Kimmi's Play Party Saturday, 13th Jan @ 9pm

So, you’re interested in the “play” lifestyle? Perhaps you imagine it’s about having sex with anyone, anytime, anywhere. Well, it’s actually not that simple!

It’s about more than mere copulation. First and foremost, it’s about making open and interesting connections with other people at all levels.

A party at Kimmi’s should be approached in much the same way as other social gatherings, where politeness, respect and friendliness towards others are the norm, and the adult play is a bonus. Kimmi’s parties are primarily about free conversation, fun and laughter, a drink or two in an atmosphere of mystery and playfulness. Of course, the open-minded, flirtatious chatting will often naturally lead to playing – yet, not in every instance.

Please check out the website for more details.

Swingle Males are required to attend a Intro Night so we can help you understand the etiquette of flying solo.

Keep smiling and stay cheeky,

Kimmi x

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