Ladies and Men in the Sharehouse

A Fantasy

So, share house living isn’t often a fun situation, you are possibly living with someone who can’t do their dishes or will finish the last of the milk and never clean. Or every week they are picking up someone and bringing them back to the flat to keep you up all night with moans and creaking beds and you are lying there being grumpy because you are as horny as fuck and going through a dry period.

But James and Katrina had a good situation for now. They had their rooms, and they had their fun. Nights at home on the couch would end up with fingering and hand jobs and then moving onto fucking (but not kissing). They even had a system of rewards, where for Katrina’s birthday James had to give the full body massage from top to toe.

It was Thursday night and James was due down the local for the pub trivia night. He had just gotten out of the shower and was towelling himself off. Katrina had just walked in with her work colleague Grace and James could hear them laughing.

James got dressed and went out, “Hello girls, how are things with you today”

“Mmmm Okay...” said Katrina “We had just been down at the club after work.. It's uh Grace’s Birthday – I suggested to her she gets the same present from you that I got”

James thought his and Katrina’s exploits were just between him and her.

“Grace is the only person I have told”

Grace blushed and smiled at the same time, “I have been told it’s both relaxing and fun”

Grace was a fun girl, but this was something James had never considered a possibility, but was certainly not going to say no.

Massages work well on the chase that comes out from the lounge. Grace took her jeans off so was only in her shirt and underwear.

“I think some privacy is in order Miss” James said to Katrina,

“But I want to watch,” said Katrina

“ok... You can watch – but you need to be wearing what Grace is wearing, it wouldn’t be fair on her being so vulnerable lying on the couch only in her underwear... so pants off”

Katrina slid her jeans off, and was sitting up the end next to where Grace’s head was

James started on Graces shoulders and neck, being able to sit next to her and work his fingers across the shoulders and up against her neck

“I think you are going to have to take your shirt off, it's much better to work my hands directly into your skin, plus I have the moisturiser to use”

So, Grace took her shirt off, and then Katrina did as well what with the rules.

James worked across her shoulders and then down the top of her back, rubbing the moisturiser on his hands then into Graces back, with lots of it adding to the slipperiness.

“I think I better undo this” said James at Grace’s bra clasp and once that was undone, James had free access to her whole back where he could work his way across and down. Strong fingers moving into Grace’s curves and enjoying how she felt. Once he got down to Graces underwear, he able to rub in circles and lower that circle so that his fingers could brush under the elastic just that bit underneath. Moving from the above her knickers to below and rubbing on top of the back of her legs. Again, rubbing in the circles to just a fraction under them.

“I think you should roll over, and I’m going to continue around here” James said

Earlier on the three of them chatted and joked, but the conversation was getting quieter and quieter. James was keeping Grace in the loop as to what he was going to do next, and she had gotten into responding with nothing more than a quiet “yes please”

Grace rolled over, her bra was falling off, so she removed it all together without even thinking about it

James was hard and of course it was noticeable. What was also noticeable was the wet spot in Grace’s knickers. Katrina who was sitting quietly also had a wet spot in her knickers and she was feeling desperate to feel herself. It was her idea for Grace to join them, but right now seeing James sensually massage her friend while his cock was bursting out of his shorts was slightly frustrating. This was hot, she was hot and wanted to be fucked.

Grace on her back opened her legs slightly as James rubbed her thighs, first across the top, but then onto the inside. And then up and slightly underneath her underwear. Katrina saw fit to put aside her frustration to lean into Grace to see how she was going. Grace smiled and for the first time they kissed. To take her mind of the fire in her own underwear Katrina gently tickled Grace’s breasts while they kissed, and the moved her head down so she could lick her nipples. James thought this was a good opportunity to come up to Grace and kiss her as well. While he did that, he caressed her other breast, circling it with his fingers. It got hard instantly.

Grace had lifted her bum and James and Katrina removed her knickers.

James gently moved his hand from her thighs, over her pussy to her belly and the back down. Firstly, gently brushing over Graces smooth pussy but then lining his middle finger up her pussy. Moving it down, over her clit and into her but then bringing out the moistness back up to her clit.

Grace breathed in quickly as James did this. James gently went over the clit lightly with Grace’s self-lubricant. A rhythm was achieved 1, 2, 3, 4 and the dip his finger back into Grace who was starting to breath quick shallow breaths and offer a low whimpering moan.

Katrina had been able to focus herself on kissing Grace, rubbing her skin and sucking her nipples. Her pussy was on fire also but watching her friend in this situation was adding to the situation. She knew the longer she could save it, the more it would be. As a tease, James slid his hand up her thigh but didn’t go any further.

While Katrina kept working Grace over up top, he thought he could add more below. Spreading Graces legs, he added another finger into her pussy and the leaned forward with his mouth to put his tongue on her clit. Grace gave a high pitched “Oh”

James could slide deeper into her pussy with his fingers while he licked. Up and down twice with his tongue for every time he slid his fingers in and out. Grace seemed to like this, and Katrina was able to stop with the licking and watch as she moved her hands around her body. Over her thighs, on her pussy up to her boobs

Grace moaned more and James could feel how hot and how wet she was getting as this was going on. She arched her back and grabbed whatever she could. Pulling Katrina's hand and squeezing as hard as she could, as well as grabbing James on the neck. She moaned load and then let out some deep breaths. She let the arch in her back go and let her grip on James go, lying back panting with her legs still open with her dripping pussy in view of both James and Katrina.

James after coming up for air motioned for her to move back a bit on the lounge, where he could create some more space. There was a large warm wet spot where she had been, but Katrina didn’t mind. She had enjoyed watching her friend enjoy herself almost too much and she sat down on the lounge where Grace had been, and then lying back between her friends' legs.

James leaned forward to kiss her, and she could taste Grace’s pussy juice in it. She was ready and James quickly removed his shorts and moved between her legs as he continued to kiss her. He moved the head of his cock to her pussy, Katrina closed her eyes in anticipation but he then angled it so it wouldn’t go in, but up on top of her belly. Next time he wasn’t so mean, and he slid it into her slowly. He hadn’t needed to be slow, given how wet Katrina was but she didn’t mind. James was able to build up speed with long deep strokes.

Now it was Katrina's time for shallow breaths, and while James was moving in and out of her, she gave in and reached down to play with her own clit. Like James’ tongue she could move over it 3 times for every one of his thrusts. And... It... Was... Good

As he pushed James watched her face. He wasn’t going to last much longer; he had Katrina holding his left hand tightly and he was holding Grace’s foot in his right. Katrina breathing changed and went shallower and shallower until she let out and a deep breath and a loud moan. At this point James’ cock came out and rubbed up over Katrina’s belly. His cocked throbbed and erupted on Katrina with shots finishing over her belly.

He then fell on one knee and then looked up at the girls in front of him.

All were happy as they helped each other up. While the girls took turns in the shower, James removed the covers from the lounge so he could put them in the wash. Rather than going out, they all went to bed