• The impossible dream
    A Fantasy by Jman79

    It had been a few weeks since John had his unexpected shower time with Sharon, and yet he could not stop reliving it. John replayed in his head the softness of her lips, the firmness of her nipples, and the smoothness of her vaginal lining as he thrusted his penis deep into her, but now feeling guilty

  • malevoyeur Photo
    The Dream – Imagination run wild
    A Fantasy by malevoyeur

    While deciding what to wear, looking forward to spending the evening alone with you, dizziness overcome me and I feel goose bumps rising on my arm as your hand touches mine as you move past me to take a shower. Smiling you say ‘I love you Nicole’ and a shiver runs through me as you speak those words.

  • Moreforme69 Photo
    My Dark Desire
    A Fantasy by Moreforme69

    It’s a warm, balmy evening as I drive into the Woolworths car park and park in the dark spot at the back near the trees that I had scouted the previous evening. My heart is fluttering in nervous anticipation of what I’m about to do. I exit my car and try not to look around as I head towards the entrance.

  • Minkgloves Photo
    Against the wall....
    A Fantasy by Minkgloves

    We kiss.....and I turn you around to face the wall.....my lips caress your neck....my tongue flickering back and forth.... I place your hands up high and flat on the wall above your head.... Meanwhile I've placed mink massage gloves on my hands....and now I place the my hands upon the back of your

  • senso84 Photo
    Living transgender
    A True Story by senso84

    I was barely 19 and I was at brisbane casino. I sat next to a decent looking guy and he won a lot of money. He said it was all me. He then told me his wife was away and invited me home. Well I found out I could handle 12 inches. I bit the pillow for a while then enjoyed every inch of his gorgeous big

  • Post-exercise refresh
    A Fantasy by Jman79

    It was early on a Tuesday afternoon and John arrived back at work toting a backpack. He'd taken advantage of the pleasant early Autumn weather as he did most days by having a swim in a natural pool that formed part of a nearby river. The pool was deep and had some current, but generally this was safe

  • Zamboon Photo
    The farm girl
    A True Story by Zamboon

    I was chatting to a girl from the country who came up to see a bf a bit closer to Town a few weeks ago - she and I had been talking dirty for a while - anyway she told me I couldn’t come and fuck her but it would be nice to meet me so I made the hour trip to the farmland and took her for a pie in the

  • guynxtdoor10 Photo
    Pre-Game Warmup
    A True Story by guynxtdoor10

    Several years back, when I had just re-opened my AMM account after a brief hiatus, I was killing some time prior to an indoor soccer game. I had just upgraded to a gold membership that day and was looking to shoot out a few messages in the hope id connect with someone and have some fun that evening.

  • Pleasureman2u Photo
    Mrs P – The Grandmotherly Type – part 2
    A True Story by Pleasureman2u

    This happened when I was in my early forties, about 41 or 42 I calculated. I had been working with a buxom woman at one of the regional offices for a few weeks and this one day as a result of continually ogling and fantasizing about her tits, I was horny as a goat and would probably have rooted a knot

  • SeductionPlus46 Photo
    Expect the unexpected.....
    A Fantasy by SeductionPlus46

    Your busy working in your office when I called….. Hey baby what you doing I’d say….. Just working you replied…. I am in your area honey, want to do lunch???? You’re about to reply and there is a knock at the door….. You open the door the phone still in your hand, and there I am standing with a smile

  • Exploring my fetishes
    A True Story by Geeky2480

    In my 20's i was carefree and set out to travel the world. First stop was the UK where all us good convicts came from. I ended up working at a pub like most backpackers do. The crew I was working with at the time was good, we all loved a Saturday night bender after a feed of the chippies’ leftover

  • IamNew329 Photo
    A True Story by IamNew329

    A friend and I who do a class together are challenging each other on who can flash the biggest camel toe when we do our presentations in front of the class. Well I know I can be very naughty but what my friend did was purely outrageous. She wore some silky white tights and trust me she was hiding nothing.

  • TwoAmigos Photo
    A lady lets loose
    A True Story by TwoAmigos

    Julie had been thinking about this for the past few weeks, the initial trepidation had given way to anticipation, she had run through various scenarios in her mind and the imagined sessions never failed to make her horny, soaking wet, touching herself. She had coffee with some of the men that she had

  • Inspirational64 Photo
    Pure excitement
    A True Story by Inspirational64

    How often do you meet someone and fantasies about them until you realise they are thinking of you the same way. This is my story working away in an office , often say hello to this sexy beautiful lady , she says hello back , but that’s as far as it goes , catch her on her way home one day offered

  • malevoyeur Photo
    The Woods - A Vicki Story - Chapter 5
    A Fantasy by malevoyeur

    Mike’s jaw dropped as the red headed woman, with shapely legs and body came out of the water in front of him. Completely naked, her breasts pushed out proudly, capped by firm erect nipples. She was dripping wet from her swim in the nature made pool, and seemingly extremely comfortable, despite his presence

  • malevoyeur Photo
    The Coach Trip – There’s more room than you think
    A Fantasy by malevoyeur

    I settled into my window seat wondering who will I get next to me, with my recent luck some fat slob with body odour. Then as a sexy, female voice asked if the seat was taken. For a moment I was almost shocked into silence but I managed to reply ‘No, please, be my guest’ I silently cleared my throat

  • malevoyeur Photo
    Massage – Relaxing Delight
    A Fantasy by malevoyeur

    You lay naked on your back, your eyes closed as I began to gently massage your ears, rubbing then stroking as I moved over your face, kneading the muscles and lightly brushing past your lips as I work down your neck. I pour more warm oil the top of your shoulders, and spread it down each arm and taking

  • malevoyeur Photo
    Welcome Home – A Sweet Gift
    A Fantasy by malevoyeur

    Her beautiful blue eyes looked seductively at me as she pulled the front of the dress down slowly, revealing her naked breasts and hard nipples. Hesitating for a moment, then taking her hands off the dress, she ran them over her breasts as they firmed under her delicate touch. Kim had gently pulled the

  • The Camping Trip Pt. 1
    A Fantasy by BxRiffle

    The Camping Trip - Part 1 With the weather getting warmer, M and I decided to go for a long weekend of camping on the coast. We decide on a secluded camping ground in the National Park on the bay and packed for two nights. With tent, sleeping bags, lilos, camp stove and utensils, clothes and swimmers

  • When your on a roll
    A True Story by Geeky2480

    Again, When I was in Brisbane my sex life was at its peak, I was on AMM as well as a few other sites, Myself and my housemate were both single and often would have a bit of a comp to see who could get the most dates in a month. He won a few I won a few. But this particular week I had met around 4 women