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    Time to play
    A True Story by CandAforfun

    We met as planned in the hotel room. We haven’t fucked for a long time probably knew what were in for an anticipated this moment . I had a knock at the door. As I looked at her she had that look in your eyes come in. I passed her a glass of champagne our eyes never drifting apart. I reach over and take

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    A True Story by Superfuntime469

    We found each other on line. Both horny and ready to meet. Chatting back and forth about how we could please each other was enough to get me going. She gave me her street address and I headed on over but she went off line. When eventually she got back on line I was in her street but didn't know the number.

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    Off To The Races
    A True Story by Pleasureman2u

    Quite a few years ago (I was about 40) I had finished work early and headed off to the races. I was high up in the lounge bar area at a stand up table with a great view of the track. I had been talking to a group of three women and a guy standing at the next table for most of the afternoon and they had

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    62 year old wife gives me lesson part 1
    A True Story by theonestud

    I'd met Susan with an older couple who used to throw parties at home. But I didn't meet her at a party...met hear one night the Jerry and Jane came to see me perform in the city at a jazz venue. J&J were experienced mid 50s swingers who loved music and dancing. I probably had more non sexual encounters

  • Mystery fuck
    A True Story by Countryguyy43

    My first story so be kind. This all happened about 4 months ago, I had been chatting to an attached woman from Adelaide, after alot of talk and feeling the hormones rise, we decided to meet halfway between where I lived and Adelaide, so pt Wakefield for those in SA. So we meet at a park near the

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    Not the sexiest place on earth...
    A True Story by BojackH

    By the time make it to Cobar I’m exhausted, dusty, thirsty, unshaven and reeking. I pull up outside the Occidental Hotel; park the bike, head straight to the bar, order a schooner and a key to one of their rooms and head outside to the beer garden. It’s a weeknight and the place is deserted, except

  • The Beach
    A Fantasy by Badcervantes

    I lie reading a book on a fairly deserted stretch of beach. Just reading, swimming, sunbaking and repeating. A few people walk by now and then, but noone of any interest until your shapely figure saunters past. I eye you up and down as you approach and you smile at me, swinging your hips as you walk

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    My security guy friend
    A True Story by Rave72

    After four years of living in Melbourne and relocating back here in Sydney I could say that Melbourne curious guys are indeed friendly and hot. There’s something “different” and sexy with Melbournian guys While residing in Melbourne, I found a local pub close to my place where I met this young 21

  • First time with a squirter.
    A True Story by Northie80

    Back when I was living in Brisbane I would frequent the pages of amm and other sites looking for some "interesting" women. I night I came across a very wicked looking young woman from the GC. Her profile was very safe and didn't have that she was looking for much other than fun. We ended up catching

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    A True Story by tonguemaster67

    Hi to you all As you can see from my profile I’m a lot older than you however you might enjoy getting off on my experience the other night This guy contacted me and said they want a older experienced man to help His lady cum as she had never had an orgasm I have this massage table Sue was as nervous

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    like to play
    A Fantasy by naughty3somes

    Here is my fantasy for our up coming trip to GOLD COAST IN ( JULY ) We are enjoying a gorgeous sunny day at the beach and we are astounded by all the sexy people here in GOLD COAST , my wife is so turned on and continues to point out sexy guys or girls and saying , I wonder what they are up to later

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    Why m2mis so hott
    A Fantasy by mozzmozz

    Well that is what I like to do is make you enjoy and I can also enjoy and get your best performance for both of us to feel that unbelievable feeling that you can only get when a cock and a male asre are met together leaving the other Cock and asre knowing that there feeling that bond which Is taboo

  • Wife's Best Friend
    A Fantasy by FriendPlus0879

    I'm a 41yo married man. 181cm tall, 96kg, good looks, average body, with a tad under 5" cut. My wife is 35yo, 157cm tall, 57kg, very attractive, slim build, D cups, and a natural pussy. Well I finally done it, and got her to chat on me. How I done it... As a regular user of CL...but never

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    Headland Chic
    A True Story by Pleasureman2u

    This was a few years ago before I retired, I was working at home for a couple of days and I used to check who was on AMM while taking a break. I logged on and there waiting for me was a message from a young woman who was in my area staying, for a couple of days, with an old aunt and uncle of hers. She

  • Till I can't move
    A Fantasy by Makkkk

    I'd flip you onto your back onto the bed as I climb ontop of you and kiss your neck and bite your neck as I grind on you, feeling my cock get harder gradually within my jeans. I'm about to move down but you get up and have to see my hard cock. You unzip my jeans and then see that its quite hard but you

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    Bar fun part 2
    A Fantasy by Serenity007

    Lance and Pat are standing in the middle of the room both naked and Pats full breasts are squeezed against Lances chest as they kiss and embrace tightly, I sit on the chair across the room and watch the perfect porn scene develop before me, they both are getting hot and steamier with each kiss, lance’s

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    19 year old’s pocket money
    A True Story by Pleasureman2u

    When I about 18 or 19 I used to do odd jobs and cut grass in the neighbourhood for pocket money. At one place I used to mainly cut the grass and weed the garden every few weeks depending on the season. I was doing the grass one time when the lady came out of the house and asked me to get a large box

  • Sunday Morning Frottage
    A True Story by DeerPool1978

    Sunny Sunday morning. Who woke first? Sleeping naked. Sleeping in slightly. Laughing at one of the funny Stdney FM radio shows of the early to mid eighties. Who kissed who first? Did my cock stir rating as it was against her lovely arse or resting between her arse cheeks. Cupping her lovely breasts,

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    Bukake Cumslut
    A True Story by Zamboon

    She would be relaxed and in a good frame of mind - probably feeling a little like a dirty slutty girl.... she wanders into the room , takes off her top and sits down and soon a bunch of bulls merge around her , they take turns in bending over and kissing her on the lips and after requesting permission

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    Surprise on the ferry
    A True Story by stewman1

    Last year I was returning to my little QLD Island home which requires a 15 minute ferry ride , I sat up the back in the fresh air and was just relaxing ,zoning out when I noticed a woman in her 50s and an older man board the ferry and sit near me .The woman was quite loud and funny she had obviously