After dinner desert

A True Story

After a quiet dinner and a couple of drinks, you're still sitting at the table and I stand up behind you and start to massage your neck and shoulders. After a couple of minutes, I feel all the tension release and so as I slowly slide my hands down the front of your top over your beautiful breasts, I hear a little sigh and so I slip my hands inside your top and your nipples are hard.

I get you to stand up so that I can get my hands under your top and release your bra so that I can caress your breasts, my hands covering your nipples. As I touch them a little groan escapes from your lips as I squeeze them. They feel so good, and my cock is getting harder by the second. I feel you lean back and slide your hand around between us as you rub my cock through my trousers. It feels good as you squeeze it gently. I ask you to bend forward and rest your hands on the table as I lift your skirt up and pull down your undies. Now both my hands are stroking your buttocks and I ask you to open your legs wide as I slip one hand between your legs and find your hot wet pussy. So I gently slide my fingers up and down your pussy lips and you are beginning to get really excited now. My fingers are covered in your pussy juices, so I slide them in a little further and I can hear your breathing get a little faster, so I stop and get you to turn around.

You turn and rub my cock as you undo my belt, pull down the zipper and pull it out. It's covered in precum, and you start to rub it, it feels so good. I'm sucking your nipples as you rub my cock, and my hand finds its way back you your hot wet pussy. I love the feeling as I slide my fingers into that wet pussy and you love it. So I lift you up onto the table and push you back gently and spread your legs wide. As I slowly lick my way down over your stomach to that beautiful spot between your legs, I can feel the heat and that beautiful aroma that's coming from your super wet pussy. I slide my tongue down and around your clitoris and you let out a little gasp, so I know I'm on the right spot. Slowly licking your shaved pussy and pushing my tongue inside your labia, I get to taste your juices which are all over my mouth. I love that taste and so I start to lick faster and at the same time, start to slide two fingers deep into your pussy. In and out, in and out and I can hear your breathing getting heavier. My tongue tip is on your clit as my hands are now back on your breasts and squeezing your nipples at the same time. This really gets you going, and you start to push your pussy in rhythm with my fingers. Oh my, I just love this and then you grab my head and pull it into your pussy. What more could a guy want but to have his lady so excited and getting near orgasm.