• Stefanhungry Photo
    The squirter
    A True Story by Stefanhungry

    Barbara agrees to meet him the next Saturday night. Stefan is excited even though he has not engineered a sleep over for his daughter. The sleepover is not hard to arrange and Stefan heads off to Barbara’s bag of toys in his car. Barbara greets him at the door, glass of Sauvignon Blanc in hand,

  • BnB host
    A Fantasy by Myrightone

    Always think about to start a BNB business after retired. Not only to keep me busy but also to meet people and learn new things. It was a raining summer late afternoon that I had just rushed outside in the rain and collected my washing back and had my lace pants and bra in my hands when the door

  • SeductionPlus46 Photo
    A Mistress Life....
    A True Story by SeductionPlus46

    I knew it was going to be a big day from the moment I woke up. Mistress said that she was feeling dirty, and she already had orders for me. I was to play with my cock while driving to work bringing myself to the edge of cuming, stopping only to ensure I didn’t cum before putting my hand back on my cock. After

  • At The Cinema
    A True Story by Aatticus1

    About three years ago I met a woman from a dating site (not this one). It was a very vanilla site and if you mentioned anything remotely connected to sex, 90% of the women were horrified. The profile I posted was respectful and to the point. I stated that I would like our first meet to be at the cinema.

  • Dinner party
    A True Story by shelovesit158

    Hi the night started out as a normal invite to a dinner party ... but in saying that i knew there were a few people going that had form if you know what i mean lol ....so anyway i dressed up in a short skirt and heals and low top and my man in some nice gear and off we went . When we arrived there were

  • Coffee At Daves
    A Fantasy by HonestBi

    We had arranged to meet at his place. His name was Dave, 48yrs old and, unlike me, experienced with men. We had made contact, through one of those "dating" sites, started chatting and got on really well. We had shared a couple of pics and we knew we were attracted to each other. Dave invited me in

  • Neighbourhood Watch
    A Fantasy by HonestBi

    Gary and Deb were an average looking couple. Gary was 51yrs with a "dads body", Deb was 49yrs with curves and large breasts. They often lounged naked and fucked in their back yard. It was pretty secluded, but I could see them if I looked out of my upstairs bathroom window. One day they asked me

  • KINKIjo558 Photo
    playfull fun
    A Fantasy by KINKIjo558

    laying on a secluded beach I looked around to see I was totally alone so stripping off I took a few nudes in the sun before cooling off with a swim, after I'd settled back on my towel I got to fantasizing about posting on a dogging site for a sunset session with as many in my holes as was possible, after

  • Stefanhungry Photo
    A True Story by Stefanhungry

    This is more than he expected. First thing Stefan does is blindfold her, collar her and put her on all fours on the bed. He prepares his steel anal hook and massages her cunt and arsehole, making her moan. The hook slips easily into her. Stefan is on the bed behind her and pushes his cock into her cunt,

  • SarahcdAMM88 Photo
    playing the dom
    A True Story by SarahcdAMM88

    a while ago i acted very differently around woman and my sexual partners i was more of a dominant and loved play BDSM. i came to meet a woman on here a little younger than i was at the time i'll call her Bell on here (not her real name) Bell really wanted to play a submissive in some lite B&D so we

  • SarahcdAMM88 Photo
    my best by far
    A True Story by SarahcdAMM88

    i was sitting at home feeling a bit lonely and wanted to find that certain someone. So i made up a account on AMM i was looking for a woman and my profile was your typical male kind profile. pictures of me smiling in my hoodie me just after a workout in the gym bit of a show off profile. For a few weeks

  • First time scared?
    A True Story by Brendanb1975

    Having been on the larger endowed level all my life I have come across those girls that are inquisitive, cute, experienced and those that fantasise. The difficulty for larger than average guys is that when we meet with those inquisitive or fantasising girls and they realise it’s more than expected

    A Fantasy by BiMick46

    With the Christmas Holidays approaching, I wanted to buy a good used caravan. I found one that came with extras that weren't in the ad..... I found the address I was given and there, on the front lawn, was the Caravan. There were a couple of good looking men, in their 40's or 50's, giving it a clean. The

  • No Regrets - Part 3 of 3
    A Fantasy by BiMick46

    ........ You run the shower and we both get in together. We take turns washing each other, paying particular attention to our cocks, balls and arses. We get out, dry each other and remain naked. You show me to your bedroom, I sit you on the edge of your bed, I kneel down, then kiss you. I stroke your

  • No Regrets - Part 2 of 3
    A Fantasy by BiMick46

    ....... We stop kissing, our eyes meet, then we embrace while our grinding gets harder and faster. Our breathing gets heavier as we feel each others hard cocks pressing between our clothes. Before either of us cum, we stop and you climb off me. You gesture for me to not speak and without saying

  • No Regrets - Part 1 of 3
    A Fantasy by BiMick46

    It's just before 0100 when you hear a car pull into your driveway. - "Shit - Is that Mick here already?" - I drive trucks and we had agreed that I would come around as soon as I finished work around 0030. You look through the blinds for your first glimpse of the man you've been sharing erotic

  • creativeteaser Photo
    Roadside Assistance Pt 1
    A Fantasy by creativeteaser

    Nat couldn’t believe she had broken down. The rain was pouring down and no reception on her phone. What am I going to do she thought. Reluctantly getting out of the car she walked up the road looking for a signal on her phone. The day starting with not a cloud in the sky she didn’t even think to bring

  • The Plight Of A Bi Man..........
    A True Story by BiMick46

    This is neither Erotic Fiction or Fantasy. Just a rhyme that I wrote.......... I've an interest in men But I'm married as well, Must keep this discrete If she knew - There'd be hell. With a profile all sorted The plunge - I am taking, Put myself out there for Friends and sexual awakening. A

  • Kisseddownunder Photo
    Neighbourhood Watch Part 2
    A Fantasy by Kisseddownunder

    The air-conditioning in your house blows softly on my sweaty skin. As I move into your kitchen I hear a noise upstairs. Climbing the staircase, I enter what appears to be a pool room. A large pool table sits in the centre of the room. There is a folded up table-tennis table in the corner along with a

  • Friskione82 Photo
    The wife’s fetish - sensory play with a friend
    A True Story by Friskione82

    What a weekend! And here's the story... ... my wife (S from here on in) has for some time been immensely turned on by the thought of me playing with other women and telling her the story (or via photos / video). Sunday evening, I got out of the shower to find S, with the most Cheshire Cat grin I've