My Fantasy of meeting you.

I would like to share a fantasy that I have about meeting you in real life....

I am traveling with my work and am able to get a delay of 5 hours at your airport waiting for my next flight, and we make an arrangement to meet, in the hotel lobby, where I have booked a room to rest up between flights.

I am so nervous and don't know what to expect you have described yourself and I scan the women who enter anxious for the sight of a beauty.

My heart does a double flip, I see you and all my dreaming and speculation is over, what a magnificent sight, one I will never forget. You are very nervous, scanning the lobby for me, and, after some seconds our eyes meet for the first time. We both give a very nervous smile, your lovely lips curl slightly at the corners, but it is your eyes that smile the greatest, I am transfixed by them. But I can not stop my eyes from also wondering over your body, this is the first time I see the outline of your breasts and hips. You are wearing a long flowing red dress that clings to even nook and cranny of your body, I can see the outline of your trim and strong form, and my heart give a jump and my breath is short.

I rise from my seat and slowly walk towards you and you also take a tentative step towards me, you glance quickly at my crotch, looking for any sign of swelling, and my eyes are on all of you, I am so overwhelmed by your appearance. As we meet there is a hesitation, do I kiss her, shake her hand or what, I am looking for some clue from your body language as to what to do. To my relief you walk close enough so I can gently lean forward and place a soft kiss on your cheek, just brushing it lightly with my lips, I feel you tense as I do so. The smell of your perfume is wonderful, very subtle, you have remembered that I don't like strong perfume, as it covers the natural sent of a woman.

I usher you to the small table in the corner of the meeting area, and ask small silly questions about how you are and the weather etc. you do the same. I wonder when I will pluck up enough courage to ask you when you would like to go to my room. The waiter come and asks if we would like a drink, and we both answer yes, but I only a juice I am thinking, does she know that I don't drink or smoke, that my only "vice" is SEX....

We finish our drinks, it is still hot outside but the cool room has helped to relax us and I then have the courage to ask, "do you want to come to my room"? I wait, extremely nervous about your answer. You don't look at me as this is also a very nervous time for yourself, but you decide to take the plunge and say YES. Oh my god, my heart does another flip, she is now going to come to my room, how will I handle this? I don't want to frighten her off, but I also want to show that I care and am longing to hold her in my arms, close, so I can feel her tits and nipples pressing into my chest. We walk to the elevator, and, as we do I am able to brush closer to you
and feel you lean towards me so our bodies touch for the first time.
There is an electric shock wave that flows between us as this happens, I just know that this is now going to be the most incredible experience of my life. The lift doors close and I turn towards you and we look deeply into each others eyes, I move forward to place a gentle kiss on your lips, and the lift stops and the doors open, blast missed the chance. I walk out of the lift, and you slip your arm into mine, I can again smell that sent, and it is good that you have relaxed just a little as you are walking with me
towards the door. I fumble nervously with the key, finally getting it into the lock. I think, god I hope that I am better at putting my cock into her pussy than I am at putting keys into locks? I open the door and usher you in front of me, this is the first time I am able to see the outline of your magnificent ass, trim, taught and fucking terrific, my cock gives a great leap, and starts to bulge against my trousers. You turn around, and have a nervous look, but one of want, your mind is racing, will his cock be big, will he try to put it in my ass, and will I like it at all? Well we think all these things and then we both make the first nervous move towards each other.
Looking into each others eyes, we approach and don't even hesitate, it is as if this was all rehearsed, our lips meet, parting and accepting each other like we had been doing this for years. Then our tongues, nervously at first, probe the unknown, but very quickly find a passion that has remained dormant within and for each other. A long passionate kiss follows, and during this we both start to feel our way around each others bodies, I with your back and lowering to your ass, and you the same.

