Different Night Out Pt1

Peta was bored. She was sick of having to come out once again to one of her husbands work dinner parties for all the pompous and ceremony bullshist and who's who in society. All politicians counselors government officials bragging about there do gooding ,how much money they making, then about their wives or who they were dating. A passing waitress offered her another champagne of which she took the offer. It wasn't her usual thing but she needed something to dull the pain. The second glass of champagne had started to take an affect but what the heck.Peta gazed around the gallery looking for someone perhaps more she felt was on her level to chat to when she noticed a couple of men enter the gathering. They weren't the usual white collar suit types just neat casually dressed men a bit younger than herself she guessed. Attractive no, they were fucking hot she thought blushing to herself trying to look away only to catch a glimpse of her husband across the room smiling at her. Some shiny bum guy in his permanently pressed suit was waffling on in Jarod's ear. How he could put up with these people he worked with she didn't know but he was good to her and their children. She twisted to glimpse back at the two new guests when Sally on old work friend greeted her with a big hug an kiss. Peta looked bit puzzled as to why Sally was there but she quickly explained that it was a bit of pr work with hospital funding her husband was involved in that brought them along. Sally started into long detail about her husbands work and their children and and but all Peta could think was the little gossip that Jarod had whispered in her ear one night recently that Sally's wonderful husband was screwing the boards CEO. As Sally babbled on,Peta's mind and eyes drifted around the room again to see if the interesting couple guys were still around but to no avail. She didn't now why she was feeling like this but just some little excitement at the moment wouldn't go astray. Life really was pretty good but everything at present just seemed bit boring or unexciting.
Bugger she thought the only interesting guests to turn up have now disappeared. The alcohol had started to kick in but dam it Peta turned quickly to take another drink from the passing waitress. In all the haste she knocked the guys drink just behind her spilling it over the both of them. Fuck fuck and oh fuck it's one of the guests she was looking for, where did they come from. It wasn't really that bad but totally embarrassed Peta apologized over and over till Sally broke in introducing the two strangers. Peta this is George and Chris from the Flying Doctor Service way out west, their here for all this PR work. Peta shook their hands feeling very dumb struck as to what had just happened. She greeted them with a handshake but still embarrassed and fumbling for words excused herself to go clean up her spillage.
The crowd had grown somewhat now and on locating the toilets found there was almost a queue up but a party host had noticed her mishap and ushered her to the upstairs rest room. God how stupid and clumsy she thought of herself but those two men had made her feel something that hadn't been felt in a long time.
Her dress didn't look that bad as she passed the mirror but first it was loo. Champagne she thought to herself,makes your mind wander catches you off guard and fills your bladder. Peta had flushed the toilet and was just trying to sponge her dress clean when there was a knock on the door. She almost stammered but managed to say "busy"and "won't be long".A voice from outside then sent her into a sort of apprehension . It was George asking was she ok or was there anything he could do to help. This couldn't be happening she thought as she opened the door explaining that she was almost done and it was no big deal. It was then she actually saw his shirt was pretty messed up so offered to help clean it up. He insisted that she finish herself first stepping inside and shutting the door then steering her back in front of the mirror. She took some more toweling and swabbed her dress across her tummy a little more then said it was fine as she glanced in the mirror still embarrassed. George stepped behind her and took some more towel and proceeded to sponge her dress just above her hip. The feeling of his hands on her curvy waist then slightly down to her buttock sent a hot flush through her body. It was when he reached past her for more toweling brushing up behind her that she felt herself instantly moisten. It brought back the old days of working in operating theatre as a scrub nurse where she first met Sally. They were both certain the surgeons wore nothing under their scrubs and loved to rub up behind them, accidentally of course. Peta had many different fantasies of handsome young surgeons dropping their scrubs and fucking her from behind even more than one sometimes taking turns with her however they wanted.
For a moment Peta had lost herself in thought then suddenly realized she was pushing her bottom back against George. She jolted upright but George had placed his hands on her hips then slid them down the front of her legs. He took hold of her knee length dress and slowly drew it up to her waist exposing her bare legs and panties. For a moment Peta thought he was going to push her panties down but he cupped one of her breasts with one hand and the other he massaged across her bare tummy onto her panties just above her pubic area. George then nuzzled his face into the side of her neck and nibbled on her ear lobe while steadily grinding himself against her bottom. "Do you think this is " is all Peta managed to get out before her body seemed to melt in the heat of the moment. She was wearing the new dress Jarod had picked for her a strapless open backed that he said made her look very sexy but now it was scrunched up around her waist. George had undone the top and it was now down below her bra line. He pushed her left bra cup down then started gently kneading her exposed breast. His other hand now went down between her legs then he fingered her panties into her wet erogenous zone. She twisted her head back to meet his face where their lips and tongues met passionately. She could feel his raging hardon up against her bottom lower back area and couldn't resist squiggling back a touch.
