Public sex

After messaging my wife throughout the morning as we were both at work we agreed that on our breaks we would meet up as we happen to
Work close to each other I had mentioned to her since we had just bought a new car and it being the SUV that maybe we should pop the back and try having a little bit of fun on our break and seeing if we would get caught

Wireless I don't condone doing this as if you do get caught you're in trouble but I also will admit it is a big rush and a lot of fun it started out with her already having the back of the car open and I peeked a
round the corner to see her pants already undone I then proceeded to take my cock out us not even saying hi to each other she got down on her knees behind the car as the car was reversed Park and started slowly sucking on my cock I was instantly hard rock hard as she kept putting it deep in her throat one thrust after another I told her not to get up as I can see people and her getting up would just make things terribly obvious she then proceeded to pull my pants down so my nude bum was showing as she put two hands on my bum on each cheek she then proceeded to go faster sucking my cock faster and faster by this time there was someone in the distance looking at the front of my car i tryed not to pull any faces they didn't think anything of it and drove off I proceeded to tell my wife that she has to stop as I was about to blow and that I wanted to put it in her she looked at me with the raised eyebrow and said I'm not sure I told her then to stand up and then pulled her pants down at her back and pushed her so her rear end was facing out of the car I then proceeded to sleep my cock straight in her already wet pussy by now I'm pumping a hard and fast cars driving by of course view but the thought of me and the wife asked clearly showing at the back of the car with me pumping her at the same time and people walking past the car of course not having a clue what you doing of course if someone was to get in the car that was parked next to us they would clearly see what we are doing I didn't mention to my wife not to get up as there was still people there in the distance and that I would not be stopping if someone was to get into the car next to us but just as I did say that I think that did turn me on too much and I proceeded to explode into her as I heard her moan as I'm sure she felt it my semen proceeded to run straight out of her all at the bottom of the exhaust pipe we found the most awkward part of it was actually having sex the most awkward part was cleaning ourselves up afterwards as we will both standing up but we have proceeded to do this many times since and it is a big rush and we highly recommended if you were brave enough.

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