Lovers Masterclass - Are you stuck in the Friends Zone? (SA)

Are you Mr Nice Guy?

Are you a male who feels trapped in the ‘friend zone’?

Women obviously like you. They enjoy your company, laugh at your jokes, share your interests. They might even swap their secrets with you. But that’s as far as it ever gets while you’re seeking a more satisfying fulfilment or culmination of the friendship.

Why can’t things reach the next level?

You might be trapping yourself in the friend zone with subtle patterns that get in the way of you becoming the boyfriend and partner. Or you might be grasping at some superficial personal flaw, e.g: “I’m just not good looking enough” or “I’m not her type.”

Good news! There are practices that can help you escape the “Friends Zone”. Get ready to open yourself up to new ideas. Be willing to look at yourself honestly. Together we’ll nudge the barriers that have been holding you back.

Private Sessions
All new clients are required to start off with a 30min phone/skype consultation.

Please contact the office if you require an appointment outside of the online schedule.

Creating a safe environment
A comprehensive questionnaire and a clear understanding of consent and boundaries between the client and the practitioner is required before commencing any private or bodywork sessions. This is not a sexual service. All sessions are required to be confirmed with payment - Full terms and conditions apply.

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