Fuck oh fuck Peta thought,she had only ever dreamed of what was happening. Jarod had often suggested in their hot sexual moments that he would love to watch her being ravaged by other men or even women for that mater. She did secretly enjoy the thought of being pleasured in front of him in a sort of cuckold situation where he is only aloud to watch until otherwise instructed. The arousal became too much and she lent forward placing her hand on the basin to steady herself then with her other hand pushed her panties to one side to touch her burning desire. George stepped back to voyer the situation and extracted his raging cock from his trousers. He started stroking it but couldn't resist helping Peta finger her soaking pussy. Her panties kept getting in the way so he abruptly slid them halfway down to her knees then playfully spanked one of her buttocks. George was clasping his cock in his left hand and with the other alternating between light spanks and caressing her delicious round bottom. PETA stood up and turned to face George,her beautiful dress hunched up around her waist and her panties halfway down to her knees. He stepped in to her and their tongues met in wild passion. She took hold of his girth and guided him in as he bent at the knees so he was the right height for her. He jabbed his cock between her legs into her slippery sex. It wasn't easy to enter her as he really was a bit tall and her pants had her legs clasped together. The friction they were both receiving was overwhelming. Peta started thrusting herself at his cock but it all came to an abrupt end as the party hostess rapped her knuckles on the door and announced that the rest room was required by other guests. They looked at each other and realized they'd been sprung. The heat of the moment was squashed for now.
They quickly dressed and tidied themselves up leaving the room passing the hostess in hallway with a smug look on her face. As they were about to enter the entertainment area she called out to George for a quick word. Peta went ahead out into the now huge crowd feeling a little uncomfortable as her dress was certainly not as neat and crisp as when they'd arrived. She was looking for Jarod wondering or hoping he'd not have noticed her missing but spotted Sally still talking to Chris. They were deep in conversation and didn't even seem to care when she tried to explain her long absence. For a moment Peta thought maybe Sally might be chatting the doctor up but her thoughts quickly went back to what had just taken place. Her eyes scoured the crowd for George to no avail but she did spot Jarod away in the distance embedded in conversation with people she didn't even recognize.
Peta seemed to be in a trance until Sally nudged her asking was she ok. She acknowledged her with big smile and then apologized for her earlier mistake. It was then that Peta made eye contact with Chris and it all started to happen again. He was equally as attractive as George and she could almost feel the heat building again as their glances at one another lingered longer than would normally occur. God she thought this has never happened before but it was making her feel very promiscuous.
The evening went on and after some small chitchat about old times working with Sally in the nursing and Chris's career as a bush Doctor Peta decided she should put an appearance again next to her husband. She hadn't managed to catch sight of George at all but now seemed to be catching the little eye to eye glances from Chris. She excused herself and weaved her way through the huge crowd to where she had seen Jarod moments ago. Halfway through the crowd she felt someone touch her arm from behind. It was George in a new shirt apologizing for startling her at first but then went straight to the point. "First floor,room eight,twenty minutes text in or out. ". As the crowd was huge and so much chitter chatter noise nobody would really hear anyway. He opened his hand inconspicuously and gave her what looked like two room keys and a small note.
Weaving through the crowd Peta's heart was almost racing. Here she was an early forties attractive mum at another boring gathering about to decide whether she should or shouldn't be a touch naughty. She evaded the crowd through an outside door for moment to check what George had given her. Two keys and a note.
First floor
Room 8
No knickers
Myself and Chris available
If you would like us both give him a key as well
Text in or out.
There was a mobile number as well.
Eventually finding her way to where Jarod was still engrossed in boring conversation Peta's mind quickly wandered after the pleasantries. What if,maybe,yes,no and then fuck. Peta suddenly realized she had left her phone at home. The conversation had just become a lot duller ,superannuation trusts of all things. She made a lame excuse and asked Jarod for his phone and stepped aside for moment. Ten minutes was all she had left pondering over the situation. She entered the number paused for moment then entered In. After deleting the text Peta took the phone back to Jarod then politely excused herself with that Sally needed her for something.
Time was running out and she needed a toilet stop as well. The first floor rest rooms seemed like the best option. Making her way through the crowd she spotted Chris just off the direction she was traveling. It was almost as if he was waiting. Peta then glanced up the staircase and there the party hostess from earlier was standing looking towards her....

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