Exploring is enriched when you watch

A True Story

Naturally like most men we all say "We love to watch, we love to please" and all comments that are often true, and often used to help build the chances of a connection.

In my situation its true, but this story is more about an experience I had, I enjoyed and was exciting for many reasons.

I met a M/F couple from this site. It was my first time, so my focus was on a connection and that they liked someone like me (cuddly). Also that the male was straight as I am. They were an older couple that ticked my boxes, as I don't like games, and sex positive people are best.

After a lengthy chat, we bit the bullet and i met them both. They were fantastic from the start despite being shy. They wanted me to watch at the start and participate when invited (totally fine by me).

This is where the story got interesting. Watching a couple play was quite a turn on. I think it was heightened by the fact that I was very turned on but wasn't participate. This resulted in me becoming rock hard more than I had before.

The exploration was exciting with the wife looking at me a lot, as if to want to explore but waiting on everyone to agree. Hubby invited me in to lick the wife, which is my biggest love, and as I did she was very soaked from the exploration that my beard quickly become dripping wet.

When i took a rest in between licking, I would look up to see her sucking Hubby's Cock and WOW it was a great feeling, pleasing a lady while she was pleasing another.

In the interest of not making people read war and piece i will bring the story to an end. Happy to write more about the experience if its wanted.

So having fun is good.
Watching a couple have fun is a step above.
Being lucky enough to take part.... WOW