• Secret Jacuzzi Time
    A Fantasy by sshdonttellany1

    I had friends over and we were hanging out friends and drinking. It was to celebrate surviving one stressful week we all needed to let off steam. While everyone was hanging out next to the hot tub at the table and chairs myself and my guy friend were hanging in the jacuzzi. Talking to everyone from there.

  • Shower sex Part 1
    A True Story by hungboytoy

    As i arrived the usual small talk came along with it, the "what do you do's" and "were you from". soon after she had offered to show off someof the outfits she had brought along with her. Her hubby was very interested in my thoughts of her body and how sexy it looked in those short skimpy dresses

  • A euro border
    A True Story by Vein53

    I'm a 45 year old man living a single life, three months ago I advertised for a female house mate, I live by beaches, new university, it doesn't long to rent out to young girls studying. Maddy was very attractive to me, I was aroused the moment she turned up at the door, she seemed uncomfortable and

  • Freak chance
    A True Story by Sandwich75

    I was having dinner at a hotel in the Adelaide hills after work. I'd worked until 6pm and couldn't wait for the one hour drive home, so despite being in tradie clothes, I stopped in. The woman working at the petrol station next door to the hotel and had come in for a drink at the bar after work, as she

  • AnnDoll Photo
    The first time
    A Fantasy by AnnDoll

    The first time we meet, we were both so shy and quiet. To be expected as our spouses are at home. You were 100% not my type… sporty, spikey hair, covered in tatts, no formal education, two meters tall (ok, the height is totally my thing). You were perfect for what I wanted. Hot sex and lots of it. You

  • Star City Pool
    A True Story by motorcade

    Finally my work had the budget for accommodation at Star City in Darwin, which had a luxurious infinity pool where you could cool down easy from the humidity while watching the tropical sunset silhouette the palms trees as it slid into starry night. I'd driven all day and arrived late, hot, and tired,

  • My First Bi Anal
    A True Story by YouTakeMeNow

    He came to my hotel room at 6am as we had planned on AMM the night before. It was still dark but a streetlight outside my window provided enough light for me to see him undress. I lay on the bed stroking my cock and he quickly joined me. We embraced body to body and stroked each other's balls and

  • Serenity007 Photo
    Get comfortable - this is a long one ! !
    A Fantasy by Serenity007

    Part 3 As we burst in through the front door, I head upstairs and call out, “you too get the drinks, I am changing into something LESS comfortable” make Kevin comfortable darling. I quickly undress, have a quick freshen up in the bathroom and commence dressing for a fun evening, I stand before

  • Pleasureman2u Photo
    My Female Workmate
    A True Story by Pleasureman2u

    I had been asked by the boss to accompany a young female engineer out to a job to do a preliminary measure up for a tender our company was submitting. This woman was a nice enough person but kept to herself and didn’t smile all that much. She was always concentrating on her work at her desk and seldom

  • roleplayus Photo
    The Boss
    A Fantasy by roleplayus

    An Evening to remember It started out with an invitation from my employer to have drinks with himself and his wife that evening to discuss some upcoming company changes. We meet at an inner city bar, where we sit in a secluded booth, we make small talk that I note has a suggestive tone to it. Sometime

  • A tease leading to something more?
    A Fantasy by MakingMyOwnPath

    Your wetness surrounds me, welcomes me. You can feel the fabric of your panties rubbing against you and fluttering with each movement of my finger below. I move my hand away from you, and bring my wet finger up to my mouth. With my eyes locked on yours I reach out with my tongue to taste your

  • MaxxiMelb Photo
    The Pussy Master
    A True Story by MaxxiMelb

    As the story usually goes these days we had chatted a few times online. The messages back and forth allowing us to get comfortable, and in particular, me to get comfortable with allowing a complete stranger into my house. The day he entered my home, my bedroom and even me is easy to remember. It was

  • SlowCooker Photo
    The Dairy Maiden (part 1)
    A Fantasy by SlowCooker

    Katie clutched her strong brew of coffee and sat on the deck in her comfy pair of pink panties and an unbuttoned flannie watching into the distance. Acres of land between the 2 farms, no one could see her. She continued to blush as she thought about her lover she still had sleeping inside. Images

  • In Bloom - Chapter 15
    A Fantasy by jimmyjblue

    Chapter 15 The air still hung thickly with the scent of sex as Jen Bloom, now alone, stood naked in the hotel bathroom, observing herself in the mirror with a sense of newfound wonder. Her mind struggled to wrap itself around her newly created identity, that of an alluring, confident temptress – a far

  • sex4fun2live Photo
    Worth a drive
    A Fantasy by sex4fun2live

    This really happened to me unfortunately, it was all in my mind but I’m open to the opportunity of it really happening It was a good 40-minute drive for the meet, but I thought it would be worthwhile. This guy sounded interesting, was about my age and like me was in a relationship with another

  • Pleasureman2u Photo
    Skanky Young Goth Chic 2
    A True Story by Pleasureman2u

    I had been visiting my ancient aunt again partly because she is good old stick and partly to possibly see the little Goth chic again (see my story “Skanky Young Goth Chic). I knew she liked my aunt and visited her regularly. I had been three or four times to see my aunt over the months but each time

  • The oppersition
    A True Story by Biswallows

    I was working behing the bar this night ee were entertaining a group or bikers there club was (Central Upper Northern Tourers) they were a group of mr mrs average that get together and go for rides They were drinking well and in fine form the lady manager from the other service station

  • Hookin up with the cook
    A True Story by Biswallows

    A fee years ago i was working in a outback pub there were motel rooms as well the cook was a few years older (12yrs) She was a very nice lady with a hot as body .one day she was working away and she hurt her self as 2ci i had to make sure she was ok .went down to see her she was sore in the

  • Zamboon Photo
    Dirty Thoughts
    A True Story by Zamboon

    I hadn't heard from her for a few months - things going on at home she said , so I waited - I know her very well but even I was surprised when out of the blue I got an email "my dirty thoughts were when I was having my pussy licked by Joe and he was squeezing my nipples quite hard at the same time.

  • Being a bottom 4
    A True Story by Biswallows

    As my first year past with being fucked by three guys that turned into good friends The second year was looking eventful a guy friend of andys contacted me he wanted to pop by i had a day off so after we chatted for a bit he came over i greeted him at the door we went into the shower and i sucked