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    First taste of cock
    A True Story by KadinaBiGuy

    This is my true story about the first time i got to suck another guy off. It was a friday night about 1am and i was in an Adelaide gay chat room. I got chatting to a guy and we were discussing how I wanted to try sucking a guy off and he said he was willing to drive up too Elizabeth and he would suck

  • The Public Showers at the Beach
    A True Story by christian0121

    I had been at the beach for most of the day and it was getting late so i decided to go and have a shower.I took my board shorts off,turned the water on and got in. Two young good looking surfer guys came in and they both got in as well one of them was behind me and started playing with my cock,he could

  • My fuck buddy
    A True Story by christian0121

    I know this man who i will call Martin who is forty, hes eight years older then i am.i met him through a friend of mine and one day during last year he rang me up and told me he was on his way down south to see some friends and asked if he could drop in on the way i told him that it was o.k. He lives

  • It started with a kiss... part 3
    A Fantasy by pix-TRIVIA*DOM

    I lovingly sucked on his hard, throbbing cock, spit was running down my face and onto my breasts, his precum was giving me a taste of what was to come. I pulled him out of my mouth and he looked at me dissappointed, pleading for more. I grabbed the lube that lay strewn on the floor beside me and

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    Women's Prison Farm Seven
    A Fantasy by Smokocaster

    7 – the warden’s surprise After the dinner party, Brenda was rewarded with a night in the hospital, to allow her to bathe and rest. The petite guard removed her dildo harness and, smiling knowingly, licked Brenda’s pussy before giving her a slow and extremely pleasurable fistfucking. “I knew you’d

  • Wendys Wicked Ways....part 3
    A Fantasy by ##ozdewiz69

    Wendys Wicked Ways....Part 3 Warren started pumping his fingers in & out of Wendys arsehole, almost pulling them out & then pushing forward as hard as she was pushing back against him. As he was pumping with one hand he kept lubing her arsehole up with the come from her pussy. He stuck

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    Let the wind blow
    A Fantasy by lovers2905

    Gail As I walk up to you from behind the first thing I notice is the perfume, it excite me with passion, I grab your arms from behind and kiss the back of your neck from one side to the other, as I do this , my hand slides down your arm onto your low back firmly stroking it, moving further down to

  • oldie but a goodie
    A True Story by gregory1234

    I sent a wink to an older couple (she is 72 and he,74, as I found out later). They answered my wink and we started to chat and decided to meet at Chermside. After coffee we went to there place where Helen had a quick shower and we all retired to the bed. She did not hesitate to get my cock into her mouth

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    Three for tea
    A Fantasy by lovers2905

    I was talking to a lady friend of mine, a lady in her early thirty's, 5'10", blonde hair and blue eyes, her figure is full, large breasts, light tanned skin, long thin fingers and long legs. She was wearing a loose top and matching short skirt, a push up bra, making her breast stand out more, red

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    After the Job interview
    A True Story by sharron34

    Tara was very happy as we showered after the session in the gym. She gentley washed me from head to foot and I returned the favour. She asked if she had the job and I told her No. and told her that because of what had happened it would be immpossible to work together and not get complicated. As

  • Wendys Wicked Ways
    A Fantasy by ##ozdewiz69

    Wendy's Wicked Ways....Part One Wendy was sick of her near-new television playing up & had already taken a day off the week before, just for the repairman to tell her that he didn't have the required parts to fix it. He'd then told her 2pm this week, yet here it was nearly 4 & not hide nor hair

  • Wendys Wicked Ways....Part 2
    A Fantasy by ##ozdewiz69

    Wendy's Wicked Ways......Part 2 Warren reached down & tweaked Wendy's nipples, causing her pussy to spasm again. She HAD to have his cock, NOW, she thought. Warren pushed the towel from her shoulders, letting it drop to the lounge. Now her could see her completely. His half hard cock started to

  • Red Dress
    A Fantasy by iceman103

    The following is a true story as seen though my eyes. I was sitting in a piano bar in Hobart having a quite drink minding my own business, just looking around as one tends to do when they are on there own. The bar had a raised section around the windows and I was sitting at a table on the lower level

  • Pix it started with a kiss.....1
    A True Story by pix-TRIVIA*DOM

    Our eyes met over a crowded room, he casually stolled over and stopped in front of me our eyes gazing (so mills 'n boon - pix). I gasp, as before me was a man whose eyes were like 2 pools of molten chocolate, I step closer till his breath lightly brushes my lips, (Barbara Cartland take notes) and

  • Copenhagen summer
    A True Story by torben

    It was my second summer in Scandnavia. It was a long hot summer. The days never seemed to end, but lingered on in golden twilight. A long term relationship had just ended and I was contemplating my next move. Continue travelling or return home? The latter being the least attractive option and then I

  • footy sex
    A True Story by chunkynuts

    A FEW weeks ago after a game of footy that left us overheated and pissing sweat, my best mate Davo and I decided we deserved a few long, cold ales at the local before crashing back at his joint. A shitload of piss later, I was feeling fine and trying to stick my knob into anything that had tits and a

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    The Gym
    A Fantasy by Travellingman34

    She was about 23. I saw her in the gym every morning during my workout. It made the 6.30am start worth the pain. Watching her bend and stretch while I was doing some curls really got the adrenaline pumping. We would always leave the changerooms at the same time, a nod and a smile and off to work.

  • my love
    A True Story by chunkynuts

    I have just masturbated magnificently. It was glorious, and I can still feel the light nerve twitches of your vagina and the heavy throbs of your clitoris and womb. I have just spoken to you, and this is what you do to me. Chicane’s Saltwater was playing in my mind as I got up and went and

  • I wanted her body
    A True Story by torben

    I wanted her from before we met. We'd talked on the phone and her voice excited me. She was well spoken, witty and clever. When we met I was instantly attracted to her. We ate, we drank, and we flirted. She was very pretty. Her body was well rounded and quite supple. Late that evening we went back

  • Mild BDSM
    A True Story by torben

    Imagine a very heavy wooden table. An old table of fine quality. She was face down arms stretched out and bound to the table. She could smell the scent of old wood, the residue of spices and candle wax. She was blindfolded. Her remaining senses were heightened. Suddenly her hearing was enhanced. Her