• a friend calls
    A True Story by bibottomfun

    a few years ago my friend called Andrew messaged me hey you want some now Andrews cock was seven inches of heaven hard and smooth it felt so good he'll yeah was my reply now I cleaned out inside like I always do it's polite got dressed and headed over I messaged him I am here a few mins

  • Night School Teacher’s Assistant
    A True Story by Pleasureman2u

    Some years ago (I was about 57 or 58 at the time) I was at a bit of loose end in the evenings after work and a friend suggested that I do a pottery course. I kept putting it off until, after tiring of endless reruns of Mash on tele that had reached the point where I could recite some of the dialogue,

  • Myfuntime1962 Photo
    My Wife transformed me into a woman. part 1
    A True Story by Myfuntime1962

    It was the first day of my holidays and my wife Tracy still had two days before she started hers so I could sit back and relax watching the golf I reordered the night before. I kissed Tracy goodbye as she walked out the door, promised to do a little housework during the day and proceeded to have breakfast

  • Poker night i want to remember
    A Fantasy by foostar

    It's Saturday, wintertime, cold and dark, and I’m looking forward to a night out with my girlfriends. My boyfriend is having a guys-night-in with his buddies at our place tonight. Frankly, the notion of talking sport over several rounds of beer and dozens of hands of poker doesn’t sound that exciting

  • KineticJarl Photo
    TINDER massage...
    A Fantasy by KineticJarl

    It would start off innocent enough me answering the door to reveal you on the other side.. as l slip my hands around your lower back pulling you in tight for a kiss! Shutting thr door & pushing you up against it, our lips & tongues still locked in a frenzy of nervous pashion meeting each other for

  • Canyouplay Photo
    Wake me gently or not
    A Fantasy by Canyouplay

    You’ve left for work and I have the day off.... I’ve hidden my disappointment from you over breakfast but you had to go in to the office today.......I’m on your side of the bed and I can smell your cologne on your pillow, giving me small sweet tingles inside... I’ve watched some porn and had an orgasm,

  • He knocked on the door...
    A Fantasy by Happy1965

    He knocked on the door but as always didn't wait for her to answer, he knew he was expected. She stood just inside the entrance greeting him with that cheeky little grin he found so seductive. But this time she didn't say hello, good morning or "hey babe" instead she moved quickly towards him, taking

  • The crowded shower cubicle
    A Fantasy by sweetsgal

    The one night a week there was the expectation of a little loving. As long as I care to remember Wednesday’s have always been the same wake, coffee, work, wife’s gym time, pizza, coffee, hot shower & fuck till exhausted. As time passed the ‘Gym’ component went from an hour or two too an hour or four,

  • Being financially dominated by the straight tradie
    A True Story by DomesticSlave

    I came across his profile on an adult dating website. His profile header stated that he was a dominant bull looking for cuckold couples. Reading through the rest of his bio, I was certain that he was exactly the kind of man that I had been looking for. He was an electrician – a tradie – who was naturally

  • cockparty 6th April thanks to my cocks x
    A True Story by kinkycople69

    The night of the 6th was a horny night i was drunk and wanting a lot of cock in my wet slutty cock slave pussy. So my man my master xx organized me some hot fun. first up was some guys by them self's fucking me hard making me wet i enjoyed there cocks then was a 4 some me and 3 cocks with a guy who

  • Morning tease
    A Fantasy by MakingMyOwnPath

    My fingers trace across your swollen, wet sex, carefully avoiding your clit... "Don't tease me," you moan. But I continue, slowly bringing my mouth closer and closer. I can smell your arousal. My tongue traces your lips the way my fingers had, then dips deep into its folds to taste your juices. You moan,

  • Different Night Out Pt1
    A Fantasy by silent14u

    Peta was bored. She was sick of having to come out once again to one of her husbands work dinner parties for all the pompous and ceremony bullshist and who's who in society. All politicians counselors government officials bragging about there do gooding ,how much money they making, then about their wives

  • Curiousgawler83 Photo
    Through the window
    A True Story by Curiousgawler83

    I was working late one night and I wasn't you to finish till about 9 and we've drive time I wouldn't be home till 10 my wife happened to message me at about 6 that night saying that she was having a friend come over she didn't really tell me any other details but I instantly got hard in my pants because

  • Curiousgawler83 Photo
    Public sex
    A Fantasy by Curiousgawler83

    After messaging my wife throughout the morning as we were both at work we agreed that on our breaks we would meet up as we happen to Work close to each other I had mentioned to her since we had just bought a new car and it being the SUV that maybe we should pop the back and try having a little bit

  • My Fantasy of meeting you.
    A Fantasy by Sir_lancerlot48

    I would like to share a fantasy that I have about meeting you in real life.... I am traveling with my work and am able to get a delay of 5 hours at your airport waiting for my next flight, and we make an arrangement to meet, in the hotel lobby, where I have booked a room to rest up between flights. I

  • Adultery - coming up next (Part 2)
    A Fantasy by andrewlb

    When Dave knocked on my door, I began to tremble. As I opened the door, he gently pushed passed me and closed the door. He said that he didn’t want the neighbours to see. Before I could say “See what?” his lips were on mine. I eagerly began kissing him then I felt his hand under my dress and on my little

  • as a bottom
    A True Story by iswallowbi

    a few years ago I had a fweek riend who use to call me up and ask if I wanted t o suck him as he had a fine hard cock I could not say no he was in me three times a week I would go Round kneel or lay on bed he would feed me his c ock then when he had enough of being sucked he would turn me over lube

  • jackstbernard Photo
    just another fantasy
    A Fantasy by jackstbernard

    We'd met and chatted online, graduated through phonecalls, even the odd "dirty" weekend but I hoped this was to be something a bit special. I picked her up at the airport and we caught up in the car on the way to the motel where I'd already checked in. She looked smokin' hot as usual and it was hard

  • The House Party
    A True Story by Pleasureman2u

    I found out there was a party on through a local social group. I phoned up the host to ask about the party and she warned me that it might turn into an orgy. I wasn’t really looking for an orgy type party but my cock started to do the thinking for me at that point and so I told her that I would like

  • pleasures999 Photo
    Submissive Excitement
    A True Story by pleasures999

    Dominance & Submission are a big kink for many. However it's also daunting. One person's fantasy is not necessarily that of another, moreover we have shifting goalposts of what submission truely means. What has always turned me on, is working out what your version is, and making that a reality. This