ThePussyKats are parties for couples, girls & guys aged in their 20s/30s who enjoy hot, sexxxy parties.

Our 5 star private venue in Melbourne has the wow factor from the moment you walk through the door, and we admit to being selective about whom we play with (however we do not expect you to be a super model).

The venue is 5 star and consists of a meet & greet area which later in the evening becomes a chill out area. There are numerous play areas, mainly open plan.

All first time guests must apply and follow our strict vetting process. Please refer to the Screening Process Requirements page on our website for detailed information and ensure you follow all the instructions carefully.

Check out the review which Chantelle Austin posted about ThePussyKats which is sponsored by Adult Match Maker. AMM has personally checked out the venue too and Chantelle has perfectly captured the seductive atmosphere. Check it out


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