Somatic Sex Therapist -Private Session (Women - NSW)

Private Sessions - Somatic Sex Therapist

By appointment - Phone or Zoom

We understand that workshops may not be your thing and a lot of workshop content can be easily relayed in a private session, this also brings the advantage of being able to mix and match the content according to what's right for you.

The enjoyment of sex, pleasure, intimacy and attraction is a human birthright. Sadly, however, that enjoyment does not necessarily come naturally; and unfortunately, it is not a subject taught at school or university.

So, to create some genuine connections and gain a better understanding of the dance of attraction between the genders or to explore your own erotic truth book your private session and let's get this party started.

Whether you are single or in a relationship, intimacy coaching can help you, safely and fully, to explore your capacity for physical and erotic pleasure – not simply for yourself alone, but also for when you connect with others, be it in and out of the bedroom.

Erotic Embodiment Sessions

A woman - powerful in her fierceness and her softness. You first must become 'Available' as a woman to be able to invite the 'Erotic' women to come out to play.

In these sessions, we will dive deeply and engage into embodied women's practices.

The work is gentle but it can also be intense and it's an invitation to find the parts of you that are your unique gifts and expression, untouched by societal conditions, belief and habits and let them shine.

No two women express themselves alike, and we will explore in depth the many ways to create a full-bodied expression of who you are. Learning in and through your body how to express yourself, with an intimate partner, in your daily lives as well as devotionally and artistically.

Women of all ages, body shapes, relationship status and with all levels and experience and confidence are welcome.

Do you want to access and embody sensual and sexual woman you truly are?

Are you searching for something more? More connection, more confidence or more pleasure? It’s time to discover and embody the worthy, sensual, sexual woman you are.

The Available Women sees her body as a powerful gift and authentically owns herself gracefully, powerfully, sexually and wildly! Some women don’t understand why they don’t want or enjoy sex like other women. These days, many women feel disempowered sexually, and sex is more often thought of as just a physical interaction rather than an act of worship and with today's fast-paced world we're not feeling sexually connected so this can leave a deep feeling of emptiness.

Sex is meant to open up our wild feminine nature and nourish our hearts, bodies and souls. Not only were many of us not taught the art of sexuality, but we were taught that enjoying sex is shameful. It’s no wonder so many of us don’t enjoy sex - it's time to start feeling out needs, wants and desires and this isn't felt by swiping left or right on a screen.

If you feel like you would like some practical help unleashing Your Erotic Power within you and become more available book a private session and let's do the world a favour and start being your true authentic selves and start owning your sexuality and your body as a woman.

Could you do with some confidence?

Whether you're a late bloomer or had a sheltered, religious, cultural upbringing or maybe you just feel socially awkward many anxious people can gently improve confidence through talking, gaining skills and experiential learning to help reduce the fear when approaching people they're attracted to. With some new found practices to play with, the possibility of getting off the keyboard and actually dating can only improve.

It's important to know that all practices are very gentle and under no circumstances will you be pushed or pressured. You choose the pace, you choose the topic and you choose whether to implement practices.

Sessions available by phone, online or in person in Adelaide, South Australia. Please contact the office if you would like to schedule a time outside of online availability (after hours and weekend etc) or for interstate and international private consultations. Depending on the locations and duration fees will vary, but please note that travel and expenses will be required to be included.

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