• threesome with older couple
    A True Story by leonayfriend

    I was contacted by an older couple last week Bruce and Angela , I went over to their house at 2.00 last Friday and Angela met me at the door and said "are you the bloke who is going to fuck me Bruce cant get it up any more so he just watches come on lets get on with it" and promptly lifted her dress

  • Inside my maserati
    A True Story by maseratiporsche

    Weve had this new guy start at work as the managing director, his name is Steve. When he first arrived yesterday, every female in the building was impressed by the upgrade in good looking men in the building. He's tall, well built, nice peircing blue eyes and a smile that could kill in a second, I had

  • Slut Wife's Wedding Tryst
    A Fantasy by pnj1209

    Ellen looked radiant in her wedding gown, stunning from head to toe. As he whisked her away from the table into the hallway, she protested... "I can't Pete. I CAN'T! It's my wedding day for christs sake!" "God, oh god I want to fuck you!" "Face it Pete, It's not going to happen, I'm married

  • A staff rendevous
    A True Story by maseratiporsche

    So after the "riding the maserati" incident with my bosses daughter, I went back the next day to work all normal and tried to hide the fact that I had been getting dirty in the car park the previous night with Kirsten on my bosses merecedes SLK. Unfortunately this did not happen. I walked in after my

  • Master & slave pt 2
    A Fantasy by Dom4Fun

    When we got to the lounge, Master was holding a drink and pacing around something that looked like it was used to inflict pain. “Hello my 2 lovely whores, oh, my mistake, my slave and new whore! Whore…” I guess we didn’t have names any more, just titles, degrading ones at that. “Come over here.” He finished.

  • joncam Photo
    Bless women directors!
    A True Story by joncam

    This is from my youth - no wonder I turned out loving women directors! I've known Angela for a few years. I met her at my old work and the first time I saw her I thought she was a very elegant, sexy woman. We worked quite closely with each other when she had a production in the studio and had lots

  • joncam Photo
    Date Club
    A Fantasy by joncam

    Hi - this is a favourite of a previous girlfriend - not sure it it's true or not so playing safe with "fantasy". Enjoy.... It was around 8pm and I had just finished washing the tenant's dishes when the phone rang, I’m sure I swore under my breath, I couldn’t be bothered answering the damn thing

  • joncam Photo
    Date Club
    A Fantasy by joncam

    Hi - this is a favourite of a previous girlfriend - not sure it it's true or not so playing safe with "fantasy". Enjoy.... It was around 8pm and I had just finished bathing the kids and putting them to bed. I was just about to start the dishes when the phone rang, I’m sure I swore under my breath,

  • Some like it hot, so let's turn up the heat 'til we fry
    A True Story by pinksofa

    Sam followed the guys in as they returned to the station having successfully battled the fire. She watched them as they stowed their gear and cleaned it all up. She wasn't really supposed to be there, but she'd always had something for firemen and when she'd met Gary at the pub, she'd told him that she'd

    A True Story by maseratiporsche

    Im a 21 year old hot single young female from Wellington, NZ. A young entrepreneur, I fly back and forth between my 2 hometowns of Wellington NZ to Manly, Sydney AU. I have many sexual partners all around the world which is why I choose to be on my own I need the freedom to just do what I want to do,

  • Hot, Hard & Fast
    A True Story by pnj1209

    The following is a true story which happened to me at the Illawarra Hotel in Wollongong. I can't believe it's been 18 years since this happened... It was New Years Eve and my fiance` and I had gone to the pub to watch my brother's band playing. The place was packed and it was a great atmosphere.

  • bedger1000 Photo
    My first threesome
    A True Story by bedger1000

    Growing up as a typically over aroused young guy, I'd always fancied a married woman who lived nearby. They were both professionals and far too high and mighty for most people in our neighbourhood. She was always well dressed in tight little business suits, heels and what I hoped were stockings, that

  • You can never feel too much touch
    A Fantasy by Cuddlyhotnsexy

    You described your experiences to me and it had me feeling so hot, the blood rushed through my labia and i was feeling my clit area swell and throb with longing. Longing for what? Its very very dark. You cannot see your hands in front of you. You know you were taken into a seedy sex theatre but

  • Meeting in a Bar
    A True Story by itsme54

    We had talked for ages about the fantasy but had never dreamed it would cum true!! Mi wife and I arranged to meet after work at an upper class bar for a drink, dinner and then stay overnight at a 5 star hotel on the Gold Coast - Well, I decided to see what would happen if I secretly arranged a "Lady"

  • Slut Wife's first Black Cock...
    A Fantasy by pnj1209

    A few years ago my wife Ellen and I went on a holiday to the Nth Coast of NSW, Australia. Whilst we were staying at Port MacQuarie, we decided to go on a canoe day trip up the river. We arrived at the jetty about 7am to find another 7 people already getting their gear ready. There were a couple of female

  • Smokocaster Photo
    The Punishment of Isabelle
    A Fantasy by Smokocaster

    In the summer of 1648 Isabelle was a bright eyed, mischievous maiden of 15 years, living in a small town in the provinces of southern France with her mother, her father having died honourably in one of the many wars in which France was engaged. She and her mother managed a small rooming house and Isabelle

  • Slut Wife's first photo shoot...
    A Fantasy by pnj1209

    My wife Ellen and I were lying in bed recently doing one of our favorite things. No we weren't fucking, not yet anyway, we were reading "Picture" magazine. Our favorite bits are the "My Best Fuck" stories, Homegirls and Homeblokes photos. We'd just finished reading "My best Fuck" and Ellen flipped to

  • Slut Wife
    A Fantasy by pnj1209

    I hate being on the road for work because it means leaving my beautiful wife Ellen at home alone. I also love being on the road for work because it means leaving my beautiful wife Ellen at home alone! Confused? Maybe I should explain... The reason I hate to go is because at 36, Ellen is drop dead

  • One on the sly...
    A Fantasy by pnj1209

    A group of us were camping by the river one weekend to go water skiing. There were 4 couples, George & Sharee, Brook & Erin ,Brad & Deb and Ellen & I. We were going to be testing out Brad's new ski boat. We arrived late in the afternoon, set up camp and then cooked a meal followed by a few beers round

  • Master & slave
    A Fantasy by Dom4Fun

    I am my Masters slave and submissive, he uses and abuses me in any way He wants, so lets make it clear that anything I write He has total right to do! I am a waitress from 10am til 5pm every weekday. Outside these times he owns me. I wear a leather collar with metal clips that states that I belong to