The crowded shower cubicle

The one night a week there was the expectation of a little loving.
As long as I care to remember Wednesday’s have always been the same wake, coffee, work, wife’s gym time, pizza, coffee, hot shower & fuck till exhausted.
As time passed the ‘Gym’ component went from an hour or two too an hour or four, pizza & coffee was with her gym buddies not with me. Fucking till exhausted was replaced with hamster porn & stories with the vague dream of excitement & exploration. She always came home retelling stories that were told around pizza n coffees with her gym buddies. I enjoyed listening as it made me feel included in her group of friends, but it just wasn’t enough. More and more I felt left out and second to her friends at the gym. Conversation was typically centered around a certain attractive female & my wife always seemed to speak a little too enthusiastically about. Never sexual, just lots of she did this, she did that kinda stuff. We had played enough back in the day to make me realize that this attractive female might, just might be more than just a gym buddy. Never thought for a second anything had happened behind my back as she was always super honest about her girl on girl exploits after all It’s a void I couldn’t fill no matter how hard I tried without the right equipment. I just accepted it and hoped from time to time a formal invite would be extended.
Things changed at the gym and the time table was screwed up by the new ‘manger’ at the gym. She announced with no notice “we won’t be doing the classes on Wednesday night anymore” – needless to say the group 10 plus regular ladies that had hung out for years every Wednesday night felt like they were dumped by their respective first loves without notice or reason.
Texts started streaming in from the wife about how fucked it was and a few ladies were heading to ours for Wine & Chinese take away. She basically begged me to race around the house and give it a really good once over to make the home acceptable for guests – I jumped from the lounge and went straight into action a little excited to meet with her friends. To be honest it wasn’t a huge job with only a hand full of dishes that needed placing into the dishwasher, restock the loo paper & clear the history on the tv browser. I grabbed a quick shower n made myself presentable only to see a text from wife that they were stopping off at the local bottle shop for supplies and would be at least another half an hour. This gave me time to run the vacuum cleaner around and really make the place nice and clean.
They walked through the door like they all lived here, and the wife gave me an approving nod as she looked around the house seeing that everything was in its place. It turns out they all had started ‘tasting’ the wine in the taxi on the way here. Seems it didn’t take much to get them to start giggling but it broke the ice and they settled in to more drinks and laughter instantly. Chinese arrived & was quickly dished up but turns out I under ordered big time. We made do with the delights in front of us and made short work of the meal. Feeling a little bad I offered some ice cream & some strawberries from the fridge to make up for the lack of a main meal. Needless to say in their ‘happy’ state they all just jumped at the offer making jokes about not being able to ‘work it off’ so what the hell. The strawberry eating turned into an exercise in making me the only male in the room very uncomfortable. Everyone was doing their best to out do each other in the game ‘how to sexualize eating a strawberry completion they had just made up’ turns out I was very willing judge as I wasn’t drinking & trying to be a good host playing up to their requests. Winner was announced after several punnets & cold spoons later the night started to wind down & taxi’s were being called.
It was down to Me, my wife & her attractive female friend – At this point I grabbed the left over ¼ bottle of wine and announced I was going for a shower and I’d leave them to it. I wandered to the ensuite sipping straight from the bottle, turned on the water and exhaust vent then proceeded to get under the hot stream of water from the waterfall style shower head.
It’s a very large shower cubical so I took another few good swigs of the now almost room temp wine and lay down in the shower closing my eyes dreaming of what the girls were doing – time passed and found my mind wandering in sync with my hands. Stroking my cock with the unrealistic thoughts & expectations of an impromptu 3 some with the wife & friend. Over the past few months I’d taken to edging my self till the hot water ran out teasing my self as long as possible to try make the sensation last as long as possible.
It wasn’t uncommon at all for the wife to just wander in without knocking catching me mid stroke but I’d never miss a beat or even open my eyes. So when the door flung open I just continued knowing I was now being watched. After the glass shower screen hadn’t opened and she hadn’t said a word I slowly opened my eyes and turned my head toward the door I was stunned to see them both standing there transfixed on my current state of arousal. Wife blurts out – told you so he always does this…….. Almost without pause wife adds that we should probably jump in and help – well that was all this edged bloke could handle in my current state and launched 3 streams from my balls over my head onto the wall behind me with the rest less energetically pulsing out onto my chest, shaft & hand. Like a preteen with Premature ejaculation I just looked up at them with a look of disappointment on my face wondering if I’d just ruined my chances for the night.
I sat upright making room for them to join me as my wife started to undress, wife looked at her friend as if to ask her ‘well are you undressing too’ with my wife already topless she reached out and started pulling at the latex sports top her female friend removing it slowly from her body to revel a simple but functional bra covering her firm b cups. Removed while facing away from me so missed the moment her boobs would have bounced out of the bottom of the bra giving me the first look but I didn’t have to wait long till the wife turned her slowly around to revel the top half of her naked body too me. It sure was a sight, seeing two gym bodies standing there topless looking at each over with this look of lust and excitement that seemed to last forever but in reality was only a few short seconds.
