Warm welcome

A Fantasy

I'd open my front door to you, grab you by the waist as you come inside, before closing the door and Slamming you up against it , one hand still on your waist, the other holding your arms above your head as I start kissing your neck as I feel your legs getting weaker. As I start kissing down the top of your dress when I hear you moan, I immediately let your arms and waist go as I lift your dress, throw one leg on my shoulder and start kissing your inner thighs, before stripping your underwear off and throwing your other leg over my shoulder, feet off the ground as I taste your clit while you hold my head and run your fingers through my hair.

After I taste your cum the first time, I lift your dress over your head to completely expose your perfect breasts and all of your curves before I start taking all of my clothes off as well.

After you cum again, I stand up, lift you by the hips, and slowly lower you onto my rock hard cock, before slowly walking to the bed while you start bouncing on me, while I'm kissing your neck, leaving Hickey's everywhere.

I throw you on the bed, loft your legs over my shoulders, rub my dick on your throbbing clit, before I start pounding you, going balls deep with every stroke, as I lift your hips to make sure you feel me deeper and deeper with every pump.