October 23, 2016 - A Fantasy by | Erotic Fiction & Fantasy
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I whisk you away to a beautiful coastline to a beach house perched on top of the cliff, while you dressed in your favourite skirt and suspenders with an elegant but form fitting blouse. As we walk across the driveway, I gently take hold of your hand, and slowly move you closer to me, I can smell the

October 09, 2016 - A Fantasy by | Erotic Fiction & Fantasy
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Soft moans escape your lips as you implore my attentions not to conclude My gentle hands soothingly lay upon your torso massaging and exploring all your secret places. Taking you to great heights, again and again ‘till you can receive no more. Arms wrapped around you, my body pressing deep against

October 05, 2016 - A Fantasy by | Erotic Fiction & Fantasy
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The hand holds me in the comfortable and assured manner it always holds me, from the moment the hand picked me up I knew I was in a comfortable place and what was about to happen.This hand has selected me on several occasions always returning me satisfied, sated and sometimes a portion of my far end,

October 05, 2016 - A Fantasy by | Erotic Fiction & Fantasy
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My mind leaves my contented slumbering body to wander through the room you so recently left; I mingle joyfully with the memories of the room which remembers where you sat and the path you walked; each of your gestures tantalise our memories. The room baths my mind with its memory of your smile and it’s

September 19, 2016 - A Fantasy by | Erotic Fiction & Fantasy
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Chapter 12 Lucy Vale stood in the open door, her eyes wide, her lips still puckered, the air leaving her lungs. Jason, his hand still on the knob, stood dumbfounded in front of her, his mouth agape, his own eyes slowly taking in the sight before him. They stood there for a second, silent, the only sounds

August 26, 2016 - A Fantasy by | Erotic Fiction & Fantasy
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It had been a crap day at work and Beth was looking forward to getting home for some quiet time. The drive was a blur as her mind wandered to the large bath in her ensuite where she would soon be laying, wrapped in the warmth of the water where she would forget all about the day. Arriving home, Beth
Ok...this is the final part of the story. And first off I have to say I was a bit more rushed when I wrote this one so the quality of writing probably isn't as good as the others. Hopefully that won't matter. :P's a yes, I know some parts of this story wouldn't probably

August 22, 2016 - A Fantasy by | Erotic Fiction & Fantasy
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Kai was horny, so fucking horny she felt like screaming and it all started when she had received the latest incredibly erotic story from her talented Master but she had made the mistake of asking him to send it to her during her lunch break because she was so excited to see it but all it had done was

August 20, 2016 - A Fantasy by | Erotic Fiction & Fantasy
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The air-conditioning in your house blows softly on my sweaty skin. As I move into your kitchen I hear a noise upstairs. Climbing the staircase, I enter what appears to be a pool room. A large pool table sits in the centre of the room. There is a folded up table-tennis table in the corner along with a

August 05, 2016 - A Fantasy by | Erotic Fiction & Fantasy
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I wrote a three part story for a friend a few years ago and thought I'd post it on here. The first part is more vanilla and then becomes gradually more kinky. Enjoy. Neighbourhood Watch Part 1 It’s a hot day. The warm sun is caressing your body as you lie in your backyard wearing nothing but

August 02, 2016 - A Fantasy by | Erotic Fiction & Fantasy
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I had started getting excited even before I knocked on Kai's door as every time I had been here it had been an incredible sexual adventure and each time I came was even better that the previous and when she opened the door almost immediately, I could tell she had been anxiously waiting for me to arrive
I walk up to your front door, wearing a black suit and tie. We’ve never met but know each other by sight. I knock, and you open the door slightly, wearing only a bathrobe, loosely tied, with a vibrator sticking out the top of the pocket. When you see me, you open the door wide and step back to allow
This morning after opening my usual emails, I noticed a name in the list of newest received /known senders....from an ex client and someone I’m familiar with and to my surprise also familiar with my Boyfriend “TOBIAS” ... After reading what began as an email Of “long time no hear/see/chat” I began
11pm and my phone gets a message saying I want to fuck you now. I don't bother putting clothes on and hop in the car with only a bra and g-string on. I hide my car and creep inside. Hes sitting in the lounge with the blinds wide open. Its dime light from the moon but its enough to see his hard cock.

June 16, 2016 - A Fantasy by | Erotic Fiction & Fantasy
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I was just sitting here visualizing what I would like to do with you if you were here. I picture you laying stretched out on the floor in just your red panties and bra waiting for the sensual massage that I had promised you. Your body tingles as you feel my fingers move over your shoulders and neck,

June 06, 2016 - A Fantasy by | Erotic Fiction & Fantasy
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Chapter 11 Lucy Vale looked towards her boss’s office from her cubicle with a sudden sense of curiosity. Just a few moments ago she had been arguing with herself about whether or not to start calling her clients. Now, she was debating whether the moan she had heard from behind Jen Bloom’s closed door

June 04, 2016 - A Fantasy by | Erotic Fiction & Fantasy
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I come over to your place and we all go to your bedroom. You (the guy will strip down naked and sit in a chair facing the bed. We will tie you to the chair then when you are restrained I will strip your girlfriend naked standing about 1 meter away in front of you. I will take off my clothes (by this

May 18, 2016 - A Fantasy by | Erotic Fiction & Fantasy
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Fantasies are funny things, when should they be left a fantasy and when should you play it out. I never expected one of my dirtier ones would actually happen, but there I was, living out the fantasy, so aroused so turned on and I couldn’t do a thing about it. You called to tell me that you were

May 14, 2016 - A Fantasy by | Erotic Fiction & Fantasy
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Bored on a Saturday night I decide to sign into an adult chat site I'd joined recently. As I'm watching the chat screen, I notice people in the chat room keep mentioning a club. After a few minutes, curiosity got the better of me and I ask where this club was. A few of the site members advised where

May 13, 2016 - A Fantasy by | Erotic Fiction & Fantasy
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In Bloom - Erotic Fiction by JimmyBlue Chapter 10 Jen Bloom sat in her office, a pen listless between her fingers, a blank stare across her face, and her mind absolutely racing. She had returned home last night feeling a mixture of emotions: shame, liberation, fear, and power. Shame, because the professional