Three Cocks and A Swinging Pussy

So there I was, clad in a black leather-look corset with gold zip through the front, black lace crotch-less knickers. I was hot, I was horny and I was just hanging there. Ass perched on the edge of one thick padded strap, another behind my back. My wrists were restrained above my head, and my thighs were resting in two thick straps, restraints around my calves chained to my thigh cuffs.

I know my husband loves the sight, seeing me hanging there, pussy peaking through the black lace, just glistening with the start of my arousal. With two more guys due tonight, I felt like Cleopatra. I would be the centre of attention, my every whim attended to.

Three pairs of eyes were suddenly on me, two widening in aroused interest at the sight I made before them, my husband's shining with ardent desire knowing all the possibilities that could play out tonight.

I lay back into my swing, the padded straps hugging around my body in support. Dropping my head back, my eyes closed and I waited in vervent anticipation on what was to come.

A warm hand slid across my foot, the lightest of touches, enough to make my body start to move in the suspended swing.

Another touched my shoulder, and a bounce came into the movement of the swing. My stomach tightened and my pussy clenched in anticipation.

And then a hot mouth hovered above my waiting sex, I tried to move into the teasing mouth, but a hand curled over my shoulder, strong fingers resting at the base of my throat, anchoring me from reaching for the tongue so close, yet now so far away.

There must have been some unspoken communication between the men, because suddenly my ass was lifted into the waiting mouth, tipping me back, the gasp at the unexpected opening my mouth for the waiting cock to slip in.

Greedily I began to suck at the thickening cock, my mouth filling the more I tried to swallow.

The mouth on my pussy got busy fast. Licking at my slit, stopping to suck on my clit, pulling the bundle of nerves away with a sharp pain that tumbled swiftly back to pleasure as my clit was released and fingers teased at my wetness.

I whimpered around the cock that filled my mouth, preventing me from crying out with the building pleasure as the mouth at my pussy alternated between sucking my clit and licking my slit.

A hand tugged at the zip of my corset, drawing it down an inch, just enough for the heaviness of my breast to fall free. But it was not free for long, a hot and hungry mouth descended, greedily sucking for my milk.

My moans around the cock increased. My sucking lost its rhythm, and spit began to dribble from the corner of my mouth. I could feel my muscles tightening around the fingers that now tormented me, searching deep in my heat, stroking my g-spot and pulling an orgasm from me.

And then the dam broke, and my juices flowed fast and free, pouring into the hungry mouth, overflowing faster than he could guzzle and coating my ass with its warm wetness.

The eager noises of encouragement from the lapping mouth encouraged me further, and more juice poured out. My senses now filled with the headiness of sex. The cock in my mouth grew tighter before it released the musky taste of cum in my mouth, I swallowed greedily, determined not to lose a drop of that liquid gold. The cock was pulled out, the owner groaning his pleasure at the torment my continued sucking at his over-sensitive cock after his orgasm.

I wasn't empty for long. Another cock was placed in my mouth, and once more I sucked while fingers tweaked at my over sensitive nipples.

I moaned at the loss of the mouth at my pussy, but before I could free my mouth to complain I felt the hard length of a cock push in. The swing now bounced, absorbing the punishing pace set from the cock in my muscle clenching pussy, and the cock in my mouth.

There was nothing to do but enjoy the heady pleasure and take the punishment that was too wickedly fun to be discipline.

I was cumming again, as my mouth filled with a saltier taste than before. And the cock in my tightened pussy spasmed with its own orgasm.

The night was young, and already there had been five orgasms. I was released from the swing, my limbs were jelly and I collapsed to the mattress nearby.

If I though that was heavenly, I was to be proven wrong when my ass was to be pounded later that night.

Stay tuned for Three Cocks and An Ass Pounding.

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