• Miya90 Photo
    A dirty park adventure
    A True Story by Miya90

    This is all many years ago when I got a new bike for my 18th birthday. Dad assembled it the night before and hid it in the garage. When he rolled it into the living room, I was so excited! I hopped on and told everyone I was taking a ride to the park and back. I was still wearing my new skirt and I didn’t

  • KineticJarl Photo
    TINDER massage...
    A Fantasy by KineticJarl

    It would start off innocent enough me answering the door to reveal you on the other side.. as l slip my hands around your lower back pulling you in tight for a kiss! Shutting thr door & pushing you up against it, our lips & tongues still locked in a frenzy of nervous pashion meeting each other for

  • Different Night Out Pt1
    A Fantasy by silent14u

    Peta was bored. She was sick of having to come out once again to one of her husbands work dinner parties for all the pompous and ceremony bullshist and who's who in society. All politicians counselors government officials bragging about there do gooding ,how much money they making, then about their wives

  • My Fantasy of meeting you.
    A Fantasy by Sir_lancerlot48

    I would like to share a fantasy that I have about meeting you in real life.... I am traveling with my work and am able to get a delay of 5 hours at your airport waiting for my next flight, and we make an arrangement to meet, in the hotel lobby, where I have booked a room to rest up between flights. I

  • Zamboon Photo
    The Club
    A True Story by Zamboon

    you look forward to visiting the club - to being attended to by some bulls who will suck your nipples to your instructions - 2 guys at a time while their lubed fingers caress your labia and sex and slip inside you 2 fingers 2 guys finger fucking you while they suck long and hard on your nipples - don’t

  • Re post Part 2
    A True Story by yourownsecret

    Part 2 of my re post Story cont: from Part 1 posted on 8th April 2015 So……. I rolled her over and got her onto her knees, this had been a marathon session and I wanted relief but checking out the view I knew I wouldn’t maintain much longer when I was in her so I dropped to my knees and let my tongue

  • A re post
    A True Story by yourownsecret

    I was thinking about this the other day and decided to re post . Hope you enjoy I have been a gold member in the past and let it lapse due to lack of response because I have been honest enough to state that I am married. It seems that even the ladies on here that are married want a single man, maybe

  • Putting the work in
    A True Story by tscuntfuck

    This gay guy from this site messaged me and said he was happy to dress as a girl for me if I wanted to fuck him. I looked at his pics and he looked like he could pull off a decent girly look if he dressed right but I wasn’t going for it. I was sick of topping everyone, my ass has needs too. I told him

  • The dirtiest I’ve ever had
    A True Story by tscuntfuck

    I started chatting online with this really kinky crossdresser in another city as I was headed there for a few days. She told me that she had one fantasy - to be picked up off the street as if she was a prostitute but that if I did that she’d do anything I wanted. I’d had some things I’d wanted to do

  • The old “t4m” personals
    A True Story by tscuntfuck

    On this sadly defunct personals website I used to always scan the “t4m” section in the hope of finding hot cross dressers on there. This one ‘girl’ used to say she gave free massages and I was a bit dubious but after a few months of seeing it I was in a really horny mood so I answered the ad. She didn’t

  • Club Hookup
    A True Story by tscuntfuck

    So there used to be this tranny joint in Sydney and I despite having had a thing for trans women for a few years I’d never actually been with one, so I went there with two of my straight mates ‘for a laugh’, little did they know I was actually there for a perv. Anyway we watched some stage shows

  • My Girlfriend In The Bush
    A True Story by Pleasureman2u

    Does anybody know the Glow Worn Tunnels at Newnes, NSW? I used to go there as a young fella so that was many years ago. My brother in law took us there when I was a teenager and I had been back once by myself since then. I met a girl a couple of years after that who was a keen explorer of the outback

  • Zamboon Photo
    Miss P
    A True Story by Zamboon

    She was nervous and excited as she entered the hotel and took the elevator to the 5th floor , she had walked a few blocks and the buttplug that was in her felt comfortable although it made her conscious of her mission and she was sure it was pressing against her bladder from within, she was dressed smartly

  • Cheaters
    A True Story by doodaa58

    A few weeks ago I asked my partner if she was seeing someone else. She denied it. No problem I thought. I told my best mate about it and often confided in him about my issues. Last day of January this year we had a great day at the botanical gardens and the swimming pool with our boy. She took him

  • Wildewillsy76 Photo
    My wife's best friend sister.
    A True Story by Wildewillsy76

    Last weekend (Australia Day long Weekend) my wife and I were on the Gold Coast for my wife's best friends mother 70th. That to means one thing and that is having sex with my wife's best friends sister Michelle. We arrived at the GC Airport on the Friday morning still exhausted from not sleeping to well

  • The surprise
    A True Story by beachboy45

    This story begins with my membership on AMM Have been here a while and have enjoyed many a great time with many a beautiful lady but this one is just a little different I had been chatting with this lady ( a lot younger than me and a remedial massage therapist) a little while and had exchanged email

  • Rooted by the Football Team
    A True Story by Pleasureman2u

    I used to work with a girl when I was about 30. I suppose a better description was that she was a woman but she acted young and flirty so for some reason I thought of her as a girl. She was about twenty five at the time. She used to come in on a Monday morning and tell me about how she had been with

  • PD1969 Photo
    I kissed a girl and I liked it. Ummmmm
    A True Story by PD1969

    I was out for the night with my husband at a club. Id gone into the ladies room and as I finished washing my hands a very attractive lady surprised me with a pash, driving her tongue deep into my mouth. She told me I was so hot and she could not help but kiss me. That she wanted me so bad. I

  • deepsoul0011 Photo
    When you least expect
    A True Story by deepsoul0011

    I was on another site, just a dating site and I was just scrolling through profiles and saw a familiar face, we had both met 3yrs ago and had a coffee together, but I was getting over a relationship and the timing wasn’t right, but I often thought of this lady because she was not only gorgeous to look

  • Travas54 Photo
    A Fantasy by Travas54

    It's funny when you live in an apartment building in Melbourne you began to see the same people at different points in their life. There are the early morning commuters who are driven in their careers, racing to the gym to start their days. There are the partiers who usually enter and exit the building