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When Dave knocked on my door, I began to tremble. As I opened the door, he gently pushed passed me and closed the door. He said that he didn’t want the neighbours to see. Before I could say “See what?” his lips were on mine. I eagerly began kissing him then I felt his hand under my dress and on my little triangle of panties. His fingers found a groove and began rubbing my pussy through my panties. All I could do was to hold him tighter and kiss his lips as passionately yet tenderly as possible. He drew his lips away from mine and commented about me being “so wet” – already. Like a schoolgirl on a first date I felt myself blush with embarrassment. Thank god my nipples were restrained.

Dave pulled away from me and said “you look beautiful, so stunning in that dress, I love it. And you smell so nice!” He is a charmer and I loved it or he is just saying words to make feel good. Whichever, it just kept turning me on to him. I desperately wanted his cock inside me, desperately. Come on, he said, there is a taxi waiting.

Dave had somehow found a nice quiet but exclusive restaurant not far from where I lived. Once inside, we were ushered to a small booth with a single, semi-circular couch like seat near the back of the restaurant. The area was seductively lit and just a little away from the mainstream eating area. It was a decidedly cosy spot where we could not easily be seen by the other patrons. There were candles on the table and a single long stemmed rose in a vase right in front of me. Really sexy! All these little things were adding up in my mind to what a nice person he was. I could not help but to keep thinking that I want this meal to be over ASAP so I could fuck this man. My pussy was soaking wet.

Dave ordered some French Champaign and we engaged in some “small talk”, mainly about the show yesterday and his presentation while we waited for our meal after placing our order.

After the entrée dishes were taken away, Dave moved up very close to me and put his hand on my leg. Like a smitten teenager turned to him and I looked through love sick eyes as his hand moved to my soaking panties. I was reaching for his cock when he again said how wet I was. I felt his cock through his pants and as I was holding it, I could feel it starting to grow. His next words shocked me… he said to take off my panties, right here at the table, if you are brave enough, or go to the ladies if you must, because I want you to tuck them into your pussy so all that will be left outside your pussy lips, to be seen or felt, will be the little straps that hold your panties in place. He said he wants them absolutely saturated with my juices so that when HE withdrew them from my pussy later tonight, he could save them and take them home with him and remember my aroma as long as possible! I could not help but think that Dave knew exactly how to say the words that make a woman feel beautiful and sexy and want to give your self to him – apart from the panties thing…

After a few seconds thought, I figured what the hell. So I started to wiggle my bum around and remove the panties right there and then. As I was wiggling around and shifting from side to side trying to discretely remove my panties, a waiter appeared with our main course. OMG!

Is madam comfortable? It there anything wrong with your seat or is there anything else I can do for you? A cushion perhaps?

All that “madam” wanted is for the massive heating in my face and the waiter to go away. How embarrassing this has turned out to be. My dinner in front of me, a waiter looking at me very strangely, my panties at my knees and Dave just sitting across from me trying to suppress his obvious amusement. “Thank you waiter, I am fine” I said. As he walked away, Dave started laughing and then I too saw the funny side of it and burst out laughing too. Dave reached between my legs and found where my panties were. As his hand moved up to and gently stroked my pussy, he said to leave them exactly where that are and let’s eat our meal. You can finish the job after we have eaten.

Well, there I sat, panties around my knees, eating my dinner. I lifted the napkin on my knees and there they were. What am I doing? I was so taken in by this man, happily controlled you might say, so there I sat. Dave brought a hand to my legs with almost every second bite he took of his meal. The seat, and my legs and bum were getting wetter by the minute. I felt embarrassed but so excited and the longer I sat there, the wetter I got. My nipples were screaming to be set free. I could feel how hard they were and how they were pushing against the padding in my bra. Thank god for the padding.

I finished my meal, lifted the napkin and wiped my hands and mouth. I slid my panties off my legs and rolled the fabric part of them into a sort of a roll. I used them to soak up some of my juices on my legs and my bum as well as the seat to perhaps use the moisture as lubrication to them to help push them into my vagina. I had never done anything like this before, not at home for whatever reason or anywhere.

