• wendywanda - Emails to an AMM member
    A True Story by sexywendy

    Hi, I am wendywanda Well I finally did it ! I had my first threesome on Saturday with a couple (Sean and Julie) that I met here on amm. I had absolutely the best time ever. We met for drinks and lunch at the Hope Island tavern, which was very nice. I was surprised at how nice Sean and Julie

  • Horny anal slut PART 3
    A Fantasy by wayne1717

    As she left, I sat down at her desk and began to search her computer for information as she had suggested. However, I noticed a folder on her computer desktop titled “My Movies“ and couldn't resist taking a peek. I double clicked and a window popped up showing a large number of icons, although they

  • Horny anal slut PART 2
    A Fantasy by wayne1717

    “Hey," Jane greeted, quietly as she opened the door to find me standing here. “Come on in." I walked into the small apartment, leaving my shoes by the doorway. Jane was wearing a pair of tiny tight shorts so I was happy to glue my eyes to her ass as I followed her inside. She was also wearing a tiny

  • Horny anal slut PART 1
    A Fantasy by wayne1717

    I shifted uncomfortably in my seat, trying to find a position in the hard wooden desk that wouldn't cause my ass to go numb. Just five more minutes. Five more minutes and then my weekend could begin. I hated friday classes. They always seemed to drag on, and this one was no diffeRent. And to make matters

  • Alone in the dark
    A Fantasy by wayne1717

    You suddenly realised that you have walked into an adult theatre by mistake. On the giant screen in front of you was the guy using his tongue on the young girl he was with. “Damn lucky bitch” you said, without realizing that she’d spoken aloud. It’d been far too long since you have had oral done

  • Touring cars and a gangbang, lifes great
    A True Story by toolplace

    For those who know us the following won’t surprise you, for those who don’t we’ve been swinging for 20 odd years so nothing my wife does shocks me. She’s quite the slut while myself a voyeur I love to watch her being screwed by other guys. Anyway after a day out at round 3 of the Australian touring cars

  • Emma's Sexy Adventure
    A True Story by lickermadly

    I was anxious, nervous and excited. I was about to open my new post box to discover what mysteries would be inside. As I opened the box I found a small gift box type parcel which looked like it could hardly contain anything at all. After opening it and brushing aside the elegantly folded lining paper

  • Reading emails
    A Fantasy by Shorttimemelb

    Goddamn she was horny! Suzie sat at the computer desk, reading emails, but her mind wasn’t on the job. It had been a month since her interstate man had been in town and Suzie was missing him like crazy. They had met on-line, a dating agency. After sifting her way through the hundreds of freaks,

  • our first threesome
    A True Story by young_and_hot

    my girlfriend and i had talked about having a threesome with another guy for some time but nothing had eventuated until one night we decided to take our fantasy further. i had been out on the town with a few of my mates when my girl rang to see when i was coming home. she asked who i was with and

  • sexontop1 Photo
    The Flirt
    A True Story by sexontop1

    Hey, I wanted to share the story of our boring weekend at home. I would love to hear feedback. The following story has been written and submitted by 'Sexontop'. It may not be reproduced wholly or in part without permission. The Flirt He hadn't been paying enough attention to me. Too busy

  • Going down...
    A Fantasy by wayne1717

    I always felt that I was a sensitive guy; you know pretty intuitive and aware. Yet I had no inkling of what was about to take place as I waited for the lift that afternoon. The doors swished open and the only person in sight was my own reflection in the mirrored rear wall. I stepped into the empty car

  • first time fun
    A Fantasy by A&G39

    Hi my name is Logan and I had to tell you what happened a few weeks ago. My wife Maddie wanted the backyard fixed up. So I roped in my best mate Peter to give me a hand. So Maddie and Kelly made us some lunch before we started . I told them to go shopping while we worked . As Maddie

  • The real estate agent
    A True Story by andyo_syd

    This happened a few years ago, not long after my then girlfriend ran off with a work colleague. A few details have been altered or left out to protect privacy. I had taken a day off work and was wondering around one of sydneys more affluent shopping villages to keep my mind off things. Retail therapy…

  • Suzy and Strangers
    A Fantasy by sexymark73

    You’re asleep when the phone rings. It's 1:00am, you recognise the voice it's Mark on the other end. “I want you to put on a coat nothing else there’s a taxi down stairs waiting for you leave now “. You grab your coat and stumble out the door, sure enough there’s a guy in a cab on the street. You

  • Meeting Lisa
    A True Story by andyo_syd

    I had been visiting the city on business for three days. Lisa could not make it for the first few days because of other commitments but tonight was our night of catching up once again. We had become friends since meeting at the swingers club and then had caught up the following day. Lisa can only be