Through the window

I was working late one night and I wasn't you to finish till about 9 and we've drive time I wouldn't be home till 10 my wife happened to message me at about 6 that night saying that she was having a friend come over she didn't really tell me any other details but I instantly got hard in my pants because I knew that she had been talking to a female and my wife is bisexual I had recently given her permission to start seeing another woman if you clicked with her as long if it was at a house and I was advised of it

I've call centre a message back and said is it who I think it is are you going to f*** her her reply was I'm not too sure what it is yet I'm just inviting her over to meet her what time will you be home I said usual time but of course I was going to make an effort to come home early but I did not advisor of this

The hours of the night passed and I was harder and harder in my pants just thinking of what was happening at home I did receive a message from her at about 8:10 saying that she was over I asked her what she was like just didn't reply I immediately knew this was a good thing I then proceeded to make up a story and leave work I did send the cheeky message to my wife saying if I come home please don't stop I won't intrude of course I didn't get a reply

The drive home was only about 20 ks but it was an exceptionally long one I proceeded to drive up in the driveway sit in my car and look at the car that was parked out the front of the house

After shutting my car door I noticed that my bedroom windows are open with two steps closer I could clearly hear some moaning in the bedroom this was my wife's voice I immediately stood at the window and took my cock out and started playing hoping the neighbours wouldn't see I was very surprised to my wife had the windows open as her breathing and moaning was quite loud I proceeded to send her a text message saying I was home and that I hope this was ok

As walking through the door of course they stopped but it didn't take long for the sucking and licking noises to start again I proceeded to slightly open the door to see my wife with her legs open on the bed and with an older woman between my wife legs with two fingers in my wife and licking her clit

By this time my wife would have known I was home and from what I saw I just wanted to unzip my fly and come in and found this older woman who was quite attractive and a lot older she
was f****** and sucking my wife I decided to let them be and go get myself a drink out of the fridge just as I cracked the bear open my wife let out a enormous moan as I knew that she had just orgasmed before long the two ladies made their way out of the bedroom and I got nothing but hello from this older woman but I had never been so rock-hard all I got from my wife has a green and that she was a nice lady and before long my wife is sound asleep

I wasn't involved but that was one of the hottest experiences I never had and would love her to do it again

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