Lovers Masterclass - Ejaculation Choice

Make it last longer! Can’t control it! Premature, early or involuntary ejaculation!

We've all heard the expressions and we know that these terms only makes things worse, piling on the pressure to perform. So does the good old myth of taking your thoughts elsewhere and tuning out of your body for a longer performance, when actually tuning into your body will regulate your arousal levels, helping you understand what stage you're at when approaching orgasm.

With some awareness exercises and embodiment practices, in time you can throw away the stopwatch and simply start enjoying pleasure whether that be two minutes or two hours. And, if you choose two minutes of pleasure, that's perfectly OK – because it's your choice!

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All new clients are required to start off with a 30min phone/skype consultation.

Please contact the office if you require an appointment outside of the online schedule.

Lovers Masterclass

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