• broadwater
    A True Story by countryboy88

    She was driving along looking for somewhere to stay, when she came upon the Broadwater Motor Resort on the shore of the Swan River. It was a delight – brand new, and very eye-catching. She knew straight away this was for her. The lady at the reception said it had only been open three weeks, and she

  • kath
    A True Story by countryboy88

    Following our experiences with male playmates we decided to venture into the couple’s scene so the search was on for the right couple, Richard was fussy about his women and liked smaller breasts with minimal body weight. I had been chatting to a woman in the greater local area who along with her husband

  • adverture two
    A True Story by countryboy88

    Now for our second couple, I invited Peter and his wife Linda down for a night of dinner and play. Linda was an attractive lady and Peter was reasonably handsome, around Richards’s height and hung like a donkey. I was, to say the least a little concerned about his size and taking him all. Thankfully

  • wendy and tony
    A True Story by countryboy88

    christa burge One weekend my wife and another couple travelled to the city to see Christa Burge, we were staying at a multistorey hotel with views of the river and city. We called our friends on the inter room phone when we arrived and said we were going for a swim. The weather was warm and we went

  • further adventures
    A True Story by countryboy88

    It was 7.30 on Sunday night and I had just finished cleaning up after dinner when the phone call came that would be the start of a chain of events that changed my sex life forever. I answered the phone with my usual “hello Alison speaking” when the deep masculine voice asked for John. I responded with

  • a new adventure
    A True Story by countryboy88

    Then came Greg, I had talked at length with Greg about the pending play session. I felt totally at ease and uninhibited about our up and coming night of pure unadulterated sex. Greg was a seasoned player having attended group sessions and organised orgies with a number of couples in attendance. The

  • ThatBlokeWeLike Photo
    Hotel Soiree
    A Fantasy by ThatBlokeWeLike

    I open the door to the hotel room. It is dark inside. Very dark. You are a little hesitant to go in but there is a subtle smell of lavender beckoning you in. I am to your left and you feel my right hand on your right bottom cheek, gently guiding you into the room, towards the bed that you can just make

  • Loveoraltrae Photo
    My first time in the Cuckhold
    A True Story by Loveoraltrae

    My friend an his girl was really drunk. An I was going to bed after a shower an there was the most weird scary sexuest thing ever. My friends girl friend was in my bead Absolutely naked on her hands an knees an I froze.. My friend Comes in with his phone an tells me to touch her ass an walks out..

  • SlowCooker Photo
    the Shy Nurse (part 5)
    A Fantasy by SlowCooker

    There was no stopping Adrian, he was a man possessed to have his way with Malie. He held her hands over her head against the wall while he kissed her slowly letting his tongue into her mouth. He pressed himself against her. Adrian enjoyed huge breasts, cleavage could set him off and Malie had plenty.

  • All About Rachel - Part 3: The Final Chapter
    A Fantasy by HonestBi

    ........... Simon was standing at the foot of the bed. I turned around and moved closer, I sat so his cock was pointing right at my face. I massaged his balls with one hand while tracing my fingers around his purple head and along his veiny shaft with the other. I looked up at him, our eyes met and

  • LeeMarvin Photo
    My hot physio
    A True Story by LeeMarvin

    When i was young my best mates sister was a gorgeous blond fitness guru 5`11 great legs beautiful breasts and perfect skin. She was a newly qualified physio who i had lusted after as long as i could remember. I played football for a local amateur club and during the season i did my tore a tendon

  • All About Rachel - Part 2: And Then There Were Three
    A Fantasy by HonestBi

    ....... Rachel rolled over and removed her bra. Her breasts were ample, they were creamy white like her bum and her hard pink nipples rose above them. We looked into each others eyes, then kissed deeply, her mouth was so wet and her tongue tasted so good. She reached for my briefs, which were now

  • All About Rachel - Part 1: The Beginning
    A Fantasy by HonestBi

    I'd been working with Rachel for a couple of years when she resigned. We had become good friends and although I'm married, we had often flirted, and I always day dreamed about being with her. I took her out to lunch on her last day. She kept giving me a look she'd never given me before, her eyes appeared

  • Kisseddownunder Photo
    Neighbourhood Watch Part 3
    A Fantasy by Kisseddownunder

    I stop at the doorway to the backyard and watch as you stroll, naked and beautiful, up to your pool…before you dive straight in. I can feel the heat of the outside on my naked body and start to sweat almost immediately. Walking to the pool I watch you swim to the other side then put your back to the

  • Stefanhungry Photo
    The squirter
    A True Story by Stefanhungry

    Barbara agrees to meet him the next Saturday night. Stefan is excited even though he has not engineered a sleep over for his daughter. The sleepover is not hard to arrange and Stefan heads off to Barbara’s bag of toys in his car. Barbara greets him at the door, glass of Sauvignon Blanc in hand,

  • BnB host
    A Fantasy by Myrightone

    Always think about to start a BNB business after retired. Not only to keep me busy but also to meet people and learn new things. It was a raining summer late afternoon that I had just rushed outside in the rain and collected my washing back and had my lace pants and bra in my hands when the door

  • SeductionPlus46 Photo
    A Mistress Life....
    A True Story by SeductionPlus46

    I knew it was going to be a big day from the moment I woke up. Mistress said that she was feeling dirty, and she already had orders for me. I was to play with my cock while driving to work bringing myself to the edge of cuming, stopping only to ensure I didn’t cum before putting my hand back on my cock. After

  • At The Cinema
    A True Story by Aatticus1

    About three years ago I met a woman from a dating site (not this one). It was a very vanilla site and if you mentioned anything remotely connected to sex, 90% of the women were horrified. The profile I posted was respectful and to the point. I stated that I would like our first meet to be at the cinema.

  • Dinner party
    A True Story by shelovesit158

    Hi the night started out as a normal invite to a dinner party ... but in saying that i knew there were a few people going that had form if you know what i mean lol ....so anyway i dressed up in a short skirt and heals and low top and my man in some nice gear and off we went . When we arrived there were

  • Coffee At Daves
    A Fantasy by HonestBi

    We had arranged to meet at his place. His name was Dave, 48yrs old and, unlike me, experienced with men. We had made contact, through one of those "dating" sites, started chatting and got on really well. We had shared a couple of pics and we knew we were attracted to each other. Dave invited me in