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    Wake Up Mate
    A Fantasy by NightOwl47

    Your cock pounds my ass harder, my cheeks rippling with every deep thrust you give. The sounds of our moans and your balls slapping as you fuck me hard is suddenly broken by the ringing of your phone........... And you wake up. It's 2:30am and I've just finished work. As arranged, I'm giving you

  • being a cock lover
    A True Story by bibottomfun

    after master and Andrew had was there fun with me I arrived the next day following there instructions I was to arrive ass shaved balls shaved and wearing lacy panties I walked in Andrew was there I knelt down on the lambs wool rug they stood and I sucked one as I stroked the other then put both

  • master instructs a bottom
    A True Story by bibottomfun

    master had been fucking me four times a week for a while now teaching me how to take cock in many different positions this one day he had been fucking me he commented on the way I had learnt well to take cock he was calling me a cock slut but as he had only fucked me no one else had I was not a true

  • a friend calls
    A True Story by bibottomfun

    a few years ago my friend called Andrew messaged me hey you want some now Andrews cock was seven inches of heaven hard and smooth it felt so good he'll yeah was my reply now I cleaned out inside like I always do it's polite got dressed and headed over I messaged him I am here a few mins

  • as a bottom
    A True Story by iswallowbi

    a few years ago I had a fweek riend who use to call me up and ask if I wanted t o suck him as he had a fine hard cock I could not say no he was in me three times a week I would go Round kneel or lay on bed he would feed me his c ock then when he had enough of being sucked he would turn me over lube

  • The way he looked at me
    A Fantasy by OnlyAvg

    To set the scene, when I first was struggling with the concept of if I was gay or bi, I reached out to another soldier I knew was gay to discuss. He was great, we chatted for ages and he made me feel better. I never came out and thought nothing of it at all, this was 12 years ago and while I never came

  • P is for Pegging, the ultimate way to get to his prostate (IT WON’T MAKE YOU GAY!)
    A True Story by SeriouslyBi

    I had to laugh when I saw this in the erotic alphabet, a blog post on this site. P is exactly how I discovered I was Bisexual and didn't know it. One of my previous stories speaks to how I discovered I was Bisexual and that it all started from a place where I was once considered homophobic. A

  • Coffee At Daves
    A Fantasy by HonestBi

    We had arranged to meet at his place. His name was Dave, 48yrs old and, unlike me, experienced with men. We had made contact, through one of those "dating" sites, started chatting and got on really well. We had shared a couple of pics and we knew we were attracted to each other. Dave invited me in

    A Fantasy by BiMick46

    With the Christmas Holidays approaching, I wanted to buy a good used caravan. I found one that came with extras that weren't in the ad..... I found the address I was given and there, on the front lawn, was the Caravan. There were a couple of good looking men, in their 40's or 50's, giving it a clean. The

  • Seduced by a massage
    A True Story by guynxtdoor10

    So as a 22yo sports loving straight guy at the time of this story, I loved a good massage. One night, as I was trawling the AMM sphere for some late night fun, I received a message from a fit, older asian guy. Naturally at first I disregarded it as I considered myself straight, but after a few back

  • Being a bottom 4
    A True Story by Biswallows

    As my first year past with being fucked by three guys that turned into good friends The second year was looking eventful a guy friend of andys contacted me he wanted to pop by i had a day off so after we chatted for a bit he came over i greeted him at the door we went into the shower and i sucked

  • Being a bottom 3
    A True Story by Biswallows

    After my first three some it was not long before i had others many with andy the second guy he even was seeing me alone ast his house as well as getting filled by master. Master said to me this night u are a slut arnt you here i am fucking u four times a week how much more do u want .more i said

  • Being a bottom stage 2
    A True Story by Biswallows

    After a few months of learning how to be a good bottom . The guy pounding me asked if there was anything else i wanted to do i said another guy at same time he knew of a guy as he was giving me my daily dose he was telling me about him i said get him here i recived a extra hard pounding that afternoon.

  • Being a bottom
    A True Story by Biswallows

    When i started i was in my thirtys I amswered a add in the local paper We chatted and he said u best get round here and have your first cock I was nervous as i knocked on his door and he opened it afternoon in there i entered his lounge porn was on tv couch and fur rug with pillow we sat

  • Being Looked at
    A True Story by BJMan69

    This time last year l decided to get another split system installed up stairs. Looked on Gumtree and there was a guy that sold and installed and good price. So booked him in to come on Saturday. He arrived very pleasant guy young and attractive didn't think much more than that. So took upstairs to the

  • My friend breeded my hole
    A True Story by Slipssuckcum

    My friend use to message me get here your ass needs attention. I would shower clean out inside and get over to him I would message i was there he would greet me and i would be ready for his commands one time he said stop as the door closed kneel so i did he then pushed his cock into my mouth

  • Trying to give my first blow job
    A True Story by SeriouslyBi

    I remember the first time I ever touched another man's cock and attempted to give him a blow job. It was exhilarating and challenging to say the least. However, before I explain myself let me provide some context. I can't speak for other men, however I have only once in my life found anyone that can

  • How did I know I was bisexual
    A True Story by SeriouslyBi

    How did I know I was bi. Well sit back and let me tell you a story. I used to serve in the Australian Army in Infantry, which is rather homophobic, so to realise I was bisexual didn't happen over night. When I was 25 I meet a girlfriend who loved anal sex. She couldn't get enough of it. However

  • Thai Massage
    A True Story by Rave72

    I have always enjoyed having Thai massages especially the "Signature Thai massage". This massage is quite similar to swedish massage with the long strokes which feels quite relaxing. The signature thai massage usually starts with the therapist using her knees to stretch the musles at your back from

  • My first male massage (based on a true story)
    A True Story by BiNaturist

    I was in agony. My back was in spasm and I could not sit for more than five minutes nor stand for more than ten. A close friend knew how much pain I was in and told me of an online site where I could find a masseuse willing to come to my home. In a great deal of pain, I got online, found the site