Soon they started to very softly touch each other’s shoulders running the backs of their hands down to each others elbows over onto their hips where the gym pants were begging to be removed slowly and with deliberate anticipation and they didn’t disappoint she started to undress my wife first softly hooking her thumbs under the waist band while lowering herself to her knees in front of my wife then in one smooth practiced movement lowered the gym pants to reveal a landing strip perfectly shaved into her mound right in front of her face she smiled, looked slowly up into my wifes eyes then turned to me as asked if I would help remove hers as she slowly stood and kissed my wife with a passion and lust I can’t even describe.
I crawled over to the door of the shower and they maneuvered themselves while still making out putting her butt towards me just within reach. I slowly ran a finger from her toes up her inner thigh up over her bum to her waist band I could see the clear outline of a g-string that instantly made my cock react in the expected manner. I gently removed her pants and she stepped out of them as if to say hurry up then I drew a line with my finger nails as I dragged my fingers along her shaven legs back up to the g-string straps. Soon as I started to remove them she spun around grabbing my wifes hands and placing them on her b-cups and together they massaged them with the biggest grin on my wifes face. I removed the g-string to revel right there in front of my face a smooth pussy with a clit that was swollen, protruding & as wet as the bottom of a houseboat. Instantly I moved forward with the intention of stroking it with my tongue when she pull out of reach and told me it’s not mine to play with.
With that she turned to my wife and said…. It’s yours! The wifes smile was a combination of surprise and eagerness to say the least
Stunned, excited & almost unable to function I backed away into the corner of the shower cubical only to be told to get out.. I did what I was told and got out of the shower grabbed the towel and figured they really meant out, so I started to gather my things and reached for the door – only to be told to sit in the corner – “you can’t play but you can stay” I was told. A smile must have appeared on my face because I was also told to sit on my hands and shut up. I did what I was told naturally then proceeded to watch them help each other into the shower.
Under the warm stream of water they grabbed the liquid soap and proceeded to wash each other paying a great deal of attention to each others breasts & upper bodies, I was in pure bliss watching the goings on – they were kissing, rubbing, pinching anywhere they could reach. With the soap gone they started massaging each other and sucking nipples then slowly working their way down to a little clit play both ended up sitting down just as the hot water ran out cutting shower play short – they had be busy so I had freed my hands and begun playing attention to my own throbbing needs without being too obvious.
We made our way to the bed room where I was now free to join in, knowing my wifes needs I figured it was best to hook her up first I grabbed her extensive tool box from the bottom draw but by the time I’d found what I was looking for I looked up only to notice my wife on her back with her hot friend stroking her clit with her tongue while gently but expertly maneuvering two fingers in and out of my wifes well lubricated pussy stroking her gspot bringing her to, her first orgasmic exercise. She was breathing so hard while a single deep groan was passing her lips it almost sounded like she was in pain, the wife didn’t stop groaning for what seemed like a full minute while rotating her hips and holding the bed head like she was going to fall off the bed. - I’ve never made her come that fast, that hard or that completely in the 20 years I’ve been with her… The hot friend was a wizard with her tongue.
Wife opened her eyes after she came back down and looked straight at me; motions me to go behind her new friend and go down on her while she was down on my wife. It only took a short time for both to start moaning again much to my delight. The friend deposited her warm milky natural lube all over my face in a pulsating delight that I eagerly cleaned up for her.
The hot friend maneuvered us around so she could pleasure me and my wife at the same time stroking my cock and fingering my wife then swapping to finger my wife & suck my cock, I was able to reach out to my wife and play with her breasts and whisper in her ear how powerless I felt. I’m usually in control but happy to be submitting to any demand they had. I was taken to the brink of release then instantly stopped from completing my pulsating objective with a sharp bite from her teeth to the bottom of my shaft followed by a demand to “NOT YET…”
Their attention turned to the use of toys on each other trying the many we have accumulated over the years she was in heaven and spoil for choice never having such a range, wife was giving her one toe curling orgasm after another alternating between toys, tongue & fingers seemed to have the desired effect. I was invited back into the fun after kicking back and watching the show – they both started using their whole bodies to pleasure me it was amazing having one kiss me and one sucking my shaft while their hands were all over me touching and driving me mad. The blow jobs, cowboy/cowgirls, and every other imaginable position was tried just long enough for me to build up to launching my load into space then they would swap positions or places alternating the wife and new friend over and over playing my whole body into a state that just wanted closure. Restless denial was starting to wear thin after an hour and a half and I asked my wife to lay on her back with the friend on top and I took them in turns pounding their soaked pussies as hard and fast as I could finally releasing my load deep inside the wifes friend. Exhausted I fell backwards onto the bed and my wife got down between the friends legs and started whipping her clit with her tongue sucking out every last drop of our combined juices.
Exhausted and completely satisfied after what was almost two and a half hours we all passed out naked and covered in each others bodily fluids on the soaked sheets and slept till late the next morning. I woke first looking down at my limp cock and wondering how it ever was still attached to my body – Then quickly jumped in the shower to wash the sex of then to the local coffee shop for the required refreshments. Coffees paid for, I drove back home to an empty bed, shower running & door locked, knowing I had nothing left to give I left the coffees at the door went to the spare room and fell back to sleep.
Wednesdays now have a smaller exercise crew & no trainers to pay. Sometime soon I’ll get the girls to tell the story of what happened in the shower that Thursday morning & the days that proceeded.

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