April 25, 2017 - A Fantasy by | Erotic Fiction & Fantasy
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Candy was feeling a little down because tomorrow was her birthday…. Not one to get overly bitter and twisted about it she decided to celebrate it with a Bang…… Unfortunately…. Her girlfriends were all busy with other plans tomorrow night….Candy thought to herself fuck them…… she would definitely go

April 25, 2017 - A True Story by | Erotic Fiction & Fantasy
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His eyes are piercing green and I am mesmerised ….. He kisses me gently ….. becoming more intense as our tongues entwine slightly…… my body and soul respond and my heart beat starts to race…… His masculine features are defined to perfection….. his physique muscular and athletic….. his cock is twelve

April 21, 2017 - A Fantasy by | Erotic Fiction & Fantasy
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"So....there I stood...about 2:15 in the afternoon and I'd just finished my bike ride and dripping with sweat, suckin' back lungs full trying to catch my breath. You were in the lounge just finishing an episode of Breaking Bad as I stepped through the doorway pushing my bike beside and through to the

March 01, 2017 - A Fantasy by | Erotic Fiction & Fantasy
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I looked down at the head of the girl between my legs, Lenore had just bought me to my second orgasm of the day, and now lay with her head on my thigh, absently licking my sensitive pussy. Lenore and I had been playing for a while but today had been special. A few weeks ago Lenore had admitted lusting

February 05, 2017 - A Fantasy by | Erotic Fiction & Fantasy
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After a relaxing big sleep we head to the diner for a lazy buffet breakfast. In quiet tones we discuss last nights sexapades with Madam. Rachel particularly loved shooting jizz down Sandy throat. Sandy loved having gurly holes filled with cum while she stroked herself to a climax. While eating breakfast

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You were 24 to my 47. You asked me a question about one of my stories. That’s how we got chatting. You only wanted to meet me at first but after weeks of chatting and mucked up plans you decided you simply couldn’t wait any longer to have me. You booked a mid-week hotel room. We agreed to

January 07, 2017 - A Fantasy by | Erotic Fiction & Fantasy
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Both still naked after our shower together, I lead you toward the bedroom. Part way along the hall I stop and suddenly spin you around and gently but firmly press you front on against the wall. I nuzzle into your neck and whisper into your ear to put your arms up, palms against the wall. I then put

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I am not sure were my cuckold fantasy began, coming from rural background growing up was quite tough. Having to learn to go without at times and a real shortage of eligible woman of the same age . I always treated women with the up most respect and was always the guy who would never make a pass at young

November 16, 2016 - A Fantasy by | Erotic Fiction & Fantasy
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His limp member was warm and soft in her mouth. She felt a pulsing and a slight tensing of his cock. As her tongue traced a path on it's underside her fingers gently cradled his sac and rotated and squeezed his almond shaped balls. The tension and hardening of his penis began to fill her mouth as a low

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Jenny had had one hell of a day. She was assistant manager in a shoe shop on the High St and it seemed as if her boss was unable to do anything at all to keep the business afloat other than chat all day to her friends on the phone. To top it all off she had left early citing a headache. Jenny knew it

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She was a virgin. It was Friday evening. I had come home early from work, showered and clean from the days work, I was intending to settle down with the latest three episodes of “Game of Thrones” one of my mates had downloaded and handed on to me. My wife Nikki, our daughter Joanne and a life-long

November 06, 2016 - A Fantasy by | Erotic Fiction & Fantasy
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After day or two at your place (Sandy) ,where we do usual household stuff like watching our lingerie go round & round in the spin dryer, its got to fit just right so we can see those feminine curves and masculine bulges. Sandy suggest a drive on Route 69, We get all packed for a gurls road trip to the

October 23, 2016 - A Fantasy by | Erotic Fiction & Fantasy
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I whisk you away to a beautiful coastline to a beach house perched on top of the cliff, while you dressed in your favourite skirt and suspenders with an elegant but form fitting blouse. As we walk across the driveway, I gently take hold of your hand, and slowly move you closer to me, I can smell the

October 09, 2016 - A Fantasy by | Erotic Fiction & Fantasy
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Soft moans escape your lips as you implore my attentions not to conclude My gentle hands soothingly lay upon your torso massaging and exploring all your secret places. Taking you to great heights, again and again ‘till you can receive no more. Arms wrapped around you, my body pressing deep against

October 05, 2016 - A Fantasy by | Erotic Fiction & Fantasy
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The hand holds me in the comfortable and assured manner it always holds me, from the moment the hand picked me up I knew I was in a comfortable place and what was about to happen.This hand has selected me on several occasions always returning me satisfied, sated and sometimes a portion of my far end,

October 05, 2016 - A Fantasy by | Erotic Fiction & Fantasy
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My mind leaves my contented slumbering body to wander through the room you so recently left; I mingle joyfully with the memories of the room which remembers where you sat and the path you walked; each of your gestures tantalise our memories. The room baths my mind with its memory of your smile and it’s

September 19, 2016 - A Fantasy by | Erotic Fiction & Fantasy
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Chapter 12 Lucy Vale stood in the open door, her eyes wide, her lips still puckered, the air leaving her lungs. Jason, his hand still on the knob, stood dumbfounded in front of her, his mouth agape, his own eyes slowly taking in the sight before him. They stood there for a second, silent, the only sounds

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It had been a crap day at work and Beth was looking forward to getting home for some quiet time. The drive was a blur as her mind wandered to the large bath in her ensuite where she would soon be laying, wrapped in the warmth of the water where she would forget all about the day. Arriving home, Beth
Ok...this is the final part of the story. And first off I have to say I was a bit more rushed when I wrote this one so the quality of writing probably isn't as good as the others. Hopefully that won't matter. :P Secondly....it's a fantasy...so yes, I know some parts of this story wouldn't probably

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Kai was horny, so fucking horny she felt like screaming and it all started when she had received the latest incredibly erotic story from her talented Master but she had made the mistake of asking him to send it to her during her lunch break because she was so excited to see it but all it had done was