Then it hits us, we only have a couple of hours, and we are wasting good fucking time, so with a passion never experienced by either of us before, we rip each others cloths off, my attention being focused on your tits and pussy, and you on my cock. I now see your nipples, just as you described them, and that wonderful mounds of fluff just above your pussy lips, they are spreading already in anticipation of what they will receive. You have my cock out of my shorts and your hand wrapped round it, a good hand full, and you think it will be a great mouth full too. We fall back onto the bed, nearly rolling off the other side, and laugh at our situation, this is the first time I hear you laugh, and it breaks the tension that is still deep inside
us both. We now release all our desires onto each other and go at it mouths on cock and pussy in a 69 position, but only for a few moments, as the first time we cum it must be fully locked in a deep and meaningful FUCK. I turn around and as I lay down you place your legs wide and high in the air, I see that wonderful pit of desire surrounded by dark fluff, and drive my cock forward. Just as I am about to drill it deep into the depths of that steaming hot pit of sex I gain just enough will power to slow down. I must savor this moment forever, must just go slow enough so I FEEL ever fold of your sex pit as I slide into it. This I do. WHAT A MAGICAL MOMENT. The sense of desire is extreme in us both, but we also realize that this
moment is one for us to savor, so it is, a slow and deliberate sliding of a rock hard big red headed cock into a soft wet sweet smelling deep pit of passion. When my balls are resting against your ass hole, and tickling it with the pubic hairs that surround them, we start to move, slowly at first, but continuing to increase the tempo until we are both puffing and panting. My cock is like a piston in a steam train, flashing in and out, it is just a blur. You lower your legs a little for a more relaxed position and so you can push your hips into the air to match my lunges down. The growing of an aching tingling feeling deep in your belly, and the same feeling in my cock and balls, signals the start of the coming blast which
both of us are desperate for. It continues to increase, your pussy walls get tighter, my cock gets bigger and fuller, your pit of passion gets even tighter, you use your ass mussels to grab hold of me and SUCK the living cum out of my balls. It is there, the moment of no return, you know that feeling when you are not able to stop, but now must go on to the moment of ultimate passion between a man and a woman when they manage to merge into one heavenly moment in time when all their juices mix. The waves of passion EXPLODE over us both as you pussy walls grab and my cock jets large volumes of juice deep into your wanton body, you can feel it hit the back of your pit, HOT, WET and STRONG. We continue to pump until we are both empty of cum juice. Slowing till we stop, and looking into each others eyes, we realize that this has been the most intense
orgasm that we have EVER experienced, and just cuddle up to savor the moment before starting again. We now have only one hour left, and we so much want to give each other as much as possible in this short time.

