• Zamboon Photo
    A True Story by Zamboon

    In the gloom she was sitting on the towel that she had wet , her skirt pulled roughly up around her hips, 3 guys had fingered her , she came twice while they sucked her nipples strongly once she yelped when the guy bit her and he whispered in her ear that was payback for pushing your butt plug back in

  • My Queen
    A True Story by Thinkingoutloud

    Met this beautiful woman back in 2014 Most amazing women I ever laid eyes on, The moment I sore her and stared into her eyes and seen her beautiful soul I knew I had seen the better half of me and smiled!! (Also locked my door behind her and she’s never left) 😂 I knew she was the one, there’s not a

  • A spanking from a stranger
    A Fantasy by BodyGobbler

    You arrive at the hotel lobby, excited but nervous, it has taken a while to convince you to do this but you keep going. You ask if there is a package for (whatever your name is) and the receptionist hands you an envelope. Inside is a room card (key), a small piece of paper with the room number and a

  • Ms.Flirt Photo
    The bubble bath
    A Fantasy by Ms.Flirt

    I just can't stop smiling, feeling so safe and protected in your arms, running my fingers over your cheek and jaw, loving the feel of the rough stubble that's just starting to grow. I love how you play with my hair, running your hands through it, smoothing it back from my forehead, making me almost purr

  • Ms.Flirt Photo
    Early morning hotel visit
    A Fantasy by Ms.Flirt

    That first time we met in your hotel room was mindblowing. We both wanted to see each other again but our schedules clashed. I messaged you with a sexy idea and moments later I had my answer. Fuck! I had such a restless night, waiting for the first light of dawn to get up, dress and sneak out of the

  • Zamboon Photo
    A True Story by Zamboon

    She accessed the hotel room through the garage and up the stairs and proceeded to the room number she had been given, at the door she paused and put down her handbag the door was held open by the end of a towel that had been jammed in at the bottom, hardly noticeable- she looked around and as instructed

  • In London ... the meeting
    A True Story by BB4Syd

    I was in London on business and staying over the weekend. Having walked a lot seeing the sights I was passing through Soho on the way back to my hotel. It’s a very tame red light district compared to some but I went into watch some porn in one of the cinemas. I spotted a seat through the glow

  • Us2forFun70 Photo
    Booty Call (My first MFM)
    A True Story by Us2forFun70

    It happened unexpectedly after another No Show from a couple , we were left in our Upgraded Hotel room in CBD all revved up... etc so hopped on AMM after midnight to see Who was up . Never before brave enough for the Booty Call ,to a single guy , a lot easierto get than couples so late at night. Feeling

  • Us2forFun70 Photo
    First time seeing wife fucked by another
    A True Story by Us2forFun70

    Our sex life with each other is getting even better with the taste of other partners pushing our limits and boundaries to places never imagined in this lifestyle though it almost didn’t even start. I discovered the very first night my pleasure at seeing my hot wife fucking other guys. I am 7-8 inches

  • senso84 Photo
    Living transgender
    A True Story by senso84

    I was barely 19 and I was at brisbane casino. I sat next to a decent looking guy and he won a lot of money. He said it was all me. He then told me his wife was away and invited me home. Well I found out I could handle 12 inches. I bit the pillow for a while then enjoyed every inch of his gorgeous big

  • Zamboon Photo
    The farm girl
    A True Story by Zamboon

    I was chatting to a girl from the country who came up to see a bf a bit closer to Town a few weeks ago - she and I had been talking dirty for a while - anyway she told me I couldn’t come and fuck her but it would be nice to meet me so I made the hour trip to the farmland and took her for a pie in the

  • guynxtdoor10 Photo
    Pre-Game Warmup
    A True Story by guynxtdoor10

    Several years back, when I had just re-opened my AMM account after a brief hiatus, I was killing some time prior to an indoor soccer game. I had just upgraded to a gold membership that day and was looking to shoot out a few messages in the hope id connect with someone and have some fun that evening.

  • Pleasureman2u Photo
    Mrs P – The Grandmotherly Type – part 2
    A True Story by Pleasureman2u

    This happened when I was in my early forties, about 41 or 42 I calculated. I had been working with a buxom woman at one of the regional offices for a few weeks and this one day as a result of continually ogling and fantasizing about her tits, I was horny as a goat and would probably have rooted a knot

  • SeductionPlus46 Photo
    Expect the unexpected.....
    A Fantasy by SeductionPlus46

    Your busy working in your office when I called….. Hey baby what you doing I’d say….. Just working you replied…. I am in your area honey, want to do lunch???? You’re about to reply and there is a knock at the door….. You open the door the phone still in your hand, and there I am standing with a smile

  • TwoAmigos Photo
    A lady lets loose
    A True Story by TwoAmigos

    Julie had been thinking about this for the past few weeks, the initial trepidation had given way to anticipation, she had run through various scenarios in her mind and the imagined sessions never failed to make her horny, soaking wet, touching herself. She had coffee with some of the men that she had

  • Inspirational64 Photo
    Pure excitement
    A True Story by Inspirational64

    How often do you meet someone and fantasies about them until you realise they are thinking of you the same way. This is my story working away in an office , often say hello to this sexy beautiful lady , she says hello back , but that’s as far as it goes , catch her on her way home one day offered

  • When your on a roll
    A True Story by Geeky2480

    Again, When I was in Brisbane my sex life was at its peak, I was on AMM as well as a few other sites, Myself and my housemate were both single and often would have a bit of a comp to see who could get the most dates in a month. He won a few I won a few. But this particular week I had met around 4 women

  • Callmeany Photo
    Good for the goose
    A True Story by Callmeany

    Im steve and as many guys i wanted a 3sum my wife and another woman witch my wife is straight so i thought if i let her have a guy and me then i wont feel bad if i get my way later So i asked if she wld like a 3sum with another guy. Well she looked at me with eyes wide open and said What you would

  • Surprise!!!!
    A True Story by Brendanforfun

    After abstaining for weeks from physical contact and not finding the “right one” I ventured with mates out to a regular Ryan’s Bar in Sydney and sparked up a conversation with this gorgeous sexy woman standing with drink in hand in her business pants and blouse After sharing several drinks stories,

  • Wannabemycowboy Photo
    The cleaner
    A Fantasy by Wannabemycowboy

    I’m so excited today my cleaner will have come when I return from work, my house will be beautiful and sparkly and I’ll be able to put my bags down and my feet up when I walk in the door....... I walk in and yes I was right my house is really lovely and clean. I slip my heels off and unzip my dress