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This is the perfect place to get started with BDSM dating! Adult Match Maker has thousands online who are all into it and looking to share their fetishes with others. There are no complications, it is just a matter of finding BDSM personals that are of interest to you, contacting them and then meeting up!

What is BDSM? There is a lot of confusion about what it really is. Many people will simply know it as bondage sex. However, it is more than that and not just about lashing out at another person with a whip. The word itself stands for "Bondage, Discipline and Domination, Submission and Sadism and Masochism". It represents a number of activities (that are not necessarily sexual) where one person takes control or dominates over another.

People that practice and enjoy BDSM dating find that it provides them with both pleasure and pain. Many may see it as mental and physical abuse, however it is totally consensual. Adult partners that participate have the right to disengage from the activity at any time. Some even prefer the more toned down approach and simply like talking about it, referred to as BDSM chat.

Bondage, Discipline, Sadism and Masochism is an act that involves role play, control play and pain play. It is all about one person gaining power, taking mental and sexual control over another. It is widely used by transgenders, gay men and lesbian women, and especially with women over men. For example, role play can involve a dominating "mistress" taking control over her partner or better known as her "slave". Most role plays will involve the mistress commanding her slave to do as she says. Depending on the type of setting, the master or mistress will also perform nipple play, whipping, blindfolding and spanking their slave.

Adult Match maker provides a great number of bondage personals and a meeting place for people that wish to participate in BDSM chat or find partners. Many of the site members taking part in BDSM dating will advertise themselves as being a slave or master / mistress. If you are new and curious to this type of activity, keep in mind that you should start out slow. Begin by experimenting with handcuffs, hot wax, blindfolds and light spanking. Take it one level at a time until you are ready to experiment and move on to serious plays, such as whip lashing, rope tying and clipping. It is always important to remember that it is all about fun, fantasy and pleasure. It should always be practiced with consent and within reasonable limits.

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