A swinging surprise

A True Story

My first swinging experience was a surprise. We booked at a hotel by the ocean and through the day had swim and relaxing afternoon. Adding a third person was topic we always discussed always when we are relaxed. The thought of being fucked by another man turned me on but I saw it as a fantasy only. I was married and had my experience before marriage and did not believe I would let another man fuck me other than my hubby. While having cocktail by a deserted section of the pool we again talked about me being shared and I could see it turned my hubby on and went along with it.... he told me he wanted to watch a man slide his cock in my pussy and creampie my pussy and he would clean it up... that turned me on and I let him play with me by the poolside as we fantasised about me getting fucked by another man. That evening we were drinking at the bar and there were several men attending a business conference drinking at the bar. One of them Jamed bought us drinks and continued to buy us drinks through the night. Once when hubby came back from the toilet he told me he saw James cock while passing and James had big cock.... I w as turned on and flirted lightly with the three men but did not overly do it as it was not my intention to do anything. I got quite drunk though and told hubby I was tired Nd wanted to rest so he took me back to our room. When we got to the room he stripped me naked and kicked my pussy telling me how big James cock was and that he was sure James and his friends would have love to fuck me...it turned me on the thought and I went along with the story telling hubby I needed to be fucked hard and deep and i wanted him to clean my pussy after they came in my pussy....well I came shortly after. Hubby told me he wanted to have a few more drinks at the bar before sleeping and as I drifted off I heard the room door close. As I tried to sleep I was thinking about our fantasy and what hubby told me about James and because hubby did not fuck me I was still horny. Lying there on the bed in the dark room, I started playing with my clit fantasising about being fucked... about five minutes passed after hubby had left when I heard the door open again.... I had my legs spread wide and eyes closed and just said I can't sleep sweetheart and need cock... hubby responded saying he has a hard cock for me.... he also did not turn on the light...I told him I wanted to be fucked and needed it hard and wanted James big hard cock... I heard hubby saying oh yes you will get a bug hard cock... I felt hands on my feet and being turned over on my stomach.... I felt a tongue on, my butt and cracked crack up my back to my neck and back down again. I had strange sensation it may not be my hubby and moaned out is that you baby.... I heard hubby saying enjoy this.... I than felt a hard cock probing me from behind .... I felt him try to push into me and that slide slowly into my wet pussy....it filled my cunt up and felt so full...I whispered oh baby your cock feels so big and different. Tha n I felt hi, thrusting slowly at first than harder and harder.... the cock inside me was soon much deeper than I ever felt that it sent sensations up and down my body I never felt before.... I squirmed on the bed and begged to be fucked harder. Than I felt someone touching my face and a cock rubbing on my mouth and at this point I did not care. I sucked on the cock and moaned out loudly each time I felt the cock thrusting in me. I heard hubby telling me to take it like a slut and saying fuck her harder James... at this point James turned me on my back spread my legs as wide as he could and speared me with his big hard cock and piston fucked me till he came deep inside my pussy. When he pulled out I told hubby there you go, you always fantasised about cleaning my pussy and he dived straight in.... I realised at this point there were three other men in the room and for the next two hours I was pounded and
Pounced by these men who took turns ravaging me.... my pussy was so sore for a week but it opened up a new world for me and hubby,,,,