• My friend breeded my hole
    A True Story by Slipssuckcum

    My friend use to message me get here your ass needs attention. I would shower clean out inside and get over to him I would message i was there he would greet me and i would be ready for his commands one time he said stop as the door closed kneel so i did he then pushed his cock into my mouth

  • Trying to give my first blow job
    A True Story by SeriouslyBi

    I remember the first time I ever touched another man's cock and attempted to give him a blow job. It was exhilarating and challenging to say the least. However, before I explain myself let me provide some context. I can't speak for other men, however I have only once in my life found anyone that can

  • How did I know I was bisexual
    A True Story by SeriouslyBi

    How did I know I was bi. Well sit back and let me tell you a story. I used to serve in the Australian Army in Infantry, which is rather homophobic, so to realise I was bisexual didn't happen over night. When I was 25 I meet a girlfriend who loved anal sex. She couldn't get enough of it. However

  • Rave72 Photo
    Thai Massage
    A True Story by Rave72

    I have always enjoyed having Thai massages especially the "Signature Thai massage". This massage is quite similar to swedish massage with the long strokes which feels quite relaxing. The signature thai massage usually starts with the therapist using her knees to stretch the musles at your back from

  • BiMelbGuy2 Photo
    My first male massage (based on a true story)
    A True Story by BiMelbGuy2

    I was in agony. My back was in spasm and I could not sit for more than five minutes nor stand for more than ten. A close friend knew how much pain I was in and told me of an online site where I could find a masseuse willing to come to my home. In a great deal of pain, I got online, found the site

  • being a sub toy
    A True Story by somethingoral

    A little while ago I had a message from a guy on here he wanted to be sucked we chatted for a while and found out his wife wanted to watch sure no problem so we made a time to meet that we suited us all I arrived and he greeted me he said his wife was in the bedroom waiting we walked in she was

  • master calls
    A True Story by bbbitheway

    This is from a few years back my master called saying he wanted me there so I shaved my ass and crotch master liked it smooth I also cleaned out inside ready for him got dressed and went over knocked on his doorcand he greeted me come in as soon as door was shut he said stop get on knees he dropped

  • The First Time
    A True Story by somefun421

    Well after many years of solo anal play, I decided it was time to try the real thing. I'd had a few abortive attempts in the past via AMM - arranging a meet, but then pulling out (greatly regretted now - I still look at photos of the cock & think what may have been...). One Friday night in June a

  • TomBone
    A True Story by TomBone

    My wife knows I crave cock and she is happy for me to play alone. I winked a man on here who was straight, he looked very masculine and he turned me on. Later that day he sent me a message saying he liked my profile and he could accommodate. We met for coffee first, it was amazing. when we shook

  • eating my brotherinlaws cum
    A True Story by oldmate12

    a while back now i was eating my brother in laws cum. how this came about is a long story so ill start from the beggining. when i first met my mrs it was at a friends birthday party i listened to this chick bang on for hours about how much of a bunch of cunts her family were as we got talking i noticed

  • Learning fun for a bottom
    A True Story by Oraldump

    As i was exploring the world of being a bottom and as i had a eager master who lived close back then he would message me saying get here for a lesson i would clean out inside and get over i would walk in strip down and go over to him and start licking and sucking his cock i would

  • Getting back into it
    A True Story by Oraldump

    After a loooooong spell of being out of the game i decided there was a need to get back into it I was contacted by this guy and yes i decided to have a meet He arrived and we got innto it, he layed down and i got between his legs and with my tongue and mouth sucked up his cock all the way down

  • First time BiMle
    A True Story by DeerPool1978

    A friend contacted me about a camping weekend to be held on some private property with access to a private home and a remote private camping area open only to friends. It was to be with friends of his, I had not seen him for a year or two since we finished school, both us were working in different industries,

  • bedroom fun
    A True Story by Twoholez

    I made contact with this guy he wanted a guy to suck him I knocked on the door he answered ontimegood to see.. In there i walked into his room he said kneel i did as i was told i opened my mouth he pushed his cock into my mouth i took it all in his balls were on my chin he worked

  • My first BI threesome
    A True Story by pounditharder

    I had made arrangements to meet up with a couple who had messaged me on AMM I was able to get the use of a friends purpose built Play place . Julie wanted to see her partner Matt fuck another guy as well as seeing him fucked really hard . Julie and Matt arrived right on time and were no sooner in the

  • Rave72 Photo
    Mechanic - a sequel part 2
    A True Story by Rave72

    This is a sequel to my the first part of Mechanic -a sequel part 1 which I had written using my my previous profile. After my mechanic's first blowjob experience after the mobile car service, he became a frequent visitor almost regularly every Friday afternoon after finishing his work at the shop. As

  • hard and sexy tranny
    A True Story by crashriprock6

    I meet her through an add in the newspaper , we had seen each other a couple of times before and was always great fun, I hadn't seen her advertise for sometime when I noticed her add on another site , so I contacted her and set up a meeting time . When I arrived we had the usual small talk and pleasantries

  • Afternoon of fun 2
    A True Story by Wannabiused

    As i was sucking our new friend master lubed up and slide in with one stroke all the way to his balls they got into a rythum and was balls deep at each end master blew his load and they swapped ends i sucked masters cum and lube covered cock as our new friend entered me oh my god ue was thicker

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    Afternoon at the spa
    A True Story by Massagelover97

    This story happened to me when I went to a gat spa recently on a visit to Sydney. After driving up from Canberra, I went straight to the spa to see what action I could find. After entering and stripping down, I went into the spa to relax my tired muscles after the long drive. After feeling nice and

  • Beach Time
    A True Story by jamey709

    So I left the wife back at the apartment and went to a beach close to Nelson Bay for the last of the summer rays. Up into the sand dunes stripped off and lay down to enjoy. It wasn't long before an older guy I had seen before came over and started talking with me. He couldn't keep his eyes of my hardening