• Mrs Open Meets the girlfriend (Mrs Open)
    A True Story by Openforit78

    Mr Open had asked me to meet his girlfriend he had at the time, l didn't want to at first but thought maybe it could lead to something else if l did. So l invited her over to get to know her when she came in she was a little shy but as we talked we found out we were very much alike we liked a lot of

  • sshdonttellany1 Photo
    Office fun
    A Fantasy by sshdonttellany1

    Late night at work, it's not unusual, I am a workaholic, always have been. Its a trait of mine that makes me a renowned hard worker who puts their job above everything else. Its Monday night, late-night clinic night, which means three doctors will work into the night, the patients are finished paperwork

  • Subbish horny slut
    A True Story by pussydog71

    Was out at this work drink a couple if weeks ago. Boring boring boring Until this woman from another Division showed up with her crew. A bit older than me. A bit dressed up for the type of event. In truth she was dressed like a sexy slut, so very hot. She breezed over to where I was . I'd detached

  • SlowCooker Photo
    the Shy Nurse (part 2)
    A Fantasy by SlowCooker

    Back home Malie had the shopping away in between checking her text. She just couldn’t stop blushing. Adrian was wearing her out with sexual innuendo. Malie enjoyed it; it was tasteful yet extremely alluring and descriptive; he had a way with words. She sorted herself a salad, she knew dinner was

  • SlowCooker Photo
    the Shy Nurse (part 1)
    A Fantasy by SlowCooker

    She got up earlier than she would usually on a Saturday morning brimming with excitement. All she could think of was her date for the evening. Now Malie would never consider bedding a man on the first date but this different, Adrian had a way with words and those words got her moist like no one ever

  • SlowCooker Photo
    The Widows Lust (Part 1)
    A Fantasy by SlowCooker

    During her customary glass of red with dinner, Alison Taylor out of nowhere, decided to go shopping the following day. It was going to be a day of pampering and a whole new outfit. At this point of time she had no idea what she wanted to buy, all she knew it was going to be something she felt sexy

  • Some Fun With A New Friend
    A Fantasy by Olive1975

    Approximately 3 weeks ago mick and I met a filapino lady in AUSTRALIA fair shopping centre whilst we was shopping , her name is Agui but uses Sandy here in OZ , she is 28 and married to an older man ( 66 ) , we chatted for a while and eventually swapped phone numbers and told her to call us if she

  • The Fishing Trip!!
    A True Story by Slida181

    We met Jo & Krissy a few months earlier and we were now established as fuck buddies. Krissy & I often met at remote locations for lunch time sessions and the 4 of us had played together occasionally. The girls were loads of fun and we all loved partying hard. It was a beautiful morning warm, sunny

  • Katieraw88 Photo
    Seduce my man and I cleanup
    A Fantasy by Katieraw88

    So I heard this recently and it’s now something I want to try..... He knocks at the door, totally innocent and ready to pick up the side table I purchased off Ebay (or so he thinks 😉). She answers the door dressed in just a towel with wet hair and apologizes as she just got out of the shower.

  • Susanne's second man
    A Fantasy by JJsensual

    Susanne put the finishing touches on her makeup; pouting at the mirror she roughed up her hair again then stood back to see the effect. She knew she would never be a hundred percent happy, she tilted her face in the light, glaring at the tiny lines at the edges of her eyes. Susanne was pushing on past

  • Thick.n.uncut Photo
    After breakfast
    A Fantasy by Thick.n.uncut

    I move through the water and take you in my arms. We kiss, our tongues pushing against each other. I move down to suck on your nipples one at a time. You run your fingers down my back leaving scratches again, the bubbling water making them sting You pull me up and bite my neck hard knowing it will

  • Thick.n.uncut Photo
    The next morning
    A Fantasy by Thick.n.uncut

    I wake up in our hotel room, you're still sleeping as I get out of bed. I look over your naked body and my cock twitches at the thought of fucking you again but I pull the sheet over you and grab a towel and wrap it around my waist. I go to the table outside and cut up some fruit for breakfast, I've

  • Thick.n.uncut Photo
    Meeting for the first time
    A Fantasy by Thick.n.uncut

    Meet for a quick drink then back to my room. Kiss and bite your neck as I take off your top then grab your breasts when I see you’re not wearing a bra . Grab your arse as I suck on your nipples then push you back onto the bed I take off my shirt as you unzi my jeans. I'm not wearing boxers so my hard

  • WaynePT Photo
    Horny Talk
    A Fantasy by WaynePT

    Kate tried to get the attention of waitress wandering by. After ordering a couple more drinks, I was in a very mischievous mood, I decided to tease her, ask her about her sexual fanasies, what she loves, ask about her inner secrets, her sensual cravings......"So what naughty little sexy secrets do you

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    Birthday surprise
    A True Story by lobbyanne4u2day

    It was late one afternoon, I had chatted to Ned about setting up a birthday surprise for his lady. I was horny and he needed someone to make the birthday present a reality in a public place. I nominated a warehouse location on the southside that had plenty of gardens for cover. My instructions were that

  • Drewnellen Photo
    Hot times
    A Fantasy by Drewnellen

    Theres almost nothing else i would rather be doing then running my tounge up and down ur wet pussy enjoying the taste of ur wetness and listen to u moan as i slowly insert one finger into ur now dripping pussy as i push up and down on ur g spot U pull me as u cant take it any more we kiss with passion

  • First hookup
    A True Story by aggouri

    It has been quite a few years since I met my current partner Sue through another dating site and while I was married to my ex wife and she was married to her ex husband.After exchanging a number of texts and phone calls for a few days,we decided to meet.We met at a local coffee shop and straight away

  • Back in the saddle
    A True Story by U know U want 2

    I found her unit, down the back with the light on. I hear footsteps coming to the door. The light goes out. 'Hi' she says, inviting me in. It's dark. Other than that she's short with nice curves I have no idea what she looks like. Nor she I, I suppose. She leads me to her room. A single candle sends

  • Caught then frozen stiff
    A True Story by Jamesyboi

    When my partner and I first started dating we were playing the alphabet game; where you try to fuck in a place Beijing with each letter of the alphabet. You didn’t have to go in alphabetical order and you could knock of two letters at a time so we planed to drive my van (V) to the park (P) whilst

  • Caught then frozen stiff
    A True Story by Jamesyboi

    When my partner and I first started dating we were playing the alphabet game; where you try to fuck in a place Beijing with each letter of the alphabet. You didn’t have to go in alphabetical order and you could knock of two letters at a time so we planed to drive my van (V) to the park (P) whilst