The “wetness” absorbed by my panties helped a little but it was not easy. I wiggled and pushed and eventually prodded them inside my pussy. Being wet did help a little but as I was pushing them inside me, of course my fingers lost control of them from time to time and I felt like I was masturbating – my fingers slipping in and out of my pussy and rubbing against my inner thighs, my pussy lips and my clit. By the time there was just 4 or 5 cm of elastic strap just lying there on the seat and the rest of the panties inside my pussy, I had almost cum. All this time Dave was watching me, a huge smile on his face as I was squirming around doing what HE wanted. His hand went to my pussy again and felt the little straps hanging out of my pussy lips. He began rubbing my clit and lips and I sort of went into a trance, lost in the pleasure of his touch. Then suddenly, he jerked sharply on the straps, not enough to pull the panties out of my pussy but they jumped inside my pussy. I snapped back to reality with a little yelp only to see the bloody waiter standing at the table once again. “Madam” he said with a strange look on his face as he placed my sweets in front of me. Dave laughed, I blushed and the waiter tossed back his head and walked away, thinking who knows what. We both laughed like crazy.

Now all this time the evening had been centred on our meal and some small talk and with the physical antics Dave had got me up to and what he had me doing. I later realised that it was at about this time that he really started on the erotic side of his seduction of me – not that I needed to be seduced. That happened in the car park last night. We had spoken a little about sex but then Dave asked which position I liked best. I told him doggie style. He said he loved it that way too and he asked me why I liked it like that. So here I was, telling a man how and why I liked to be fucked doggie, knowing that pretty soon he would be, hopefully, fucking me the way I loved.

I explained that for me to be there for my man, my bum up in the air made me feel like a sex object, waiting to be taken. I know being a “sex object” is not really nice but this was just my fantasy. Here I would be in effect, “helpless” to whatever may happen. To be treated first with the ministration of a mouth and tongue on my pussy, a tongue teasing the opening of my vagina, sucking up my juices and mouth lips sucking on pussy lips and my clit, filled me with a “sex orgy” sort of lust. The thought that any moment, a cock is going to thrust deeply into my pussy is like adrenaline, sharpening my expectation and senses. Then, with that cock fucking me, I would feel my lovers balls slapping against my clit as he fucks me harder and harder until I cum. I gave Dave another sheepish smile but the tender loving smile he returned to me. He told me I was a truly beautiful woman. I thought to myself, I have just told him how to fuck me and I hope he was listening.

I asked Dave what he liked best. He didn’t go much into detail but he said he loved doggie too. He said loved to have his cock sucked and even more so if his lady liked the taste of cum. He nearly floored me when he said that he loved to passionately French kiss his lady after she had swallowed his cum. What was even better he said, was if she “saved” a little in her mouth and gave it back to him when they kissed. He thought that a beautiful way to say thanks to her for drinking his cum! I was thinking, with all this talk and my lust rising like the devil from hell, my panties must have been holding a huge stream of juice. He told me he loved his woman to sit on him, on his face and on his dick. With a woman sitting on my dick he said, it seems to go in deeper than any other way. There is also one other thing I like but I will save that until later, he said.

With the bill paid, we left for Dave’s hotel room. As we walked from the restaurant, it suddenly occurred to me that the straps on my panties were hanging down out of my pussy and I hoped that no one noticed them… but then I thought why should I care? This is so much fun.

It was just a short distance to Dave’s room so we walked. Dave reached between my legs and caught hold of the panty straps dangling out of my pussy. He led me down the street, gently pulling me along by the pussy. I felt so fucking hot and erotic that I was shaking in the expectations and thoughts of what was about to happen in the next few minutes.

On arriving at Dave’s room, he closed and locked the door behind him and turned to me and said that he never ever wanted to make love to a woman as much as he did right now. He took me in his arms and embraced me and our lips locked together in an embrace of their own. Our tongues played in each other’s mouths as our temperature rose. Both my hands went to his cock and I felt its growing hardness through his trousers. I undid his belt and dropped the zipper as fast as I could. Pushing his underwear aside, I finally got hold of his cock. I felt how warm it was and I felt it grow hot and hard in my hands. It felt different to my husband’s cock. It was definitely fatter and maybe a little longer and I realises it was circumcised. I reached a little lower and took his balls in my hand. With his cock in one hand and his balls in the other and my mouth on his mouth, I thought to myself, this cock, these balls and what is in them are very, very soon going to be mine. In my mouth and in my cunt, filling both with its heat and hardness until, in the end, whichever way it happens, I am going to get a pussy or a mouth full of cum juice from these magnificent balls before the night is through. Maybe I both!

His own hands had found my pussy and he was rubbing my clit so beautifully. This kiss lasted some time before he led me to his bed. My expectations were at fever pitch as I realised that is was now. Now he was going to fuck me – finally, and I too was going to fuck this man like I never fucked anyone before...

For a moment, I thought of my husband but with such sinful lust coursing through my body, it was only for a moment.

To be continued.
Two more parts to cum…

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