Morning tease

My fingers trace across your swollen, wet sex, carefully avoiding your clit... "Don't tease me," you moan. But I continue, slowly bringing my mouth closer and closer. I can smell your arousal. My tongue traces your lips the way my fingers had, then dips deep into its folds to taste your juices. You moan, grab my hair, and pull my face to you... my tongue to your clit... 

As my tongue comes in contact with you, your body shakes. But after only a couple flicks, I begin working my way up and down your opening, delving deep inside, then circling your clit, then back down again. At random times, I go right up over your clit, and am rewarded by a squeal or a moan. I cannot believe how juicy you are. I use a finger to collect your juices, plunging deeply into you, and then dancing around your lips again. This elicits another moan...setting my sense on fire...i redouble my efforts, sliding two fingers now into your tight pussy as I pay more attention to your clit. You relax, and your legs begin to squeeze my head. Your pelvis begins to arch, as I now concentrate on your clit -- My fingers pounding hard inside you. I hear what sounds almost like a growl begin to form deep inside you, growing louder. I feel your back arch, and my head is being squeezed so hard I think it will explode, but I do not stop licking and fingering. Then the growl turns into a cry of ecstasy. Long and loud, your voice bears witness to the pleasure coursing through your entire body. Your toes are curled and your hands form fists as wave after wave of pleasure wash over you. I do not even slow, and as you begin to regain small bits of control, the stimulation is overwhelming. But as you begin to push me away, you are overcome once again with a second orgasm almost as powerful as the first. All sound stops as you find that you can no longer catch your breath. Your body trembles and shakes. 

Your legs release my head, and after one more, long lick, I lift my head and watch you. It looks like you are lost in some other world; your breathing is ragged, and your eyes are glazed. I watch you slowly come back to reality... Watch your smile as your eyes regain their focus and catch mine. I slowly extract my fingers and bring them to my mouth, savouring one more time your heady juices...With a devilish gleam in my eye, I say "Good morning"

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