Saints & Sinners Ball

Friday, 7 April 2017-8:30pm
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Saints & Sinners Ball
Now in its 27th year, Melbourne's legendary Saints & Sinners Ball attracts broadminded adults, exhibitionists, and people from all over Australia, looking for adult fun in comfortable and safe surroundings. Guests are mostly adventurous couples and women who enjoy a raunchy experience.

Our first Ball for 2017 will be on Friday April 7th. Once again, we’ll be back in the Melbourne CBD as it seems to be the best area to find accommodation on the night for those visiting from interstate or country Victoria, or who just don’t want to drive, or who want a room close at hand in case you meet some new best friends!

Guests initially enjoy drinks and a chat around the venue to relax and loosen up. You arrive in street clothes, or with your costume covered up in some way, and present your tickets at reception where you will be directed to the Changing Area. Personal belongings and day clothes are checked into our cloakroom for security.

The venue is a multi-room one, with different DJs playing music to cater for most tastes. On the main stage there will be various shows and fun competitions during the evening, and around the rest of the venue you’ll see different activities, both raunchy and otherwise, and you’re free to join in on these, or just watch other guests getting up to mischief. Remember, just about anything goes as Victorian law allows us to be MUCH raunchier than any similar events interstate. There are open areas where people are talking, dancing, drinking, meeting, fondling etc, and there are other areas where people can get down and dirty and play a little more discreetly. The B&D area is always busy with resident Masters and Mistresses administering their pleasure.


Venue address is only advised to ticket holders 7-10 days prior to the event.

$110 per couple, or $55 per single female. Members of the Saints & Sinners Club receive a 10% discount (see the website for details).

For tickets, just go the website, or phone us on 03-9504-3642.

Dress Code:
The special theme for this Ball in 'The 7 Deadly Sins'. For this theme we’re looking for interesting twists on the ancient sins of Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Envy & Pride. Now while some (such as Lust) will be really easy for most of you to come up with a suitable costume for, others will be more difficult.

A good basic approach can be to wear a normal erotic costume, supplemented by an add-on or two that points to the sin in question. For envy, a couple could wear horny costumes with signs on them that say something like "I wish I was Miranda Kerr" (hers) and "I wish I was Miranda Kerr's boyfriend" (his). For Greed, you could come as Mr Scrooge, or Scrooge McDuck. Wrath could involve an angry red face such as Hell Boy, or maybe Kramer's hair from Seinfeld. For Gluttony, perhaps the God Bacchus, dressed in a toga, a laurel wreath and carrying a read wine bottle. Sloth can be difficult, but you could always put on some fur and claws and come as a 3-toed sloth. A really offbeat approach to Pride would be for a couple to come as two sexy lions!. Gettit! Finally, lust is the really easy one, and if we have to explain that to you, you shouldn't be coming. You might even want to download the old 1960s film Bedazzled, which had all the sins depicted very cleverly...or perhaps you'd like to go one better and create the 8th deadly sin of your own choosing. Variations on sinning, such as slutty nuns or perverted priests are quite acceptable. Whatever you do, use your imagination and see if you can win our best fancy dress competition, but even if you don't follow the special 'sins' theme, there is still the requirement to wear erotic fancy dress of some kind. This means something that the average person could not wear walking down the street, or along their supermarket aisles. It means a costume with lots of flesh on show with perhaps the occasional pink bit peaking out. It means you can't attend the evening in ordinary street clothes or covered up. Basic erotic costumes would include lingerie, g-strings, etc. Use your imagination in the most erotic and/or filthiest ways possible. If in doubt about what you plan to wear, just call or email us for an opinion. Other costume ideas can also be found on our Facebook page.

You are free to do as little or as much as you like, provided you are dressed as required. If you prefer to just watch others, or just dance, drink, and chat then the choice is yours.


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