Girls Night Out

A True Story

As much as I didn’t want to go out, leaving you and our family, my friend Robin has talked me into it.

Getting ready for her, I thought of the men that would try and pick us up. Putting on my lotion, the thoughts were getting racier. I hadn’t had a lover in quite some time and knowing you were here, taking care of our children, made my mind up. I carefully applied my makeup, soft and sexy. My hair finished perfectly. My lips done and inviting. I put on a sexy little dress. My breasts were practically hanging out. Our bedroom door opens and you walk in. You audibly gasp at the sight of your wife. “You look so sexy,” you say. I thank you and tell you to get over here, you have perfect timing. I lift up my little dress and ask you “Does my pussy look inviting?” “Very much Honey,” you say and go to touch me. I slap your hand away and say, “No, not for you. For my lover I am going to find tonight?” Quickly, you change posture. Your shoulders slump. You gaze falls to my feet. “Yes Wicked, your pussy looks very inviting for some lucky lover tonight.” “Good,” I say, “now put some lotion on my legs. Take your time. Make my skin nice and soft.” “Yes Wicked” is your only reply as you start applying my lotion. Your hands glide up and down my legs. Roam up to my ass and you are enjoying every inch. “Close the door” I say and you obediently do so. “Take off your clothes and finish with my lotion.” Your shirt falls to the floor. Then you pants and your boxers. Your cock is swollen and flesh is seeping out of the rings of your cage. Precum dripping off the head. “My cock looks happy” I say. “Yes Wicked, it is always happy when you are here.” “Too bad that little cage wont allow you to get really hard you poor thing.” “You wont allow it to get hard Wicked. It hasn’t been hard for a week now.” “Is that complaining I hear cucky?” “No no Wicked, just reminding you how long it has been.” “I do not need reminding little cucky. I know exactly how long it has been and if you don’t watch your tone, it will be even longer. Understand cucky?” “Yes, Wicked. I understand completely.” “Good. Lotion, NOW” I say and you continue applying it. I grab your head as you are just inches away from my pussy and push your nose into me. “You want my pussy don’t you cucky?” “Yes Wicked, very much.” “Well you can’t. I am going to find someone else to lick it, play with it and fuck it till I can’t walk.” “Yes Wicked, very lucky lover you will find tonight.” “Take a lick, just one lick cucky before that cock destroys my pussy. Make it count cucky.” And you do. You spread my legs apart and reach your tongue as far back as you can at my asshole and slowly lick from side to side, edging your way up my pussy lips. Your tongue spreads my pussy lips open and you take a long slow lick inside of me and slow down because you are nearly done. You twirl your tongue around my lips as you reach my clit and gently suck on it as you finish with a kiss. “What a good little cucky I have, that was perfect. Next time you taste me, it will be after my lover has finished with me.” “Yes Wicked. A very lucky lover indeed.” “Help me with my heels, the clasp is too hard for me,” I say. You carefully place my foot inside the 1st one and I tell you to lick my toes. You do. You fasten the clasp on my heel and reach for the other one. “Stop. Suck my toes.” And you do. “Suck my toes like you want me to suck that huge cock I am going to find in just a little bit.” And you do. “Put my heel on, I am going to be late.” And you do. “Now, I have no idea when I will be home but it will be late. I want you showered, perfectly shaved and waiting for me when I open the door. I’ll also let you put your favorite butt plug in. Make sure candles are lit, the bed is ready and you clean up the bathroom when you are finished.” “As you wish Wicked” is your only reply. With a final twirl for your approval I ask, “How do I look?” “You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen Wicked. Your lover is very lucky you will choose him.” “Kiss the children when you tuck them in tonight,” I say. Then I whisper in your ear, “It isn’t luck cucky” and the door bell rings. Perfect timing!

We go to a club. Two pretty hot chicks out for the night. Robin has on a tube top blouse an a very short skirt. She looks beautiful. The club isn’t too crowded as we find a table close to the dance floor. I order our drinks and when she comes back to deliver them, they were already paid for. Very nice I thought. This was going to be a very nice night. We started dancing together and after the song ended we went back to our table. Two men approached our table and one asked Robin to dance and she went out on the dance floor with him. She was such a tease. Rubbing her ass into his crotch as she danced. His hands exploring every inch of her as he twirled her around. The other guy, John, was a little shy but very handsome. We made small talk and I noticed him staring at my wedding ring. I can hear the chatter in his head. Dammit! This is so not fair. Babysit the hot married MILF while Tony scores for the night. I laughed a little at his thoughts and pulled him onto the dance floor. Quickly taking the lead, I slowly grind my body all over him. The poor man was just looking around and didn’t know what to do. The song ended and we headed back to our table where Robin and Tony were sitting already. After a few minutes of having to yell to converse, Tony suggested we take the party back to their room. We could talk better and dance too if we liked. John quickly looked around expecting to find someone, probably my husband. I spoke in his ear, are you worried about my husband John? Don’t be, I’m not. I grabbed his hand and we all left the club.

We decided to take a cab because we were drinking and waited in the cab line. Robin and Tony were making out like high school kids. His hand would disappear under her skirt and you could tell he was fucking her with them. Our cab van pulled up and we got in. Robin and Tony in the very back while John and I sat in the front bench. Tony told the cab driver which hotel and then Robin’s head disappeared. Oh my Robin I thought. What if the driver says something? He knows your head disappeared. Apparently she didn’t care. All I could see was her head bobbing up and down is cock. Tony let out a little whimper he tried to stifle as Robin swallowed his load. This happened just as the driver pulled up to the hotel. He tore off a towel from a roll and passed it back and said he would appreciate it if they cleaned up any mess. “No need driver.” She licked her lips and said “I got every drop!” We laughed hysterically as we went into their hotel.

In their suite, they poured beverages and we did a few shots. Robin couldn’t get enough of Tony and he nearly carried her down the hall to one of the bedrooms. John and I were making small talk. I noticed again that his stare was on my wedding ring and asked him if it bothered him? “Yes, very much but not really damn. I don’t want a fight or to get shot.” I laughed a little and said “it was OK. If he didn’t mind, neither did I!” He looked at me thoughtfully for just a second and said “but …” I went to him a knelled before him. Slowly undid his belt buckle. And started stroking his cock through his underwear. “But what” I asked him. “But you don’t want to fuck a married woman John?” I let out the tip of his cock. “But you don’t want my lips wrapped around your cock because I have a ring on?” I licked his tip and sent shivers through the man to the core. “Yes yes yes, I want that but …” “But what John? You don’t want a married woman to put your cock in her throat?” And I did just that. Took out his cock and devoured it down my throat. “OMG Yes I want that very badly but …” “But nothing John. if you want to fuck me than FUCK ME. I won’t tell.” How could I even possibly explain in such little time that my cucky of a husband was at home right now, shaving his pussy with his cock cage on and about to shove a plug up his ass and eagerly waiting to taste the pussy he was about to fuck?? Oh God, With that thought racing though my head I hungrily devoured his cock even more. :Fuck it” John said “YES I want to fuck you.” As I devour his cock sucking him harder and faster, we hear commotion behind us. Robin came up for air and more drinks for them and said “Well well, about time you two. You have some catching up to do.” Then she bounces back down the hallway to bounce up and down on her cock again. John must have gotten very turned on by being caught with me because his cock turned to steel and the next thing I knew he exploded down my throat. I swallowed every drop and he went limp in the chair. “How was that blow job from a married woman John?” “Oh that was beyond off the charts!” I asked him if we can go to his room and he says sure and then he leads me down the hallway.