• After the night is over
    A True Story by hotanddesperate

    It started off as a normal night out with the girls until we got to the local club. There we ran into a friend of mine Rob and his friend Matt. The rest of the night was spent with Rob attempting to set Matt up with any of the three of us, there was lots of drinking and by the end of the night it seemed

  • Smokocaster Photo
    Women's Prison Farm - One
    A Fantasy by Smokocaster

    1 – Arrival – the warden The back of the truck opened up and a guard called out to Brenda and the other two prisoners to hurry up and get out. The prison farm was a hot, dry place and Brenda noticed that the guards, all women and mostly tall and solidly built, all wore truncheons and whips on their

  • Slut wife pays the repo man...
    A Fantasy by pnj1209

    I'd been at work all day and when I got home my wife Ellen greeted me with another one of those "I've been naughty" smiles I know and love. I was hard in an instant, but knew I'd have to wait till later that night when we were in bed before I found out the details... She told me that about an hour

  • The Man
    A True Story by tsv23

    It had been almost two months since I had laid my eyes on the man. Butterflies were flickering in my stomach as I waited for him at the terminal. The announcement had been made, the flight was now disembarking. I scanned the crowd for the man with the dreamy brown eyes. As he approached me, the nerves

  • Brian and Ann threesome
    A True Story by leonayfriend

    I got a surprise phone call at 5.30am this morning,it was Ann the F half of a couple I met last Saturday night and she said would you like to come over for an early morning threesome with us,Ray, Brian and Ann are retired pommies about late 60's who like to play, I didnt need to be asked twice so we

  • my friend lucy
    A Fantasy by badsexgirl

    Lucy, my best friend, was as excited about my date as I was. She helped me choose a long red satin evening dress, strapless with a full flowing skirt. White evening gloves and a gold necklace completed my outfit. Simple but elegant. She pinned up my long blond hair allowing cascading curls to fall

  • Payback
    A Fantasy by Harlzs

    He had been texting me all day telling me what he would like to do when he saw me that night so I thought I might pay him a visit at work as I was so turned on. I walked into his office and closed the door....opening my coat to reveal to him that I was only wearing a bra and panties underneath. He

  • Mountain men
    A True Story by fancythis

    I had a great night and it was nearing an end, I was really horny and decided i had better look around the club if i was gonna find a decent fuck for the night. I had done plenty of prick teasing but now closing time i wanted the full deal. They stood out like a pack of animals, boys from a country

  • Mistress
    A Fantasy by Cosmo.Girl81

    She sits there on her bar stool, fingers playing with her almost empty wine glass. Blood red nails sliding up and down the stem, the rim of the glass stained with her lipstick. She looks around the classy bar, eyes running over the bodies of the men who are gathered there. As she goes to turn back

  • me and betty
    A Fantasy by dazza1261

    I went to bowl at the alley on wed night and my friend betty came up to me and asked me to bowl in her team I agreed to it and we walked into the bowl together hand in hand She was really hot tonight and when I had finished my shot she leant back on me making me really hard.This was making it difficult

  • The day it happened.....
    A True Story by gibbo27

    he came to my house for a quick visit. we talked some and we both got v hard. he started to rub me and told me to take down my pants. I did and he worked my cock like I couldnt believe. Maybe its because my i hadnt been sucked in a while but geez was it good. I came in his mouth and swallowed as much

  • wow what is she up to
    A Fantasy by badsexgirl

    one day you come home from work and your best friend is sitting on your couch she said"come here"very softly you sit on the couch and you notice that she does not have bra on and you feel her hand going up your dress you smile you give her a soft kiss on the lips now you feel her pulling of your thong

  • Weekend Retreat ©Angel/Renie
    A Fantasy by Rob76Angel70

    Marty turned up at my door for like the fourth time already this week. He was stressing and needed a break. Over worked and under sexed was my take on his situation. I had mentioned a break to him, but like always he knew best...Well thought he did… “No it will all settle down” he would say. Sitting

  • Attending a wedding Part 3
    A True Story by funtimes0623

    We are all in the pool having some fun when I noticed Sharon & Mike have swum done to the shallow end and she then starts sucking his hard cock. After a minute or say she grabs his cock in her hand and leads him from the pool and still holding onto it motions him over the grassed shady area where the

  • me and a friend and a hot 18 year old
    A Fantasy by dazza1261

    I was lying in bed and thinking to myself and dreaming what it would be like to have sex with a girl half my age I had met a friend who wanted to experiment with a guy and wanted to suck a guy This had intrigued me so I messaged him and said that if he could get me a hot 18 year old girl to fuck

  • A Glass Of Brandy
    A Fantasy by whitecloud1962

    A GLASS OF BRANDY This is a fantasy that I have had on my mind for a long time, it starts when I come home one day & my wife is dressed in her French maid outfit dusting with her feather duster & polishing the furniture. My wife takes off my coat & helps me slip into a fine silk robe, she then hands

  • Bored housewife dreams of being gangbanged. I will make it as perfect as I can for you honey
    A True Story by CairnsGroupFun

    > --------------------------------------------------- > > To: CairnsGroupFun > Date: Sep 27, 2006 8:56 AM AEDT > > > --------------------------------------------------- > > Sender: CairnsGroupFun > > To: > > Date: Sep 27, 2006 12:38 AM AEDT > > > > Hi there, would like to introduce our group,

  • Heather and I go bi bi
    A Fantasy by wayne1717

    Heather was my second wife. She had slowly persuaded me into having a relationship with her, while I was still married to my first wife. She was a stunning blonde. This, despite the fact that the top and cuffs don’t match. So really, without the twice monthly visits to the hairdresser, she is a stunning

  • Nurse Jessica
    A Fantasy by wayne1717

    H ello there, my name is Rachel. I’m 18 years old and just entering VCE at high school. This is the story of that terrible summer that I had gone to the hospital. Here’s what happened, I woke up at about 2 in the morning with problems with my asthma. It was a nightmare I was wheezing and just having

  • Attending a wedding Part 2
    A True Story by funtimes0623

    After last nights sexy romp we both had a good nights sleep and it's now Saturday morning and time to get ready for the wedding. The wedding is an 11am wedding so there is no time to waste, especially as Donna has an early hair appointment 8.30am. When Donna returns to the pub to get ready I'm already