• David two
    A True Story by countryboy88

    David one Following our initial experience with Sergio we decided to go on line in search of no strings attached play mates to enhance our sex life further. With very little research required I found a site called adult match maker and signed up for a three month trial to see what was on offer. Being

  • jimmyjonnyblu Photo
    In Bloom - Chapter 1
    A Fantasy by jimmyjonnyblu

    t was that time of year again. The holidays were here, and Jen needed to find a suitable employee for her boutique insurance agency. At 41, she had been running the firm for little under a year, but her professionalism and work ethic had made it one of the most successful in the city. Her employees were

  • sun baking
    A True Story by countryboy88

    Sunday afternoon Jane and I went for a walk along the beach, I was a beautiful day not too hot, we decided to sit on some rocks and then moved to some soft sand where there is a little inlet where the waves come in and out. We spread a couple of towels out. It was very pleasant siting enjoying the sounds

  • warm summers night
    A True Story by countryboy88

    It was a warm summer Thursday night and did our grocery shopping early, dropped off the shopping and then returned to the shopping center for a cup of coffee. Afterwards we wandered around the stores and we noticed the lingerie store had some delightful new items in the window. I decided to try some

  • greg two
    A True Story by countryboy88

    On Friday night my wife told me that Greg was coming for a massage, he did this regularly. I said I’ll slip down to the shops for a few things. When I returned Greg had arrive and my wife had commenced the massage. The room had a curtain at the door and thru the semi darkened I could see into the room.

  • mark two
    A True Story by countryboy88

    Following our play session with Mark I had discussed the potential of a one on one visit to his place. Richard agreed to the meet up as long as I told him all the details upon my return, must be a guy thing as it always seemed to get him extra horny when we talked about our sexual encounters. Mark and

  • mark one
    A True Story by countryboy88

    I had been chatting to a guy online he indicated he liked dancing. As I enjoyed dancing I figured he would be an interesting play date. We finally teed up a date for a Saturday night when neither of us had dancing. His name was Mark and he was a police officer and avid rock and roll dancer. When he

  • the never ending story
    A True Story by countryboy88

    The never ending chapter I was attending a local dance in October 2011, when to my delight I met Malcolm. I had danced with him many years before on occasions but never really knew him that well. He had come to the dance with a group of friends and we had a number of dances together. At the end of

  • Lynn and john
    A True Story by countryboy88

    It was a Friday night and our long-time friends had come over to catch up for a visit and drinks. Richard and I had previously discussed with John about playing when it had come up in conversation. We had made it clear that if it affected our friendship in any way we would not consider doing it. John

  • The Maintenance Man
    A Fantasy by Lustlymale

    The maintenance man I was driving along looking for 35 Johns St as I had a call out for a leaking kitchen sink. I had no idea while munching on my apple what I was in for and it was 1 job I'll never forget. I pulled up in the drive way and grabbed my toolbox and slowly walked up the pathway between

  • barry
    A True Story by countryboy88

    I had been speaking to Barry for some time and due to work commitments it took some time before we could arrange a meet up. Finally we agreed on a date and time and Barry came down form Perth to meet up. We had spoken for so long it felt like we already knew each other and the night seemed to flow easily. We

  • broadwater
    A True Story by countryboy88

    She was driving along looking for somewhere to stay, when she came upon the Broadwater Motor Resort on the shore of the Swan River. It was a delight – brand new, and very eye-catching. She knew straight away this was for her. The lady at the reception said it had only been open three weeks, and she

  • kath
    A True Story by countryboy88

    Following our experiences with male playmates we decided to venture into the couple’s scene so the search was on for the right couple, Richard was fussy about his women and liked smaller breasts with minimal body weight. I had been chatting to a woman in the greater local area who along with her husband

  • adverture two
    A True Story by countryboy88

    Now for our second couple, I invited Peter and his wife Linda down for a night of dinner and play. Linda was an attractive lady and Peter was reasonably handsome, around Richards’s height and hung like a donkey. I was, to say the least a little concerned about his size and taking him all. Thankfully

  • wendy and tony
    A True Story by countryboy88

    christa burge One weekend my wife and another couple travelled to the city to see Christa Burge, we were staying at a multistorey hotel with views of the river and city. We called our friends on the inter room phone when we arrived and said we were going for a swim. The weather was warm and we went

  • further adventures
    A True Story by countryboy88

    It was 7.30 on Sunday night and I had just finished cleaning up after dinner when the phone call came that would be the start of a chain of events that changed my sex life forever. I answered the phone with my usual “hello Alison speaking” when the deep masculine voice asked for John. I responded with

  • a new adventure
    A True Story by countryboy88

    Then came Greg, I had talked at length with Greg about the pending play session. I felt totally at ease and uninhibited about our up and coming night of pure unadulterated sex. Greg was a seasoned player having attended group sessions and organised orgies with a number of couples in attendance. The

  • ThatBlokeWeLike Photo
    Hotel Soiree
    A Fantasy by ThatBlokeWeLike

    I open the door to the hotel room. It is dark inside. Very dark. You are a little hesitant to go in but there is a subtle smell of lavender beckoning you in. I am to your left and you feel my right hand on your right bottom cheek, gently guiding you into the room, towards the bed that you can just make

  • Loveoraltrae Photo
    My first time in the Cuckhold
    A True Story by Loveoraltrae

    My friend an his girl was really drunk. An I was going to bed after a shower an there was the most weird scary sexuest thing ever. My friends girl friend was in my bead Absolutely naked on her hands an knees an I froze.. My friend Comes in with his phone an tells me to touch her ass an walks out..

  • SlowCooker Photo
    the Shy Nurse (part 5)
    A Fantasy by SlowCooker

    There was no stopping Adrian, he was a man possessed to have his way with Malie. He held her hands over her head against the wall while he kissed her slowly letting his tongue into her mouth. He pressed himself against her. Adrian enjoyed huge breasts, cleavage could set him off and Malie had plenty.