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We'd met and chatted online, graduated through phonecalls, even the odd "dirty" weekend but I hoped this was to be something a bit special. I picked her up at the airport and we caught up in the car on the way to the motel where I'd already checked in. She looked smokin' hot as usual and it was hard to keep my eyes on the road. We got to the room and I gave her a present as I made us a drink.
"What's this?" she asked as s he pulled the soft leather collar from the box "That's your collar" I said "It symbolises ownership"
"Well, you'd better put it on then" ......."Sir" she added I took it from her and she lifted her hair and I fastened it firm but comfortable around her neck
"Thank you sir" she whispered and I couldn't help but notice a certain flush in her cheeks as I caught her eye. I put my hand behind her head and pulled her mouth to mine and felt the flick of her tongue as we kissed, My other hand pulled the lead from my pocket and clipped it into the "D" ring on the side of the collar and her kiss intensified with the new development. I pulled away and lead her over to the couch
"Sit" I commanded She sat, almost primly on the edge of the couch as I sat down beside her. Using the lead I once again pulled her mouth to mine as I began to unbutton her blouse.
"Take it off" I whispered. She obeyed. I sat back and openly admired her breasts and traced the swell of them with my finger through her bra. She gasped at my touch and her nipples quickly hardened, easily visible through the sexy lace. I picked up the tv remote and quickly found a music channel.
Pushing the coffee table back with my foot, I said "Dance for me" The aroused flush on her face deepened as she stood and began to move to the music, the lead stopping her from moving to far.
"Skirt!" I commanded as I hungrily watched her sway before me. It whispered to the floor, revealing stockings and stays and brief panties that matched the bra. Her eyes closed and she bit her lip as I slid my hand up her stockinged thigh. I stood and led her over to the bed and sat down on the edge
"Did I tell you to stop?" I barked, feigning anger, although truth be told I was starting feel a little hard
"Sorry sir" she said and continued moving as I drank in the swaying curves.
"Bra" I said teasingly she unclasped it, spinning away from me as she slid it off her shoulders, turning again with her arm across her breasts, smirking. She revealed the diamond points as she got into the music now, her moves almost feline, caressing and teasing them to further hardness. "Feed them to me"......"now" I added to make it more of a command and I pulled her closer on the lead. They were almost the right height as I sat on the bed and she moaned softly as I took each of them into my mouth in turn, she purred as I rolled my tongue around their hardness and gasped as I nipped them.
"Panties now" I said trying to stay in control She didn't turn away this time as she quickly slid them over her hips and let them fall to the floor revealing the shaved pubic mound and the glistening aroused slit which seemed to match the aroused sparkle in her eyes. I reached down under the bed, and pulling her close by her lead cuffed her stockinged ankle to the leg of the bed.
"I hope you've got a key for that" she giggled. I ignored her and went to my bag, pulling out the black cloth and the bamboo switch cut from my garden.
"Stay still" I grunted as I moved behind her, tying the cloth over her eyes before taking a moment to drink in the near naked vixen before me. I relaxed briefly and adjusted the hardness in my pants before I slowly circled her, knowing she could feel my breath on her skin. I kneaded her breasts almost cruelly, pinching the nipples. She flinched and gasped but didn't back away. I let my tongue flick her lips and kissed her firmly again before pulling away suddenly leaving her wanting. I grabbed the back of her neck and pushed her forward,
"Bend over and spread those sexy legs for me, I want a closer look" she obeyed. Bending across her body so she could rise I grabbed the firm cheeks of her backside, parting them roughly. Her sacred "V" glistened with arousal and she moaned as I traced it's dampness lightly with my finger. Her scent was intoxicating and throbbed against my jeans. she shivered as my fingers began circling her other winking hole.
A hissed "Yessss" escaped her.
"All looks a bit pale" I said with mock concern "Lets see if we can find a little colour" I said and picked up the bamboo. I grabbed her lead again and swished the bamboo in the air a couple of times so she knew what was coming. I felt her tense through the lead and she cried out as it came down against the plump skin of her ass.
"Hmm" I grinned "You liked that didn't you?"
"Yess" she whispered and I bought it down again.
Several strokes later she whimpered softly between pleasure and pain, I gently stroked her hair and whispered tenderly "Let me have another look"
I knelt behind her bent form this time admiring the now pink cheeks and the delicious looking holes. I still had her lead so she couldn't move and began to tenderly kiss the angry welts moving from the outside in. She cooed softly now but arched against the lead when my tongue ran the length of the now dripping slit before me.
"Oh God yess" she moaned
"Mmm, you like that?"
"Uh-hmm" she groaned in affirmation I traced it again and her hips came back to meet my probing tongue and I began lapping hungrily As she writhed and groaned I could tell she was close and I began alternating circling her ass with my tongue and her bucking became stronger and a string of aroused expletives escaped her.
"I'm gonna cum" she cried As my spare hand rubbed her clit, I stuck my tongue deep in her ass and she screamed as a climax wracked her body.

Pt 2 to follow

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