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    Master's lil slut pt 1
    A Fantasy by Misskittypaws78

    My Master called me to say he wanted to meet me, after getting off the phone he texted the  Instructions as follows;  meet me at the hotel room number 13 at 8 pm sharp dont be late. You are to wear your collar, black bra and matching panties, heels and a long coat nothing more nothing less. Hair

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    Frisked n fucked
    A Fantasy by Misskittypaws78

    Driving along minding my own business when i seen lights and sirens in my mirror i pulled over on the side of the open highway it was around 3am i waited in the car with the window down i looked out to see a male police officer with a flash light and a grin on his face. Do you know why i pulled you

  • A spanking from a stranger
    A Fantasy by BodyGobbler

    You arrive at the hotel lobby, excited but nervous, it has taken a while to convince you to do this but you keep going. You ask if there is a package for (whatever your name is) and the receptionist hands you an envelope. Inside is a room card (key), a small piece of paper with the room number and a

  • Sunny weekday fun
    A True Story by wellhello09

    Recently I caught up with an interstate visitor who enjoyed outdoor fun and therefore that is what occurred. We set out to a very isolated spot, safe, discreet and peaceful. We walked a distance into the bush, My ass was dripping wet with lube and eager to be pounded, I could feel him staring at my

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    Supervision - A Vicki Story - Chapter 6
    A Fantasy by malevoyeur

    As soon as he’d unlocked the door, he spotted her standing next to his bed holding a pair of his underpants in her hand. She was wearing a blue dress with short sleeves and although the dress had a fairly modest neckline, the hem was very short, barely reaching to the middle of her thigh, black heels

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    The Book Salesman – Door to Door has its rewards
    A Fantasy by malevoyeur

    The Book Salesman – Door to Door has its rewards ‘Good afternoon’, the man said. ‘My name is Mike and I am selling collections of books, bound in real leather. Would like you take a look at some of them?’ ‘Thank you, but this does not interest me.’ Taking a book bound in green leather from his

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    Being shared
    A True Story by Ms.Flirt

    My heart was racing as the three of us sat awkwardly on our king size bed. This part is always the hardest but I had brought my lover and my husband here into the bedroom straight away rather than the lounge room for a reason. I wanted to dive headlong through the awkwardness and get into the sexy fun

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    The bubble bath
    A Fantasy by Ms.Flirt

    I just can't stop smiling, feeling so safe and protected in your arms, running my fingers over your cheek and jaw, loving the feel of the rough stubble that's just starting to grow. I love how you play with my hair, running your hands through it, smoothing it back from my forehead, making me almost purr

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    Early morning hotel visit
    A Fantasy by Ms.Flirt

    That first time we met in your hotel room was mindblowing. We both wanted to see each other again but our schedules clashed. I messaged you with a sexy idea and moments later I had my answer. Fuck! I had such a restless night, waiting for the first light of dawn to get up, dress and sneak out of the

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    A True Story by Zamboon

    She accessed the hotel room through the garage and up the stairs and proceeded to the room number she had been given, at the door she paused and put down her handbag the door was held open by the end of a towel that had been jammed in at the bottom, hardly noticeable- she looked around and as instructed

  • In London ... the meeting
    A True Story by BB4Syd

    I was in London on business and staying over the weekend. Having walked a lot seeing the sights I was passing through Soho on the way back to my hotel. It’s a very tame red light district compared to some but I went into watch some porn in one of the cinemas. I spotted a seat through the glow

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    Booty Call (My first MFM)
    A True Story by Us2forFun70

    It happened unexpectedly after another No Show from a couple , we were left in our Upgraded Hotel room in CBD all revved up... etc so hopped on AMM after midnight to see Who was up . Never before brave enough for the Booty Call ,to a single guy , a lot easierto get than couples so late at night. Feeling

  • In Bloom - Chapter 2
    A Fantasy by jimmyjonnyblu

    In Bloom - Chapter 2 Jen sat back in the Frizzo leather couch and sipped on red wine. The flat screen TV hummed quietly in the background as flashes of white and blue flickered across the room. She glanced up from the laptop screen to the TV – the news, some young reporter, bright red lips and brown

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    First time seeing wife fucked by another
    A True Story by Us2forFun70

    Our sex life with each other is getting even better with the taste of other partners pushing our limits and boundaries to places never imagined in this lifestyle though it almost didn’t even start. I discovered the very first night my pleasure at seeing my hot wife fucking other guys. I am 7-8 inches

  • Our first 3som
    A True Story by vicpulsar40

    We had been checking out the single guys on AMM and came across this one guy who for some reason stood out ,so we made a time to meet him at a local pub, on the day my wife was very nervous and had a couple of wines to calm her nerves, we got to the pub a bit earlier than planned so we settle before

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    One Hot Day
    A Fantasy by WanHungLo

    It would be a hot sunny day, I'd be working hard in the vineyard sweat dripping from my forehead, you'd be handing out some washing as I approach the house. Your short denim shorts and a tight singlet sculptured to your hot body. I take my boots off, go inside and wash my face, only to find you at the

  • The impossible dream
    A Fantasy by Jman79

    It had been a few weeks since John had his unexpected shower time with Sharon, and yet he could not stop reliving it. John replayed in his head the softness of her lips, the firmness of her nipples, and the smoothness of her vaginal lining as he thrusted his penis deep into her, but now feeling guilty

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    The Dream – Imagination run wild
    A Fantasy by malevoyeur

    While deciding what to wear, looking forward to spending the evening alone with you, dizziness overcome me and I feel goose bumps rising on my arm as your hand touches mine as you move past me to take a shower. Smiling you say ‘I love you Nicole’ and a shiver runs through me as you speak those words.

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    My Dark Desire
    A Fantasy by Moreforme69

    It’s a warm, balmy evening as I drive into the Woolworths car park and park in the dark spot at the back near the trees that I had scouted the previous evening. My heart is fluttering in nervous anticipation of what I’m about to do. I exit my car and try not to look around as I head towards the entrance.

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    Against the wall....
    A Fantasy by Minkgloves

    We kiss.....and I turn you around to face the wall.....my lips caress your neck....my tongue flickering back and forth.... I place your hands up high and flat on the wall above your head.... Meanwhile I've placed mink massage gloves on my hands....and now I place the my hands upon the back of your