Commission Schedule

We understand that without our affiliates this site isn't able to reach as many potential customers as possible. Keeping that in mind, we offer a high percentage return for our affiliates to reward them for their assistance.

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Commission Schedule for Affiliates

50% on the Initial Membership Purchase
50% of the Paid Membership fees paid by a Referred Member
Up to 40% on the Renewal Membership Purchases
20% of the Renewal Membership fees paid by an Existing Referred Member*
A bonus 20% of the Renewal Membership fees paid by an Existing Referred Member*
AUD$1.50 per Female Member
AUD $1.50 for each registered Female Trial Member of Our Site**


Affiliates commissions are calculated and paid on a monthly basis. Commission payments are made no later than 30 days after the end of a calendar month.

Commissions are GST inclusive, except where an Affiliate is (i) hosted outside Australia and its territories and (ii) does not trade inside Australia, in which case no GST applies and the commission paid is net of the GST value.

Where an Affiliate is hosted within Australia and its territories and does not provide an ABN, or a statement confirming GST Not Registered status, then 48.5% withholding may apply.

Payment Threshold

The minimum amount for payment is AUD$50.00 for payments to Australian bank accounts and AUD$100.00 for payments to non-Australian bank accounts. If you do not reach this value within a month, then the entire sum is carried over until you reach the minimum amount.

Payment Method

Bank Transfer and PayPal are offered (all payments are made in Australian Dollars).

See Affiliate Terms and Conditions for more details.

Need Help?

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It is at our sole discretion to determine the validity of the members that join through the affiliate program. If we feel that the members signing up through a particular program are constantly bogus or fraudulent we will cancel your affiliation and suspend your payments.

Any affiliates found to be spamming to promote their affiliate accounts will have their accounts closed and payouts refused.

* To maintain Renewal of Membership payments you must continue to provide new leads to Our Site and the Renewal of membership must be continuous and occur immediately after the previous Paid Membership expired. A bonus is paid on Renewal of Membership if you have brought new Paid Members that month
* Payments expire after 3 months unless you bring new Paid Members to Our Site within the preceding 3 months
** You need to have at least one of the female Trial Members registered through you purchase a Paid Membership during the same month or another referred customer purchasing a Paid Membership during the same month. Profile of the female must be approved to be eligible for this commission.