately landing on her mouth, which was now dripping with desire as she eagerly devoured my powerful cock. After a few moments of pure ecstasy, I gently instructed her to roll over, letting her head hang off the edge of the bed. I leaned over her and ran my free hand down her stomach, finally reaching her warm, sweet love nest. I focused the camera tightly on my hand, which was now gently rubbing and sensually fingering her soaking wet pussy. She, in turn, was lavishing attention on my balls and arse, heightening the intensity of the moment. Unable to resist any longer, I set the camera down and scooped Amy into my arms, carrying her towards the window.

I placed her down and turned her to face the breathtaking twinkling city lights and the majestic Opera House. Lifting one of her legs, I slid my throbbing tanned shaft deep inside her from behind. Her perky breasts pressed against the cool window glass as I thrust vigorously, kissing her neck and pulling her hair while my lengthy member delved into her tight, soaked core.

As her legs gave way, I held her up, continuing to passionately explore the depths of her desire. Her body trembled with pure ecstasy, and the sensation of her intimate muscles gripping my cock pushed me over the edge. I climaxed intensely.

With our hearts racing and our breaths heavy, I withdrew from her, leaving a trail of warm cum in its wake. We spent the remainder of the night indulging in each other's desires and passions. It's safe to say that it was one of my most memorable work trips, filled with intense pleasure and exploration.