He knocked on the door...

He knocked on the door but as always didn't wait for her to answer, he knew he was expected.

She stood just inside the entrance greeting him with that cheeky little grin he found so seductive. But this time she didn't say hello, good morning or "hey babe" instead she moved quickly towards him,
taking in the familiar aroma of his aftershave she knew his wife had given him last Christmas.

Before he was able to speak she kissed him softly, just grazing his lips with hers before her tongue found it's way into his mouth.
In no time she was unbuckling his belt and he felt the rush of desire grow in his groin as their lips and tongues danced over each other in a continuous unsealed kiss, sharing each other's hot breath.

She began to push him backwards into the room as he pushed his trousers and pants down exposing his hard throbbing cock and...as always, her smile spread wider across her face when she caught sight of his long, thick manhood as she pushed him down onto the waiting chair.

She loved his long cock with it's thick shaft and bulging head and pink skin stretched taut in anticipation of what was to come and when she set eyes on it she had no choice but to kneel down in front of him and take it in her mouth. Just as she had kissed him at the door, she kissed his swollen knob gently, just grazing it with her lips and teeth before licking the pre cum that had started to ooze. She lowered her head allowing his shaft to enter her mouth without applying any pressure but rather with a slack jaw letting his knob touch the back of her throat before closing her lips around his girth and firmly sucking as she pulled backwards making him sigh and moan in delight.

He placed his hand on the back of her head, taking a handful of hair and with a firm pressure thrust her head into his groin......

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