Kimmi's Vulva Pleasuring - Wed, 10th Jan 2018 @ 6.45pm

Don't be that guy!

A lick here, a grab there, a poke and a prod, or rubbing a woman’s clitoris like it's a scratchy ticket, can put some women in a head space where they just want it to be over!

What is seen in porn is far from pleasurable for a lot of women - don't be that guy!

Most men pride themselves on pleasing women - yet a lot women have not truly experienced purposeful touch by a man whose intention wasn't to penetrate after making the assumption she's ready. Being wet is not a clear indicator that her body is ready to be penetrated - don't be that guy!

Learn some potent ways to drive her wild, encapsulate your presence and your touch - you so want to be THAT guy!

Vulva Pleasuring Masterclass
Wed, 10th January, 2018 @ 6.45pm
Men Only - No Nudity - No Sexual Explicit Touching

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