Stranger In My Bed

A Fantasy

I was at my local, enjoying a few cold beverages on my own. A nice gentleman, like yourself, approached me and asked if I wanted some company.

We chatted over several beers, over several hours. Then we returned to my place to continue drinking.

My wife was still out at a party, so we sat out on the back deck.

About 2 hours later, my doorbell rang. When I opened the front door, my wife was waving to her ride home.

She came inside, and I introduced my very tipsy wife to my new friend.

The 3 of us came in and sat in the lounge, drinking together...until my wife finally fell asleep.

Him "Gees, you've got yourself a sexy one there, mate" smiling.

Me "Yeah I know. Too bad she doesn't put out much though"

Him "Really? Gee, I'd just take her, if I were you. Maybe your cock too small" chuckled jokingly.

Me "Well it isn't big, mate" smirking.

Him "No? Well I've got a nice thick 8 incher. But I don't have a chick to fuck with it"

My wife began snoring, so I asked him to help me get her to the bedroom. We picked her up and, he grabbed her legs, as I walked backwards towards the bedroom.

While in the hallway, he moved her legs apart and said, "Oooo I saw her white undies" smiling.

I chuckled...

When we got her into the bedroom, I allowed him to help me get her undressed. He enjoyed that, saying "Wow mate, very nice"

Then we covered her up and left the room.

We drank 1 more beer each, before I showed him where the spare bedroom was. Then we both went to bed.

When I got to my bedroom, my wife was on her back snoring, after a big night. I plugged my mobile in, faced away from my wife, and went to sleep.

I'd fallen asleep, but was shortly woken, to movement in the bed behind me.

I didn't think much of it, but then wife's snoring, why the movement?

I lifted my head off the pillow to look at my wife, and saw the blankets way up over her head, and that while side of the beds blankets going up and down.

I reached over and gently pulled the blankets of her face, and saw him on top of her smirking at me.

Him "Oops!" smirking, just laying there.

Me "What are you doing?" I whispered.

Him "Shhh...I'm just going to have a quicky" he whispered.

Me "Get off her" I whispered.

Him "No, my cock's already hard and inside her. Just let me finish" he whispered.

I paused... Then he continued moving up and down on her, while she continued snoring.

Me "Alright, just hurry up" I whispered.

Him "Okay" he whispered, continuing to fuck her.

I watched as his face told me that he was really enjoying it inside her. I watched his face for several minutes, then he screwed it up, as he pumped cum into her pussy.

Me "Ok, hurry up and get out now" I whispered.

He slowly pulled out, covered her up again, with his big cock flopping around, then he left the bedroom.

The next morning, my wife asked me if I'd fucked her last night.

Me "No, why?"

Her "Cause between my legs is all sticky"

Me "So you don't remember grabbing his hand and taking him to bed?"