We roll over again and place passionate kisses on each others bodies, I lick your pink nipples atop those magnificent mounds, and watch them get bigger and harder. I then get you to kneel up with your ass high in the air and I crouch close behind you. I let my tongue slowly slide down the crack that starts at the bottom of your spine, and leave a wet trail all the way to your brown ass hole. Your little ass hole puckers every time the tip of my tongue rubs against it, I keep going lower so I can taste the mixture of our
juices that are leaking out from your drenched pussy. I take a tongue load of this juice and push it against the tight ring of your ass, and do this many times till it is also dripping wet with ultra slippery pussy and cock juice. Each time I push a little harder against it, and your ass opens and closes trying to get me to push inside, THIS I DO, and you ring starts to eat the end of my tongue as it drills its way deeper and deeper inside. I now start to pump my slippery tongue faster and faster and you push your body up and back to try to get even more inside that tight burning shaft of ULTIMATE desire. Is it wet and slippery enough for me to fuck yet? I
will have to find out, I would never push a large cock into your ass hole unless it was very well prepared. I take a finger and slide it inside and find that it is wet and slippery for only about 2 cm so I need to get it a lot wetter deeper inside. This I do by again taking loads of juice and pushing it deeper and deeper and deeper into that long tight back passage of yours. All this time you are getting hotter and hotter, your pussy walls are contracting and that wonderful feeling is again building deep from within your body. Now it the time for the final preparation before I slide my piece of manhood down your ass hole to fill you to over flowing. I take my thumb and slide it a few times into your pussy to also get it slippery, then place it against that puckering ring. As I push it forward and inside I also slide two fingers into your pussy pumping them all in time till you are asking for more. Then, I slide a third finger into you, I can now feel the thin wall between your pussy and ass passage which also makes it possible to bring my fingers and thumb close together and FUCK you fast filling both holes together. You are now begging that I insert my lance into you and fuck you long and deep. I start by moving up close behind you and you ready your self for the pending pressure and invasion of your body. I take hold of my cock it is large and has a big red head, with drops of precum again on the tip, all this fucking around with your pussy and ass has made me horny again. I push forward, but not into your ass, I slide it between your pulsating pink pussy lips and into that already well fucked hole, this is to also get my fuck shaft as slippery as possible with that wonderful juice. After a few strokes my cock is ready, and I ask you if you are ready, your reply has a mixture of fear, lust and passion I have not heard before, the type of voice that drives a man crazy for more. I again hold my cock in my hand and place the giant red head against your puckering nibbling ass ring. You can now feel the pressure as I start to lean forward and against your body, you are so hot and wanting to be fucked you reach back and pull your ass cheeks apart and push up and back against my shaft of hot meat. You ring starts to open a fraction and the tip of my cock has entered, you feel the pressure and the tightness build as we continue to push gently, again we MUST savor this moment of our first combining of my sex shaft and your, virgin to me, ass hole.
As I push forward I can FEEL every wrinkle and bump inside your passage. It is SO tight, you can not imagine how it feels to have such a tight yet smooth part of a woman's body wrapped around my cock. I push deeper and deeper and deeper, the pressure and friction is building to such a height that we are breathless with passion and excitement. I am there, my balls are now resting against your pussy lips and the hairs that surround them are tickling your clitty button. We stay still for a moment, as we need to become accustom to the pressure and tightness, you have never felt so STUFFED with COCK before in your life. Then we start to move I pull back slowly, must be careful not to let my shaft slip out past your tight ring of mussel, and then again I slide it deep to the hilt.
The feeling along the entire length of my fuck stick is unbelievable, and when again I am to the hilt you do something that nearly blows my control. You use the muscles inside your ass passage to SQUEEZE my cock, it generates so much pressure and friction that the feeling within my cock and balls is unbelievable, I nearly pass out with the flood of sensation that sweeps through my body. You to are over come with the sense of passion and start to fuck your ass on my cock as fast as you can. There is just no stopping, you are on a mission to get a right royal ass fucking and there is absolutely nothing I can do to stop you. I join in with you passion, leaning
forward I take hold of your dangling swinging tits and squeeze them in each hand, tightly so the tit flesh is squeezed out from between my fingers, I can feel your nipples too as they are also between my fingers. I now move my hands in time with the fuck strokes in your ass, the feeling is in both of us that we are again about to blow our brains out our cunt and cock. THEN THE MOST INCREDIBLE THING HAPPENS, I feel a mouth close around my balls and you feel two fingers slide into your dripping cunt. IT IS YOUR FRIEND. She has slipped quietly into the room behind us and undressed without us even knowing she was there, FUCK IT BLOWS US AWAY. I am unable to hold onto the giant load of cum juice that is aching to explode again from the end of my cock. You, cannot even begin to think of the feeling of passion that is exploding deep within your body. We are both totally overcome with orgasm and loose all sense of being
till we again feel her fingers and mouth working feverishly on us. She has us both shooting into another orgasm the first time I have ever experienced two in such quick time, and you continue to cum many more times. We finally collapse totally exhausted and unable to move. My cock is still deep in your ass but as it get smaller from the last release it slowly slips out and rests on your ass cheek you ass and cunt holes are oozing fuck juice that we have generated, and it runs down your legs.

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